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Top 3 frustrations at gigs

Fri, 04/08/2023 - 12:18

Eya guys,

Just felt like sharing my top 3 frustrations at metal gigs. Dunno if any of you recognizes any of these or that maybe I’m just a poor old whineyface lol.

1. Smelly people. Especially in crowded venues. I once left a gig because at some point, I was about to vomit and couldn’t stand it any longer. Make sure to take a shower at least once a week before showing up in public places.

2. Bringing beer in the pit. Because wtf? Seriously, why?

3. (Much) taller people moving in front of me. Again. Wtf?

Lemme know what yours are!

Dan's picture

1) Throwing beer around.
2) Everyone screaming SLAYERRRR....at a random gig.
3) People filming with their goddamn fucking cellphone..go home and watch the gig on a DVD or youtube you goddamn cunt. (Frustration since my view is blocked by those retards).

doctordeath's picture

2) Everyone screaming SLAYERRRR....at a random gig.

actually thats kinda hilarious, i dig it :) even better at a non-metal show!!!!

jazz cabaret at 0230h after too many whiskey sour cocktails...

lemons_irritation7's picture

not every gig is recorded, let people keep memories of events they go to. you're prob number 1 on my list of frustrations because i find people like you annoying as hell

doctordeath's picture

1. goddamn fucking cellphone
2. goddamn fucking cellphone
3. goddamn FUCKING cellphone

goddamn fucking phone addicts

Bonesaw's picture

totally agree on this one.

bad_american1992's picture

1) Non-physical tickets like those stupid Phone tickets some venues sell
2) Ticketbastard "service charges" of like $22 on top of a $40 ticket
3) The weirdos with no social skills who go to the show and are unable to hold conversations if their life depended on it. If we're waiting 45 minutes for the band to set up and standing around mushed together you better think of some funny things to talk

The scene has changed quite a bit, it feels less social based now than it was 10 years ago and more centered on internet activity. But there's still plenty of old and new fans who are make the shows worth going to.

Robin_lifts's picture

At a Rammstein gig last year, there was a girl who was smaller than me behind me. When I stepped aside (which I think was the proper thing to do) this German woman who was their with her friends felt I got to close to them. But instead of telling me, she grabbed me by the throat 😂 in any other situation, that means a ride to the hospital for someone. But we were at the front row and she was surroindedd by her antisocial idiot friends. So yeah I know what you mean regarding social skills at gigs. I hate these big events. Never again!

Austincantsing's picture

social skills are dying out along with attention spans :/

frankie530's picture

Ticketbastard 🤣🤣 so true

Army of Dragons's picture

This 100%. Had these happen to me during non-metal shows too. It's always so annoying no matter who you are seeing that night.

Heavy Metal Chemist's picture

1) Having to watch the gig on a cell phone of the person in front of me!

2) People who, last minute, rudely barge themselves forward without any regard for others! If you want to be at the front row, show up early.

3) Beer throwing.

Matti Frost's picture

1. Standing room only. I'm a 50 year old diabetic with a bad back and a half-dead foot. Being on my feet for 3-4 hours nonstop means at least oe day of bed rest after. Don't get old, kids. Don't do it.

2. People who mosh outside of the pit. Happened at multiple shows I've been to. Once it even happened in the bar area.

3. On the other extreme, the mosh police. Folks who stand in or near the pit that get mad when a pit breaks out, Do they know where they are?

Antonio's picture

Since from my first ever gig: n.3. (Much) taller people moving in front of me .....when I'm not seated in the stands...........

Robin_lifts's picture

I feel you man. I don't understand this either. Why would you do that?

Antonio's picture

Probably whoever gets in front of me, once the concert has started, doesn't care who's behind; focused on who is playing on stage, he doesn't care who he walks past once the concert has started

Joop's picture

1) I hate the people who tell you which bands can be together on your battle vest. I mix all genres i like to hear and there are no rules of making a battel vest... last time a guy told me to stop mix thrash and death metal bands. FU man!

2) Last GWAR concert, we were second row and one guy around us farted the whole time. Normally no problem, but it seemed that he was rotting from inside :) If this guy read it here, you own me a beer for surviving this!

