The true inventors of Heavy Metal in my opinion...

Sat, 16/09/2017 - 08:21

Now this is going to be a controversial one, but hey it's just my opinion, and everyone is entitled to their opinions!

We all know who the inventors of Heavy Metal are....BLACK SABBATH, which I actually do agree on very much but I also feel that Deep Purple also along with Sabbath were the TRUE pioneers of Metal as well. I mean just listen to In Rock, which is as Metal as Sabbath's first three albums. Songs like Speed King, Flight of the Rat and Hard Loving Man are probably the heaviest, most Metal songs on that album. I do know for a fact that unlike Sabbath, Purple is a Hard Rock band because they usually liked experimenting with many genres, so they weren't always just sticking to one or two labels and what not but they also had a Metal side to them, even more than Led Zeppelin. I know you are probably going to bring up Blue Cheer, Cream, or Led Zeppelin but on all honestly.....those were Hard Rock bands, and in my opinion, none of them truly pioneered Metal music (but I won't deny that they were an early influence on Metal). They might have had a "heavy" sound for their time but the elements in their music were always more bluesier than Metal. I know for a fact that Black Sabbath in their early years had a Blues influence in their music but that doesn't necessarily mean it made them Hard Rock or Blues Rock because even if Sabbath did have a Blues influence in their music, the elements of Metal were always more evident in their music than Blues elements. The bands that truly reinvented the sound of Heavy Metal were not only Judas Priest but also Rainbow, Scorpions and Motorhead in my opinion. People usually look up to Priest when it comes to who reinvented the sound but I feel that Rainbow, Scorpions and Motorhead also had a part in reinventing the sound.

I know I could have done a longer/stronger paragraph to this but I am pretty busy right now so I'll just leave it at that. I\ll explain more later when I have time.

If you want to share your opinions on this, feel free to, I am looking forward to seeing your opinions later!

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