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Thoughts on the NYDM (New York Death Militia)

Tue, 14/08/2012 - 10:07

has anyone else heard of these guys or had any experiences with them? For those who may have heard but cant place the name, this is the club/gang/"brotherhood" which Will Rahmer runs. I've been seeing them pop up alot in photo's and video's of recent concerts, tours, and other related festivities lately and im curious if any tss members know anything about them.

From what i can gather from other forums i have dug up on the internet, they are nothing more than a really shitty American version of the various Inner Circles that popped up in Europe through out the 90's. They also seem to have a huge douchebag/jock/gang member mentality towards non members when they are at shows and act like total ass clowns, portraying every negative metalhead stereotype. This is of course what i have found, i dont have an opinion yet because i dont know that much about them.

Any thoughts??

here is a pic of their Insignia that they all wear on their vests


MoreGoreLessCore's picture

It is final! i am making my own crew! The.. TMFC!

But i have not heard of this NYDM. I really do not like the whole Douchebaggery and the like, Kinda kills it.

psychoscorpio1171's picture

Hi I am a member of NYDM .. I am 44 years old a mother of 2 beautiful children 23 and 19 .. here goes.. NYDM is a group of like minded people who have been going to metal shows since teenage years.I grew up on music.. my parents were hippies from the 6O's ..Ive listened from the Beatles to Jimi to Janis Zeppelin.Skynard Bob Dylan Fleetwood Mac ..Dire Straits Framptom.. Black Sabbath I am of an elite group of people who SUPPORT the metal scene.WHEN IT WAS DYING. I grew up in an era when fathers were coming out of Vietnam and struggling.. my mother went crazy and what did I fuckin have MY MUSIC.. not the hair spray bands singing gay ballads.. Stryper & WASP bunch of poser bullshit.. I was in the fiery pits of hell with Slayer Carcass Obituary Grave Autopsy &Pestilence ..Ive been in every pit and moshed with the big boys.. I am disgusted that someone had the nerve to bash Will Rahmer of Morticician thats my brother!! He is and has always been about supporting the bands!! We dont just stand around and do nothing we have Chapters worldwide .. WE DO FUNDRAISERS AND DONATE TO charities IN NEED...If it wasn't for us coming out to shows and showing support instead of bashing on our computers like a bunch of pussies!!
The primary purpose of this whole creation is to form a brutal underground metal club nationwide (and world-wide) of like-minded people who want to come together as a brotherhood/sisterhood interested in supporting extreme underground music and each other.

Official members will receive the bylaws of this club which are written and updated by the Coalition only. To become a member you will need to speak with a president or vice president of your area. All chapters are approved by us. These pages are dedicated to the bands and the fans that have spilled their blood to keep the New York Death Metal scene the most brutal in the world.

Will Rahmer (Mortician/Redrum Records), Randell Salmon (Decomposed/Decomposed Ent), and Lucifera Elena (Endemoniada/NY Hellraisers) would like to extend our brutal hands out to the rest of the states and world to join us and keep the brutality coming.

New York Death Militia International is a brotherhood/sisterhood of likeminded individuals into brutal forms of underground music. Especially (but not limited to) death metal. We are not a MC, we're a brutal metal club. We're heavily influenced by the Warriors (movie).

We are a family in the sense that we do our best to stick together. We help keep the music scene we love alive and BRUTAL! Not everyone on USDM (on myspace or other online communities) is NYDM. Not everyone into New York death metal has been accepted as NYDM. NYDM would never betray their family. NYDM are people who attend concerts in order to support the bands and many are people in bands already.

We are strict, we require loyalty and respect. We require respect and love for the rest of the members. And we don't take just anyone. And some of these people, even though they are not Official NYDM (meaning you have our colors -patches and pins and have been approved by a president of our club) are still our friends.

We enjoy the support from everyone!

To truly represent members must wear their COLORS to concerts and other specific NYDM International events.

Those waiting on membership well, you just have to WAIT, like everyone else.

