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Fri, 15/09/2023 - 10:59

Just curious, how many of you metalheads are suffering from hearing problems and/of tinnitus?

Personally speaking, my hearing is meanwhile pretty fucked up. Not so long ago I was at a gig where the sound was just way too loud. And instead of buying a pair of ear plugs, dumb ole’ me just watched the whole thing go the end. When I got out, my right ear had already gone NUMB. It’s the same feeling as when you get slapped on your ear or when you hear noise while you’re underwater. You go almost deaf for some time and then your ears open up again… albeit with a horrible PEEEEEEP that lasts for another hour or so. Fucking horrible.

Of course I already suffered from temporary tinnitus before more than once. Fortunately it’s just my right ear (which also doesn’t work as well as my left). Because I didn’t want things to turn worse, I already started to turn down music (which I listen to with my headphones) but hadn’t yet ordered professional ear plugs. I wish I had ffs. But in all honesty the sound isn’t the same. It’s much like safe vs unsafe sex haha. And metal isn’t metal when it’s not loud. A difficult dilemma ….

Anyways, am I the only idiot here? Or are there more of you around?

Insecurity's picture

I have also been a dummy! I went to see anthrax last year with no ear plugs. I think I had tinnitus for about 3 days. On my way to school I listen to metal very loudly. Sometimes it’s cool and sometimes it makes my ears exhausted. I also started to turn down the volume on my music I want to keep hearing.

Comella77's picture

My hearing is pretty bad, my wife is always upset with me cause I can't hear shit, at least I do hear some particular frequecies.....the frequencies of loud music. Ahahahah

Lloyd H's picture

Spend most of my life listening to metal - 53 now - and have mild tinnitus in one ear. Had it for around 25+ years I guess. Learned to zone it out now but if I swim lots and get water trapped in my ears it is more noticeable. Legacy of lots of LOUD gigs and metal club nights in the 80s and 90s, nobody wore earplugs back then. I would advice caution with loud music on headphones and giving your ears a rest if they are ringing/buzzing regularly.

MetalNDN's picture

I got ringing ears sometimes. It’s not from concerts though. I was in the military and was around weapons and did lots of shooting and did multiple combat tours. Didn’t wear ear plugs in combat.

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no karate in pit's picture

lmao thats what im saying

no karate in pit's picture

on a scale from 1 to 10 how loud do you think this lineup will be

blood incantation cannibal corpse mayhem and gorguts

Army of Dragons's picture

That's a solid 9 from me. Only way to make it a 10 is if Death Grips was added in the mix.

no karate in pit's picture

well shit guess tinnitus here i come

Army of Dragons's picture

I mean I have sensitive hearing so maybe it won't be as bad for you. Is there a way you can buy ear plugs before the show just in case?

no karate in pit's picture

no im so fucked and shit outta luck

Insecurity's picture

Go to guitar center they sell earplugs target as well.

no karate in pit's picture

thank god

a chicken's picture

Most venues should have them behind the bar/reception too, ask for a few pairs before the show dude

Army of Dragons's picture

A while back I found out that I have hyperacusis so I always have a pair of ear plugs with me now whenever I am going somewhere that I know is going to be loud like a concert, firework show, amusement park, etc.

For years (I can't remember when it started), I will once in a blue moon have one of my ears just stop working for a few minutes and make this artificial flatline noise and it's so freaking annoying when it happens. And this happens at the most random of times. I'm not sure if that's tinnitus or something similar, but whatever it is, it's awful.

I'm pretty sure I've had this issue since I was a kid and I'm just sad that I wasn't able to protect my ears sooner. I guess it's at least a good thing that I'm making an effort to protect them now than never.

a chicken's picture

Never heard of the condition but I've been getting the occasional spurt of white noise evet since I was young too dude, it used to happen even more frequently after a gig but earplugs have helped 1000% in that regard🙏🤘

Army of Dragons's picture

Hyperacusis depends on many factors. For me, I've had it for all my life and from what the doctor told me, it's most likely due to my autism since I've had this problem since forever. It was only recently that I found out what the name of this hearing sensitivity was and how I can be able to protect my hearing in the future.

Earplugs are definitely a life saver! I remember when I went to my first harsher-sounding rock / punk show, I didn't have ear plugs on me and I couldn't take the loud music. I had to go to another room in the venue for the rest of the show since it was THAT bad for my ears. My ears were also hurt for about 5 days after the show. It's a miracle that I didn't develop any hearing loss yet after that. Thankfully, after that show, I learned my lesson and now I go to every show with some plugs. I just recently went to the BabyKlok show last week with a pair of plugs and I had no issues with my hearing after the show was over.

a chicken's picture

Ayooo autism gang👊😎 sensory overload at gigs is a whole other can of worms xD legit I've had the near-exact same experience you said there (aside seeing Babyklok😔)super glad you found something that works homie🙏🤘

Army of Dragons's picture

Let's goooo! And thanks! 🤝 Yeah man sensory overloads are the worst. And trying to mask yourself while having one is so much worse. Sorry you had a similar experience. :(

a chicken's picture

My friend who's a year younger than me has had hardcore tinnitus since before he hit his 20s ☹️ just about every time I speak with him it legit takes a minute or two out of the conversation cause *both* his ears just alt-tab out, it's been a huge reality check and the reason why I always rock with earplugs at gigs

I seriously recommend to everyone young and old, get a packet of disposable foam earplugs (silicone ones suck imo) and keep that thing on you, or if you're a twit like me and forget to pack em, *most* venues will have some behind the bar counter or reception, please don't be embarrassed to wear or ask around for a pair, looking after yourself is the raddest🖤🖤

Army of Dragons's picture

^ +1

I actually prefer the silicone ear plugs when I go to a show. Especially the ones with the string attached to them since I can easily take one off while bands are changing their sets and quickly put them back on once the music begins again without losing them. The foam ones I usually use when I go somewhere that's less chaotic since I have lost a pair of foam ones during a show once.

I think finding the right ear plugs takes a bit of trial and error. I know some people who prefer the foam ones over the silicone ones and vice versa.

a chicken's picture

Ahh, I haven't used the ones on the string before, I was meaning the little blobs of silicone that you mold into the shape of your ear and stick in them😅 you're totally right about trial and error and different folks preferences though man 🙏🤘

Robin_lifts's picture

You don’t hear guitars through the foam plugs. You just hear drums, bass and murmuring

a chicken's picture

Huh, I personally hear everything at a good volume with them, which ones do you use if any?

Army of Dragons's picture

I've never heard of the blobby silicone ones before. The only silicone ones I use are all solid and look similar to standard swimming ear plugs.

no karate in pit's picture

even these days at age 17 my ears suddenly have been hurting ever since i cranked blood incantation on my headphones

hidden ear damage for the human race

Insecurity's picture

Haha same here. I have tinnitus and don’t know what silence is anymore :( at age 17 I’m already saying “huh?”

no karate in pit's picture


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