3) Sodom concert: A guy starting 2 smoke bombs at Agent orange.. inside the pit. No need to say that breathing was nearly impossible.

Envenometal's picture

Thrash Metal please with H....
If this is NOT a spelling mistake, I have to agree with the guy not to mix trash with Death Metal.

Joop's picture

:D sorry. writing on mobile phone always includes mistakes for me. It should have been Thrash

bad_american1992's picture

Damn nothings worse than someone ripping ass non stop in the pit! Disgusting.
Also smoke bombs in doors... fuckin A. I would be so mad

Army of Dragons's picture

How does one even manage to sneak smoke bombs during a show? That's absolutely wild. I'd probably lose my mind if I saw that happen in a pit.

Joop's picture

It was on 3rd day of Festival and really hot, so i guess the securities at the entrance weren't pretty motivated.

invisible-horizons's picture

1) People that have zero awareness recording/taking pictures with their phones and blocking your view of the show.

2) Overly aggressive security/bouncers

3) Shitty bartending staff.

4) Fat people attempting to stage dive and/or crowd surf.

5) People in the front row complaining about the crowd pushing and acting too rowdy. You’re at a metal/rock show, what did you expect?

bad_american1992's picture

4) we call the "Flying Moses" because the crowd parts like the Red Sea when some fat fuck tries to stage dive.
Pretty sure I'm an inch shorter from some snorlax sized bastard landing on me and telescoping my spinal cord during Nuclear Assault at the Metro in 2016

invisible-horizons's picture

Pretty much haha!

Damn dude! What a crushing show that was.

Too bad my drunk ass walked out of the venue and missed them and Razor. Should of saved the alcohol for towards the end of the show.

bad_american1992's picture

I remember you trying to buy a hot dog from a street vendor using your concert ticket instead of cash hahaha. CDF 2016 was pure savagery.

Army of Dragons's picture

There's something about the bartending staff that just adds so much during your time at a show. Last concert I went to was around a year or two ago. This one bartender was really nice and friendly to me and it made my night feel so much better. Just people with great personalities can add so much to your day.

nameless_rites's picture

Low quality merch for sale. I fucking hate Gildan Softstyle shirts.

Robin_lifts's picture

Haha have to agree with this one! Bio organic slim fit tees, very trendy and fashionable !

nameless_rites's picture

Music fans need to stage a worldwide Gildan boycott and just refuse to buy any of this fucking crap until the bands/labels are forced to start using better shirts. Those worthless shirts completely took over because they’re the cheapest ones on the market. It must be stopped.

Robin_lifts's picture

To be honest with you, I don’t think the average metal fan - if there is any - gives a flying f about the quality of a metal shirt. I go to plenty of gigs here and the only ppl I ever see wearing cool merch are 50+ … the OGs. On the other hand I see plenty of people spend €25 or more on horrible band tees and other garbage. And if I were in a band, I’d just have my stuff printed on old single stitch blanks.

nameless_rites's picture

I’m 39 and barely wear band shirt’s anymore because my old well made ones are dying and most of the new ones are hot fucking garbage. I’m not “too mature” or have grown out of it but I’m not paying $30 for a shirt that cost $3 and is worth -$3 because it looks dumb when I wear it

Robin_lifts's picture

Well, a problem like that can be solved. Take a look at my profile, there’s plenty of old merch I’m selling because I don’t fit it.

nameless_rites's picture

I am mostly just done with it all lol, trying to sell my stuff but all these stupid DMs from vintage flipper idiots asking about stitch patterns, copyrights, tags, making dumb ass lowball offers etc just makes me want to set in all on fire and move on

Wytch92's picture

Happened to me multiple times, people who push you into the pit, they have no intentions of going in the pit but will push you full weight behind them into it, and then the smug pricks pretend they never did it

Greaserjlg's picture

1. Venues who dangerously oversell tickets. I've been to shows where it's so cramped that I swear they stuffed the last 100 fans in with WD-40.

2. Jock dickheads who do karate & crowd kill at shows with no hardcore bands on the bill.

3. Drunk morons who immediately spill their beer in the pit so it turns into a slip-and-slide for the rest of the whole show.