To be considered for membership you must be willing to give yourself unconditionally to the family you must be approved by the brotherhood You must be willing to give total commitement to NYDM.

Then and only then will you be considered for membership You do not buy your colors - You earn them!! Just like you earn RESPECT!


To all who support and are really interested stay true and keep your patience and devotion to the scene.

Stay Brutal,

Liberator's picture

What a bunch of horseshit. There already is a "metal" brotherhood that keeps metal alive and it's called the 'underground'. true fans of this music run labels, organize gigs and make music. No need to have special laws, bylaws etc. If you orgnaize gigs and give to charity, good on ya! But you do not need to belong to a club or even be a metalhead to do that. Every 'era' of metal had people thinking that it is going down the hole, that it is dying, just like how every generation believes their's is the best. But this is not really the case. Look around and you'd see a plethora of bands, true to their craft and uncompromising in vision, carrying forth the real essence of music.

Claudandus's picture

"bylaws", "president", "Colors", "family", "respect".
I'm sorry, but this all just seems extremely silly to me. Why the hell do we need some sort of Sons of Anarchy wannabe club to support the music we love?
The part about charity and keeping the scene alive, yeah I can get behind that. It's the whole Godfather-fueled family and respect with colors and ranks gist that I just can't get over. It just seems so damn try-hard.

Daniel Sodomaniac's picture

Amen to that well said!

Stronthor's picture

I've only been awake for about an hour and I already know this is the funniest thing I'll read today. Talk about uniting the scene, family and brotherhood, yet people have to be 'approved' - in other words, your little club is based on a sense of superiority. Real brotherhood doesn't need any form of hierarchy, in anything, that's a surefire way to divide. Anyone willing to make an effort to 'prove' themselves is nothing more than a weak pack animal.

jdubz666's picture

clubs, gangs, religion its all the same pot of shit, people just look for gratification from other people. I don't need to identify myself with groups to feel comradery. I just rock out with whatever metalhead is beside me

no karate in pit's picture

well spoken dude

kertalaaki's picture

This has to be the lamest ass bullshit I've read in a long time. What the hell is this SoA larping? Hahahah! Rock n' Roll is about breaking the rules, not being mindless sheeps under some "presidents" and respecting "bylaws" and "rules." This is utterly ridiculous. Why do you even need to be in some club to support the music you love? Okay, the club is fine, but by reading the comments and other peoples thoughts you are completely misusing your "power" and that's pretty damn idiotic. I don't understand, and never will how people can support this kind of bullshit. Unbelievable stupid.

THMManiac's picture

your bashing people for "acting Tough on their keyboards" yet you preached your life story AND tried to pull off some rip off of the movie the Warriors? Like you said "we are heavily influenced by the movie the warriors" and were supposed to take this seriously? ridiculous. Fuck this YMCA metal bullshit. Ill save myself the inner embarrassment and WONT take this seriously. Its about buying records and busting your own head to it. Now I'm ust waiting for you to write me some cheesy gangster quote like "watch out at your next metal show"...." Meet me at the bike racks at 2" ha ha, fuck off. TUNNEL SNAKES RULE

Madd's picture

WTF, I've listen to metal and Rap all my life..
Fuck this false ass wannabe flagging bullshit.. I used to Go to metal shows all the time. And still do when I catch one.. I am a certified Affiliate, of a Family way bigger than you.. Yeah you iz a gang type deal..With the president, colors, Maine fuck your colors....You dis my Colors. And I'm on point of my Six. Gonna whoop a redneck metalhead chicken as and show you wit its about....I don't have chapters. I'm plugged in, with a NATION. So don't be coming all hard, Deathcore, DeathMetal,Heavy metal. Wut ever if you can Mosh and Headbang.. It don't matter the support of certain bands...True Metal Heads support Metla They Like or All Metal.. So take advice and don't portray a family, that isn't willing to Live and Die for.
Cause it ain't no game, to claim....Truth,100%

