Tom Angelripper from SODOM returns harder than ever

Daniel Sodomaniac's picture

I don`t know why he split this band really but i think it`s really sad, Berneman and Makka are great.
But hey it`s show business :/ .

kingdomofhannover's picture

Completely incomprehensible, especially with Bernemann after such a long time! That must hurt... :(

Daniel Sodomaniac's picture

Strange move indeed and i`m not happy with it :( .

kingdomofhannover's picture

Well, saw them three months ago here in Hannover, was an amazing show with a disarming crowd. Everything seemed very familiar and was really cool with those three guys. Don‘t know the inner circumstances but that is already disaponting...

emperialmassacre's picture

Having seen them over the summer in Spain I have to say this lineup was incredible. Hopefully he can find some good replacements and keep the band moving forward. Oh, and please do a USA tour.

Nater90's picture

Day = ruined :(

Have never seen em live....Sucks ass.

invisible-horizons's picture

Same here. I yet to see these guys live. I was suppose to see them in L.A. when they played in 2006 but I couldn't make it due to not having a car and not having enough money. One of my big regrets! What a bummer that the drummer of so many years had to go.

By the way, you guys should check out the German band Crows who once had Bernemann and Bobby Schottkowski, Frank Banx on bass from Angel Dust, and vocalist Leszek Szpigiel from Wolf Spider and Scanner. The Dying Race is such a great album!

Claudandus's picture

Tom seriously "broke up" via a text message? What an asshole.

Ravishing Grimness's picture

Totally agree.Assuming he wouldnt dare to say it into their faces

KiWi's picture

Fuck WHAT?!
Hard to believe this news. I had come to really love this band, every concert was a great experience. Had been to one only 19 (!) bloody days ago and never thaught it could be some kind of farewell (two and half hours of pure madness, maybe the best one of a whole great year)... I know, Bernemann and Makka are not "genuine" lineup but Bernemann has been in Sodom nearly my entire live and Makka played every concert I had the pleasure to experience. This somehow spoils the day from the end. I think I have to stick to the good memories, we had fantastic times...

Sure we have to look forward, maybe good thinks will follow up, too, but this leaves me sad.

Piss's picture

The band hasn't really been very good for years now. The last thing I heard in full (Epitome Of Torture I think) put me to sleep. Also, there may very well be another side to this story.

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