4. Creeps who lose all social bearing at a show. I've been groped and ass-grabbed at shows as a bearded 6' 250 lb guy by male and female strangers. I'm not a touchy-feely person so that shit is not cool.

Robin_lifts's picture

Haha! What if that gal was actually hot though?

You’re the first one to mention the beer in the pit. It always amazes me how people 10 seconds before the main band starts to play walk into the pit zone with a fresh beer. I’m no longer 16 years old and can enjoy a show without the beer shower.

lemons_irritation7's picture

karate in the pit ALWAYS 🤸🏻‍♂️🤸🏾🤸🏼‍♀️🤸🏻‍♂️🤸🏼‍♀️🤸🏾

nuclearthrasher666's picture

My No1 problem would be assholes that go to shows with clear intensions to hurt people and cause trouble. Talking about the piece of shit asshole the that throws direct hits at heads, straight punches, elbow you on the ribs or violently push people that happens to be around him. We all now that metal and punk gigs can be violent at times (nothing wrong with that) and accidents can happen, BUT this has nothing to do with this. If you are at a gig just to hurt other people then fuck off.

Other that that I really hate it when you have to wait 45-60 minutes for the band to complete the soundcheck, only to hear a shitty sound that takes 2-3 songs to be fixed !

Darklord's picture

I hate it when the "Red Sea" parts and some drunk asshole projectile vomits all over.

Thane's picture

1. Cellphones out the entire show or set (I take one short video per band usually, but I get up front and I keep the screen down below my person so it isn't in view of everyone)

2. Crowdkilling/karate. God this shit is so obnoxious. I feel so bad every time some chick who is just there to watch the show gets kicked square in the teeth with no warning

3. Stinky People. God its the worst. JUST BATHE FFS

bad_american1992's picture

Number 3 hahahaha
I remember being at a punk show and some short drunk guy with a Bi-Hawk staggers past and my friend says "Yo that guy shit himself at the last show". Later that night I'm out front talking to a gal and she goes "What the fuck is that smell" I turn around and see the guy behind me, guess he shit his pants again at that concert x_x

Thane's picture

Jesus fuckin Christ 🤣🤣🤣

lemons_irritation7's picture

karate in the pit ALWAYS 🤸🏾🤸🏼‍♀️🤸🏻‍♂️🤸🏼‍♀️🤸🏻‍♂️

AbysmalWind's picture

Strongly disagreeing with 3). We tall people are well aware of our height, we are reminded of it on a daily basis so what? If by moving in front of you means dancing or moving to the beat, that's just what everyone else does. Kindly ask us to let you move forward or even lift you up (of course this only applies to close friends or your significant other), problem solved.

Robin_lifts's picture

Doesn’t work that way bro. Say I’m standing third row. It’s crowded. Just not crowded enough to be able to move. And I have a clear view of the show. You move in front of this person. Clear view gone. Is that ok? Sorry but not, it’s not ok.

I’m 5’7” and a bit. If there’s a below 5’7” person or even someone of about the same height standing somewhere, I do NOT move in front of this person if this person is already standing there!!!

AbysmalWind's picture

It depends, people tend to move a lot during shows, especially the smaller ones. Some do so to grab a beer, others need to empty their bladder... you can't pay attention to everyone who's standing behind you.

Robin_lifts's picture

You’re kind of missing the point bro. You can’t just move in front of someone else who’s been standing there for a longer time. If someone grabs a beer or takes a piss and leaves his or her spot, of course that’s a whole different story.

AbysmalWind's picture

I know. Don't worry if we ever meet at a show, I'm kind of a "I stick to the counter" guy nowadays hehehe

Insecurity's picture

I see alot of cellphone hatred. When I take a vid it’s usually 30 seconds and I place my phone on my chest and don’t hold it up.
I also hate when people smell bad. I went to go see dark Angel in June and this dude in front of me smelled like absolute shit.
1. Overpriced water lmao
2. People who talk when a band is performing a song. Please give the band your attention!
3. Tall people.

Thane's picture

2 is a good one, I forgot about that. Drives me fucking insane!! WATCH THE BAND

Army of Dragons's picture

I will never understand why some venues sell water for such crazy prices. Especially when it comes to outdoor shows during the summer and people and easily pass out from heat exhaustion.