Ironhead's picture

Already the fact that they want to belong in a gang tells something about their mentality, pack animals. What I've seen they're all obese rednecks who only listen to bands approved by the whole group - very wise.

wehavearrived49's picture

You guys forgot who runs the Sanfrancisco, CA chapter! http://www.google.com/imgres?um=1&hl=en&sa=N&biw=734&bih=393&tbm=isch&tb...

mayhempunk666's picture

yes, i should have mentioned that Jeff is a huge supporter of the group

BobM's picture

Looks like he's the President, so didn't he started this group then?

wehavearrived49's picture

Just the Sanfrancisco, CA chapter. There are quite a few chapters in the states. Each are ran by someone different.

wehavearrived49's picture

Personally, I have no interest in joining any chapter as such. But, I still have to respect Jeff for sticking with it. After all, Jeff, Chuck, and many others are what helped make death metal. He really is a great guy. Super nice to his fans. So, not all involved are assholes. Just like any group, there are bound to be assholes anywhere. Heck, I'm pretty sure we got some here on TS.

This made me laugh and get mad at the same time. http://forums.smnnews.com/showthread.php?t=193650

Here's one of the posts:

"Even the idea of such an organization makes me sick to the point of vomiting. This is exactly what i hate the most, when image becomes more important than the music. You have no idea how much i detest this bullshit. Oh lets go to metal shows because we're metalheads and we have to support the scene. LOL. If i like the music i'm there for the music not to buddy with a bunch of scenerist cool metalhead guy morons and dark girl bitches. Not to mention the people who go to shows because they wanna be part of the metal phenomenon.. i think i'm sick. If i'm not into a band whatsoever i'm not gonna show up, i don't give a shit if they're the local metal band or whatever. There's so much brilliant music out there in every genre, why support stuff based on other reasons besides the music? Why support any scene at all? Fuck."

.....hahahaha. what a fucking tool!

mayhempunk666's picture

hahahaha, what the fuck? I sense one of those people who has never taken a stance for anything in their life and prefers to flip flop so that they can look cool and open minded to everyone

wehavearrived49's picture

It's a good thing I left that site a long time ago. A lot of self-pretentious "look at how intellectual I am with my music theory that I don't even really use" douche-bags with nothing better to do than to talk shit and post annoying photos.

Plague's picture

Damn, just looking at that forum with all those annoying pics wasting space irritates me.

Ironhead's picture

I agree with that post 100%.

Evilution E5150's picture

isnt this just a rip off of the hardcore scene, especially the logo

Plague's picture

I had come across the NYDM site and some members in other forums a few years ago, and Mayhempunk is right in that they do seem to shun non-members and come across as "elite". "douchebag/jock/gang member mentality towards non members" pretty much sums up how they come across IMO.

blackstar1965's picture

5 flames!!

Evilution E5150's picture

their website is hosted by angelfire. lol

thrashinqueef's picture

there is one for new jersey as well, except i know a few "members" and they arent douchebags at all. very nice and open-minded from what ive seen. however, we must remember it is NY were talking about, theres a lot of real assholes out there regardless of metal or not. east coast is very aggressive. (IMO)

thrashinqueef's picture

It's progressively growing on me, certain things at least. But the east coast is definitely more aggressive. I love being in the tri-state, its perfect for all the local and small shows I go to. Although I usually travel at least an hour or two for shows.

thrashinqueef's picture

Well I rarely hit up ny, I'm only like 30 mins from Philly/parts of jersey/delaware so those are the main states for shows. It's awesome living soo close for mdf though. Nice two hour drive ;)

thrashinqueef's picture

oh man, it is def an american must-have for any metalhead. whether you like every band, or only a few, the crowd and merch are usually just as good as the show itself. its more like a big fucking metal party for four days haha. just a load of drunkards meeting eachother and having hotel parties, plus humidity and sweat. they did close down the main inside venue that mdf has been at so idk what they plan on doing next year as far as changing venues or what. but
next years lineup is already hella sick.
from the mdf site
"We're pleased to announce that the following bands have been confirmed for MDF XI:

VENOM (UK) - Exclusive US headlining show!
CARCASS (UK) - Exclusive US show!
RIGHTEOUS PIGS - Exclusive US reunion show!
ANTAEUS (France) - Exclusive US show!
CONVULSE (Finland) - Exclusive US show!
AOSOTH (France) - Exclusive US show!
!T.O.O.H.! (Czech Republic) - Exclusive US show!
AHUMADO GRANUJO (Czech Republic)
INGROWING (Czech Republic)"

Mad Marvin's picture

Never be too sure about a Pentagram show ;-)

BestialDevastation's picture

Reminds me of FSU...

Blüdrayne's picture

...with less balls, maybe.

TThrasher's picture

Metalheads and gangs. Such an interesting combo. Reminds me of Verlierer. The Rats ftw!

wehavearrived49's picture

Holy fuck! +1 for you. I thought I was the only one on here that new that film. The only thing is the metal guys in that film didn't start fights amongst their own kind for dumb petty reasons. They pretty much grouped together and looked out for each other. Just them versus the Getto Sharks. The usual metal VS punk thing in the 80's. Hahahaha. Best Scene http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1O8eyx7y9X0 DEAD CITY!!!

Deathcore.Is.Not.Metal.'s picture

Ehh, Pirate Crew instead

guitar_demon's picture

My best friend used to be stationed in the north carolina ( hes in the marines) when I went down to visit him the last time we went to a few shows and ran into the president of the NC chapter and she (yes she) was the coolest person there we had a few beers and shot the shit all night with her and some other members. Im sure as with any organization theres gonna be assholes but from experiance they were all really cool guys

Deathcore.Is.Not.Metal.'s picture

Will Rahmer looks like he should be in the village people.

Claudandus's picture

It all seems pretty cheezy to me. You don't have to be in a gang to support you local scene. This just strikes me as a bunch of packdogs looking for direction in life.

World Eater's picture

While individual members might be cool guys, most of the group comes across as a bunch of meatheads wanting to be part of a "special club". Stand outside at local shows (ha, support the scene, what support?), act like a shitty motorcycle gang, ehhh.

wehrmacht4000's picture

I live in NYC and I have come across these guys are various shows. They seem to be fine whenever I talk to them. Back before I knew who they were I asked this one guy what the NYDM actually did and he said it was just a group of people who were very big fans of death metal and other metal genres and wanted to help keep the scene alive. The only thing I have ever seen that could link them to gangs is that they all have the same "NYDM" back patch on all of their leather patched vests.

hellbloodfire666's picture

I've seen them in my area and in the next town over, and a few people I know were once members and then quit.

they'll recruit anyone who 'Shows Support' and is willing to pay a monthly fee $$ to be apart of the club.
Ive seen die-hard metalheads amongst their ranks and also nerds in nirvana shirts. they're pretty much a joke.

At this one metal gig they were "organizing", the head nydm guy forced the new recruits to wash his motorcycle outside the venue as a form of punishment, because they failed at showing some level of support, and just didn't work hard enough in his opinion.

And this other nydm state president was using member's monthly fees to support his drug habit, and eventually got kicked out.

overall it looks like a lame club, and its annoying to see a horde of people wearing matching jackets with identical club patches in the same specific spots they're supposed to be placed, along with the requirement of having an american flag patch on your jacket.
It takes away from the uniqueness and individualism that comes with ones own customized battlejacket with their favorite band patches placed wherever they want.

Its refreshing to look at this site, and to see everyones kickass unique customized battlejackets, after having to witness a bunch of those nydm-ers all dressing alike.

it really seems they're missing the point/objective of being a death metal type club

invisible-horizons's picture

So...I went to see Possessed play at this "N.Y.D.M." fest in Oakland, and I have to say, this is some of the lamest shit I've ever seen. Why the hell do you feel that you have to be part of a "gang" to support your metal scene? It seems like they have a "holier than thou" mentality and think they are better than you for being part of this. I will never support his kind of bullshit! They don't allow stagediving at Possessed shows because they want to protect Jeff. They also don't mosh, even though my friend and I were slamming into them just to fuck with them hahaha. What a bunch of meat-headed wannabe pussies!

