Too Many patches Of The Same Band

Tue, 10/10/2017 - 07:53


I took apart my jacket about a year ago to switch to a different vest. I finally decided to get back to making my vest and I noticed something. I have a lot of patches from the same bands. (maiden, metallica, megadeth, slayer, motorhead) about 4 or less patches for each of them. I don't think I noticed because I was mainly buying patches of albums I listen to religiously. I personally don't see anything odd about it as long as you actually listen to the bands. I guess it can be an eye sore for some people... What do you guys think?


You're going to let fear of judgement get in the way of making your vest the way you want it?


No, I like mine the ways it. But I’ve heard some stories of people talking down on others for having patches of the same band, I think that’s ridiculous.

*your profile picture never fails to make me laugh*


It's YOUR vest. Do whatever you like.


Very true.


In my opinion, I like simple vests and not the cramped with a shitload of different patches. So I'd probably like your vest above most vests here haha. And like the others said, its your vest ;)


Ha thanks. I'll upload some picture of it when I get around to finishing it.


i personally prefer to not have repeating patches or pins but i dont care if other people do, thats another reason why im reworking my gamer vest because theres too many devil may cry patches on it and im of the unpopular opinion that 2 is the best so im keeping that one, also i want more music on it however im still keeping both my metroid patches because prime and fusion are very different games and i cant decide which i like better


I have a few miscellaneous patches but but most are going on the inside. I do want to get a metal gear pin or button to go on the front.


Never let someone's taste decide for what are you going to put on your vest. Heck, if I could, I'd buy every single patch depicting a different album from my favourite band and put them all on the same vest. If you really like those bands and those albums don't mind what other people think.

And send vest pics ;)


I will, but for your eyes only ;)


After just reading the title I thought you were talking about the bootleggers making too many patches of the same bands. Haha!

But to answer your question, personally I don't like to have repeating bands on my vest, save for a few exceptions, but I don't hate other people's vests for it. Like others have said, if you like the patches and the music, go for it!

And a good dedication vest is always awesome!


I think I just need to broaden my horizons a bit and discover some new stuff.


Well being on here will help. Can't tell you how many times I've seen a shirt or patch so cool that I had to check the band out.

Likewise, you can also go to the metal archives and start searching the similar artists tab of bands you like.


i have a friend who has a pure motorhead vest! more power to you who cares what other people say!


Man that sounds awesome.


Do what makes you happy and reflects you as a person, if you have a bunch of patches for one band because you love a lot of their albums, Kudos to that!

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