Insecurity's picture

I almost passed out during prong’s set when they were opening for dark Angel and went straight for water after their set. I don’t like walking out in the middle of performance. The guy said “8 bucks for water dude” I was like “fuck man okay” paid the 8 bucks and drank the water like it was nothing

Army of Dragons's picture

$8 is absolutely insane for water. Glad you got it, though. Passing out during a show is one of the scariest feelings ever.

oldcoffinspirit's picture

Top frustration in the last years: Seeing that bands I regarded as legends in my youth have become old men. Only a fraction of my heros aged (and have already died or will die) with dignity like for example Lemmy or Dio.

andermatten's picture

1. no tour shirts at merch
2. people farting in tiny venues
3. big fat hairy sweaty guys (like me) trying to start moshpits in tiny venues

andermatten's picture

3.1 guys (you can't see) pushing you from behind real hard when in the pit, fucking cunt

Olivia's picture

1) people who throw hard elbows :/
2) the ones who record the whole show with their phones
3) when the drunk, sweaty and fat decide to take their shirts off and bolt it full speed…

CEROXER's picture

1.-the new ones using the damn cell phone, so that the other new ones can believe that they went to that event
2.-the new ones using the damn cell phone, so that the other new ones can believe that they went to that event
3.-the new ones using the damn cell phone, so that the other new ones can believe that they went to that event

Army of Dragons's picture

100% agree with your list! Here's mine:

1) Rude people and / or people with no social skills what so ever. People pay good money to see their favourite bands. Don't ruin it for others by being an asshole. Also, how is it so hard for people to fit in and start general small talk with others before the show starts? Everyone who is at a show already has one thing in common. Just start a convo about the band you are seeing and work from there. Like I'm even autistic and it surprises me that I've met and seen so many people at shows that are so closed off and have no idea how to be around other people. Like why even go to a show in the first place if you don't like being around people?

2) Selling water at high prices. I understand selling beer and other drinks at high prices. But water? That is insane. Especially if the venue is an outdoor venue during the summer. People can easily pass out from the heat.

3) When certain venues only accepts credit cards for merch / drinks and doesn't mention on the ticket or venue website that they are cash-less. This can apply outside of shows, too. I don't like bringing my cards to a lot of busy places since I'm scared of losing them and I much prefer bringing cash with me instead. If you are a venue that is cash-less, please state that you are cash-less. The amount of times that I lost out on merch because of this is so bs.

Extra) People who force others to go in the mosh pit or people who bully others for not going into the pit. This can be combined with point 1, but this one seriously makes me so mad because not only have I seen people being rude to others for not going into the pit, but I myself was bullied one time for not going into the pit when I was given the chance. Not everyone wants to go to the mosh pit and that's 100% okay. People enjoy metal shows differently. Plus, I am a small woman. I ain't surviving in the pit. Also, why make fun of someone's else decision? This doesn't effect you at the end of the day. It's so dumb.

Insecurity's picture

Good one on 3! I fucking hate that too. I went to an anthrax show last year and everything was cashless and to find answers on the venue beforehand was not easy.

Army of Dragons's picture

For real it's so annoying. And then you get disappointed when you find out that you can't get any merch with all the money that you've saved up. It's one of the most soul-crushing feelings ever.

Robin_lifts's picture

Haha so you think being unable to have some small talk is a thing in Canada? It’s funny that you mention this, because a Canadian friend of mine who’s been living in my country for more than a decade is bothered by the Dutch who are apparently more closed up than you guys are 😃 Then again of course, you might be just referring to the Metal public. But you’re right, unless you’re not with friends or you just recognize people at the venue, concert going often feels like a super solo thing. I don’t have many Metal friends, so when I go see a band, I’m one of those suckers who’s just on his phone during the break, because I have no one to talk to. Haha! It’s super boring and kinda crazy because everyone shares at least one passion. Just like you said.