I also heard that they were at the some show in San Francisco and actually encountered a real motorcycle gang, so they took their vests off because they were scared they were going to get their ass beat. What a bunch of tools! FUCK N.Y.D.M.! They ruin shows, and they sure ruined Possessed last night! Because of this, I will never go to a Possessed show again.

DethronedEmperor23's picture

this is the best thing I've read yet.

DethronedEmperor23's picture

I too, saw Possessed. in NY though. Great show, but fuck those NYDM dicks. I was maybe 12 at the time and I had a horrible fever that night. not only did I take a long ass drive to NY from Pennsylvania (2 hour drive there + back 4 fucking hours), but I also had school the next day (it was on a sunday night). I waited til 3 in the morning to meet Jeff but that cunt on wheels wouldn't let anyone meet him unless you were "part of the NYDM crew" and had a patch to prove it. I mean it would've been cool if he told the big ass line earlier about this so everyone could leave earlier but guess not. Fuck Jeff, imo that was a huge dick move.

but honestly NYDM is the cancer of the metal scene. Sure, they put on many shows for underground bands but around here, they always make it sound like its some members only event and some gay shit like that. Too me, they're just a bunch of fags too pussy to be an actual gang so they just huff and puff and try to look intimidating as possible at every club show I see them at. A joke really.

Judas Priestess's picture

That is really messed up, which is why I dislike the whole metal gang/chapter shit.

kimo's picture

I'd just be embarrassed wearing that patch on my jacket. Looks like it was drawn by a 3 years old.

Nater90's picture

True the logo looks pretty cartoony.

Kimo's amazing DIY skills for new logo!

stenchcore massive's picture

Well, this shit gave me the most laughs i've had in days!

Megatron1777's picture


Nater90's picture

It's all well and good to have a group of close friends to go to gigs with and enjoy it, Hell, I'd love to have a club made for my taste but I love so much how can one cut it down to one scene / genre?

I just do what I do as a human because I enjoy the common bond here of Metal, Be it Black Metal, Death Metal, Nu Metal, Listen to whatever the fuck you want to make yourself happy.

You don't need rules to enjoy music, Music is a choice by each and every person on this planet, Not everyone shares the same taste, Who gives a flying fuck?

You want respect?

Go out and buy CDs / Tapes / Vinyls, Buy merchandise, Buy patches, Do anything you can to support the bands you love, Some people can't afford to get a lot, DIY all the way, Still shows respect to the bands we love.

You donate to charity? Congratulations, Each and everyone of us has donated to something at some point in our lives.

I'd happily give a shirt off my back to help most the people I've met on this forum.

It's called being human.

If you want my respect personally, You shouldn't dis other peoples tastes, Makes you look pathetic and narrow minded.

I laugh at your reference to the Warriors movie, They run for their lives beating up other groups to clear their name for a crime they didn't do, They get respect at the end, If you saw members of a Turbojugend for example, Would you fight them to prove a point and show your a better group of friends?

You grew up in a bad time in the world, A bunch of us have to, Not everyone has a luxurious lifestyle, Suck it up, Life is tough, Deal with it.

Don't agree with anything I said?

Maybe you're the one that should to quote you "Fuck off?"

exumer_09's picture

I heard if you lose the "special" patch, the club fines you $300 lmao

gynecrologist's picture

Here is a recent (podcast) interview with Randal Salmon a founding member and International Pres. http://www.ritualmadnesspodcast.com/episode-112-nydms-international-pres...

DevilzForce's picture

music lovers organisations structured on biker/gang culture......... RIGHT.......