I’ve also been thrown in the pit when I didn’t want to. But you know what? It’s best to avoid the direct vicinity of the pit. Even if you’re now thrown in, I find it super stressful to be constantly cautious of “misfire” or whatever you call it. Things can go really wrong when your body is relaxed and someone is catapulted against you. That goes for me and even more so for you as a small woman. Just make sure you’re at least 1 row behind the people at the edge of the pit, and you probably won’t be thrown in again either!

Army of Dragons's picture

I guess it just depends on which part of Canada you are from since this country is so diverse with its people. I'm specifically from Toronto, and there is a reason why Canadians outside of Toronto hate this city. A lot of people are rude and closed off here. And this is coming from over 20 years of experience living here.

I know not all of Canada is like this. Hell, I've been outside of the city and met many friendly and talkative people in Canada (Not during concerts, but I mean in general). But for some reason, Toronto seems to house a lot of the more quiet and rude types of people. I never understood why.

no karate in pit's picture

Over priced food the under enthusiastic bums who just sit and look bored it’s a mood killer for me,and the cell phone recorders I’m tempted to start spitballing the phones though

Robin_lifts's picture

How about showing off karate moves in the pit?

no karate in pit's picture

those are annoying but not as much as these cause once the karate dude meets the big burly dude in the pit its game over for the kung fu dude

Metalmate's picture

1. Phones in the air
(really ,watch it at home on youtube where you fellow phony (pun intended) recorded the entire show from a 0,1 " different angle)

2. People nagging about the pit being near them
(it's a metal concert just deal with it or go home and watch what the phonies recorded)

3. People nagging about beer being spilled or thrown in the crowd
(There will be sweat and fluids. Here's where a battle jacket or a shower come in handy. Did it mess up your hair? Did it stain your favourite €50 patch? Please go home enjoy the concert in the vicinity of your own little controlled environment and watch what the phonies recorded)

Robin_lifts's picture

I honestly don’t understand why anyone would bring a new beer into the pit. Honestly I don’t. You pay good money for it, knowing full well it wil be spilled within a few seconds. What’s the purpose? The actual throwing of beer makes even less sense to me.

And if with “sweet” you mean “sweat”, I’d advise anyone going to a gig to take a shower first, unless this kind of things turns you on of course. And even then, if you wanna do your bare chest touchy touchy sweaty act outside of the pit for some obscure reasons, warn people around you. Thanks!

Heavy Metal Chemist's picture

Why should I get completely soaked with beer or other sticky fizzy drinks because that person is apparently to spastic to keep it in his/her hands? Funny thing is that these people never turn over their cup over onto the person right in front of them. No, instead those cowards toss it into the crowd 'anonymously'. I've even seen those suckers throw their drinks with the glass knocking someone out in the process...Oh the fun we have....

I understand a metal concert is a bit rebellious, but loosing all manners and decency the moment one steps into a concert hall is just immature, and throwing your shit over others falls into that category for me.

Knul's picture

Moshers during black metal gigs

People filming entire gigs on cellphones whlle blocking the views of dozens of others. 1 picture or short vid of 15 seconds will suffice.

Those fuckheads who show up late and feel the need to get in front of you even if the space is tight.

Those fuckheads that need to get beer during a fucking gig.
And do this 3x in the same gig.

People who talk loud during a gig.

Heavy Metal Chemist's picture

@Knul: I'm so with you on point 3. It's also one of my concert frustrations. This is mainly a happening at the big concerts. Recently at Maiden as well. It is already crowded as hell in the front, and then these last minute show ups think they can just rudely barge their way to the front. If you are late, just join the back of the crowd.

lemons_irritation7's picture

1) people whining about people filming shows on their phone, let people keep memories.

2) stinky sweaty shirtless men who feel like a slip n slide.

3) push pits. i wanna see violence, NOT gross shirtless dudes bumping shoulders

secret 4th frustration) seeing people with patches or shirts of bands i dislike, if i see u w rings of saturn or lorna shore merch im gonna target you

bad_american1992's picture

Hahaha I respect your #4 there, anyone with opposing interests must be smashed and slammed

Army of Dragons's picture

I've never had a problem with people filming parts of a show. Hell, I'll even admit that I have recorded a bit and taken a few pics at some shows, too. I think the only problem I have with filming is if you record 100% of a show. Shows should be about the experience. Plus, being in the moment will always have more of an impact on you compared to looking back at a recording.

Robin_lifts's picture

Haha that 4th frustration though! I already get slightly triggered when I see ppl combine old merch with contemporary patches on their battle vest, let alone a battle vest that consists of patches like:

Burzum - Rammstein - Within Temptation - Amon Amarth - Nirvana - AC/DC - Immortal - Metallica - Nightwish

(Seriously, how many records does a band need to sell before you get into them?)

So someone with this VERY, VERY common sort of battle jacket (at least where I live) will prompt me to stand somewhere else, because the alternative is to scratch my eyes out and that’s just a waste of a nice evening and money

oldcoffinspirit's picture

@Robin: You nailed it! Certain bands cannot be combined if you have developed a certain level of taste/knownledge.

Heavy Metal Chemist's picture

Concert 'frustration' #4.

People over 25 who are still on battle vest patrol that feel the need of ruining peoples nice concert evening by telling them what is wrong with their jacket. I can't really blame those under 25 for it because their brains are not fully matured, but those older than that really don't have an excuse. Also the 'gatekeepers' who think their musical taste is better (whatever that means) than that of someone else and start to lecture you, are quite lame.

Why care and get frustrated about a what patches/bands are combined on a jacket, and what someone else's musical taste is?

Robin_lifts's picture

Nah I’m talking 30-40-50 years olds with Burzum + Within Temptation patches. To each his own of course. I just wanna point out that in this digital age, no one has to listen to commercial mainstream exclusively. When I was kid, you were lucky enough to find a Cradle of Filth album, for everything else you had to travel to a bigger city. Nowadays it feels like every demo ever made has become available and everyone forgot about having access to commercial stuff only 😂 so yeah a vest covered with this stuff exclusively brings back memories .. like come on, show some effort, dig a little deeper.

Heavy Metal Chemist's picture

Exactly mate! To each their own 🤘😁🤘 35, 41, 52, 69 ... Why not having Burzum + Within Temptation patches on your jacket at that age? Why not throwing in a Taylor Swift patch for good measure? I can't really understand why one can get upset, frustrated, or even cringy about that.

lemons_irritation7's picture

i just dont like certain bands, if i see a certain bands merch im
more likely to direct my spinkicks in that direction

Heavy Metal Chemist's picture


Robin_lifts's picture

I’m not taking the piss out of people who are eclectic - I’m eclectic myself, hell I listen to 80s Italian electronic music and started a thread on different genres of music here - I’m just surprised by the number of mature people who go around in cringy-entry-level-commercial metal band vests, the shit I was into when I was 12, with sooo much music available nowadays. So it’s not just Burzum or Rammstein, or Within Temptation etc these were just examples. I’m talking about looking like a Sony Music catalogue with your vest.

oldcoffinspirit's picture

"cringy-entry-level-commercial metal band vests" & "looking like a Sony Music catalogue" made my day so far 😂😂😂

oldcoffinspirit's picture

No need to tell someone what is wrong with their jacket. It's just an inner feeling that some bands don't combine. I guess most of us have gone through that phase. 30-50 yo with such combinations are strange (or lost?). I guess that you can distinguish weekend-warriors and "life-phase"-metalheads from those you are in "it for life" by means of their vest-design.
But like Robin said "To each his own".

Wyvern's picture

1) Those with phones up recording the whole time. I fully understand snapping a couple of photos and recording a quick video, but recording the whole time kills the vibe and aids in blocking the view of everyone behind you.

2) That one asshole in the mosh pit that is purposefully trying to kick, punch, or otherwise injure others, and overall just causing a problem.

3) Venues charging extortion prices for water because they know they can since they have a captive audience in a place that most likely prohibits bringing your own water.

ThatBillyGuy's picture

1. People who tell you what music to like and what music isn’t good, when I saw gojira and mastodon and waiting for the next set I over heard someone talk about how they like going to EDM shows and someone staring telling him about how EDM is shit

2. Limited merch tables, shows need to have more than one March table especially for bigger shows so people don’t have to wait all day to get there merch

3. People who harass and assault other people and ruin other peoples fun, do I even need to explain this?

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