Germzzzz's picture

When I used to go to a lot of shows a few years back I've always remembered seeing these dudes acting all high and mighty with their "brothers". I've seen them fight each other,and act like they know everything. Definition of LAME

jdraven41's picture


Nater90's picture

Comparing "talking trash" and "racist" is like saying apples and bananas are the same thing, Makes no sense whatsoever!

Doing stupid shit to be accepted, That's just plain retarded!! It's fine that they help keep the scene alive, it's good that they help people with a bed to sleep in, food etc, But anyone can do that, It's called being a decent human being man, Just because they do it doesn't make them better than anyone else, Just makes them an equal.

Anyone can voice their opinion on a topic, There will always be conflict / arguments, But we all have a right to a say, If you don't agree with this, You're one sad individual.

Daniel Sodomaniac's picture

Well said Nate well said, relax, stay cool, enjoy life, play loud drink hard, cheers :)!

Nater90's picture

Thanks Dan! Exactly right mate :) One day we'll hoist a beer together!!!

Stathis's picture

To be honest you just managed to make NYDM look (even more) retarded with your post... Half the shit you say make no sense...

The way it looks to me is some people are making money off scene kids (like yourself probably) by making them pay a membership fee and forcing those idiots to do stupid stuff to have a laugh. Also, I am pretty sure 90% of the members are clueless about the music and are there just to look "edgy", feel like MC members and act like mongrels during shows. Just a bunch of plebs thinking they are cool in their matching leather vests..

PS:"the underground scene is very much alive" and some of the bands you listen to are Gojira, Mastodon and Six feet under... fucking hell...

Nater90's picture

Well said Stathis, Agreed.

Corvus Corax's picture


Der Todesking's picture


mayhempunk666's picture

First things first, this thread is old as hell and my opinion has changed somewhat with time. I know a few of the members who used to hang out around the same places i did at the time i wrote this and they were fairly good people whom I do not regret befriending others were exactly what i described in this thread. Next point: This isnt a place to act like a pissed off child when someone disagrees with your opinion or how you see things. There is a clear note before commenting, and it would behoove one to read it. You made a little personal attack about "being a pussy behind a computer screen" or some other such keyboard warrior related nonsense that im not going to replicate

I have said these things in person to members. Its not that scary and not a shocking concept

jdraven41's picture


Influx's picture

I never dealt with any NYDM here in my state and frankly I can say I am glad I haven't. Anyone who is going to tell me what I can and can't listen to isn't someone I want to run with. Someone thinking they are the bastion or holder of any sort of way it should supposed to be isn't going to be any sort of fun.

Its people like that who almost drove me out of metal, in it just to be 'brutal' or their definition of it and anyone else is wrong. I was lucky to learn real fast, stick to your guns know what YOU like as an individual and people will respect that and you. If you wanna join a group that's all fine n dandy but at the end of the day not everyone is gonna think like you.

And great they get brownie points for helping out, for being decent wow, its almost as if folks outside of groups do good stuff too yah know.

Show support, have your groups, go to shows but respect those others around you its the life blood of the genre.

jdraven41's picture


Stronthor's picture

I love that this thread keeps popping up every now and then over the years. Seeing some of these death metal boy scouts try to defend their MC larp squad never fails to crack me up.

meaningless's picture

damn..how i missed this funny topic here on the forum...hahahahahahaha...

Stathis's picture

hahahaha death metal scouts. Couldn't have said it better. Or maybe death metal soy boys would describe them better

bad_american1992's picture


Samppa666's picture

5. You must be pro-american!

Weird fucking club. Is there a chapter which isnt pro anything else but death metal?

MortalFate's picture

Will recruited me to join long ago. Glad I never did join or even look into it. Sounds similar to Hell's Angels. Was already part of a sufi order and no way I'd give that up for this. From the looks of it, this was a response to the rap scene growing. Now, everyone wants to be a rapper.

oldmate's picture

is this still a thing ?

MortalFate's picture

Alive and well.


They have fests every year.

ZillaMunster's picture

Something about a NY crew having an Ohio chapter seems off. Fuck 'em anyways, losers.

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