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things that trigger you

no karate in pit
Thu, 26/01/2023 - 17:52

alright imma update this to what really triggers me

5. karate in the pit at the wrong concerts,these people anger me like its cool in like a infant annihilator (i dont know at least it aint cannibal corpse)pit its stupid if its like a thrash metal thing

4. gas prices

3.the dumb tik tokers lip-syncing to 5-seconds of a pop song (that proves the world is doomed),

2. guys who don't widen their music range,its so common in thrash metal, thrashers are like "death metal black metal and thrash is all i need"in my opinion thats the real posers they say they like metal then say they hate hair metal and some rock now a metalhead is someone who likes all metal not all just some ALLLLL

1. stereotypes of the 80s,metalhead are bullies and bad guys and satan worshippers its all a product of the gov trying to squash rebelling teens

Paganinfear's picture

What annoys me, is the same guy making thousands of forums... Some are good topics but others are just unnecessary

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Valente Imortal's picture

Thank you finally someone said it for me, I'd sound a lot more agressive and I didn't want to be that person here.

meaningless's picture

i like it when ppl keep the forum alive, no matter with 'what' ..i dont have to click on everything..hehe..
Better a active forum (which only 50% grabs my attention) then a dead forum..hahaha

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no karate in pit's picture

is that a insult towards me or are you truly triggered by this

Paganinfear's picture

Nothing towards you but it does annoy me

no karate in pit's picture

k cool it is fricking annoying

meaningless's picture

keep up going dude..hehe...
some stuff is interesting...some dont..., like with everything.
There is always one person, at least, who like it or not...no matter whats the theme/topic..hehehe

Streptococcus's picture

These... are definitely opinions. Definitely opinions held by a newbie 'thrasher'.

'Everything nonmetal is bad and Metallica can't be a poser band, right??'

I'm not trying to dog on you at all man, it just seems like all the younger guys who only like thrash and worship Cliff Burton always say the exact same things. And the statements are kind of absurd sometimes.

1. Karate in the pit is a hardcore thing; leave it at hardcore shows that's fair.
2. How much do the Kardashians really affect you? If you hate capitalism or how they have affected the world, fair. I don't like it either. But having a vehement dislike of something because Gary Holt said to is strange to me.
3. Emo music sucked even more when you had to live through the people, but not something that's prevalent anymore so I don't know...
4. Yeah that's annoying. Don't worry about it too much if it bothers you.
5. In my complete and full opinion, I think that you my friend might still be a little bit of a poser. And not to talk shit because this is the most arbitrary topic of all time, but just liking metal doesn't mean you aren't a poser. I am not saying if you like thrash you are a poser, just look at Satanachist, or Hliðskialf, or HELLHAMMERED's vests and tastes. But just because you have gotten into the music at a surface level from what I/everyone can observe, you're still kind of a poser bud haha.

All I can say, is make your own opinions and you will get way further. Not just in metal/music, but in life. If metal is all about being against the grain as many conceptualize it as, then why are you and your buddy and everyone else who just found out black metal existed and hate it because it doesn't sound like Megadeth spouting the same, exact, identical takes incessantly? Just make your own opinions and listen to good music. And ask for recommendations, there's a lot of bad ass guys on here, including myself, that would be more than happy to give you some (or have already). Have a good day man, hope this doesn't piss you off too much haha.

no karate in pit's picture

actually i see what you mean but i have just recently got in to metal so i could come off as a poser in some ways ,but im open to many opinions and am still getting my opinions on things

Stronthor's picture

The longer you're into metal, the less you'll care about posers. Honestly, to me personally the term poser itself is kinda cringy because those who are not in it for the music will leave the scene soon enough anyway. They don't affect you and there's no use paying attention to the inconsequential. Spend the energy on what actually matters to you, be it the music/collecting shit/going to concerts or whatever else instead.

no karate in pit's picture

thanks dude i was wasting my time getting angered at that

andermatten's picture

the kardashians, seriously?

anyway, imo, one of the cool things about TSS is that, like at uni, posers can be posers, some people will listen, but most don't care

of course, useless posts or threads can be annoying, but it keeps it all alive and going. I find karate in pit pretty amusing

Streptococcus's picture

Could not agree more. And as far as the kardashian, who fucking cares. I was just stating a theoretical opinion on could hold, not one held personally.

doctordeath's picture

People that make money from Tshirtslayer but are not supporters, for the price of a beer a month

no karate in pit's picture

sadly im broke but i wish i could support the best site on the web

meaningless's picture

still agree with u, after all those years..hahaha

meaningless's picture

oh so many things trigger me...
a) karate and any other similiar shit in a pit...
b) 100 mobile phones infront of my face at ANY concert (but i noticed - small/underground gigs = less hands and vice versa)
c) scammer - i hope they all die in pain!!!!! (i still miss my Morbid Angel LS, which poped up here again!!!!..after a dick scamed me and sold it to another member here...)
d) germans and their 'hyper sensitivity' when it comes to 'humor'...instead of a normal reaction, the most are always completely freak out...at 1 word...
e) 27 different vinyl colours for 1 god damn album...
f) the prices of vinyl in general atm (36+ euro for a stupid LP...??!!!...WTF is wrong here)
g) (sorry vinyl again...) 1 Album - 9 tracks = Double LP. 3 Tracks on each side, 4th side etched. or 2 tracks on each side (1 have 3)...wtf.
I love vinyl..but i dont stay there and flip the vinly every 8mins...
h) ppl who 'like metal' because they know Disturbed's cover version of 'Sound of silence' from the radio

...AND SO ON.......way to many things who triggers me....holy shit....

FOAD's picture

Most Germans simply don't have a sense of humor; it's been trained out of them over the last 50 years. Anyone who watches television here or follows what the politicians want simply has no sense of humor anymore. Fortunately, there are exceptions.

Valente Imortal's picture

Coincidentally, I was talking about this a while ago. A couple months ago I was dealing with a German guy, the deal was a Cliff Burton patch that he did not have in stock anymore and he replied to me: Cliff Burton is already gone, sorry. I made a joke replying Yes I know, Cliff parted a long time ago, may he rest in peace. Either the joke went over his head or he didn't have a sense of humor. I think it was the latter.

meaningless's picture

that realy nail it..hahahaha ....yep.
Like in your example - every1 know Cliff and know what happen - its sad and we all know it. BUT....c'mon....your example was very easy to identify as a joke..hahahaha...

meaningless's picture

yep, like you say: there are always exceptions, luckily. And also here...a few are to find!!
Its rly nice to read that from a german metalhead :) ...i was alrdy prepared for 'the rest'..when i wrote this down..lol

invisible-horizons's picture

I agree with you with people filming/taking pictures with their phones at concerts. It really ruins the experience. No one is going to watch your video, so why not just enjoy it.

May I add… people in the front at a concert that complain about people behind them pushing against them. Also, people that just stand there at concerts like lifeless bots that look bored out of their mind. That’s how it is here in certain areas of the U.S. From the videos I’ve seen, Chile and Argentina are the exact opposite. Hopefully I can visit these places one of these days to have an even better concert experience.

Pull the plug patches

Antifa people that shutdown concerts or try to “cancel” bands.


Into Glory Ride's picture

Hahaha that listing is hilarious, man. Filming people, complaining people, PTP, Antifa and.... Sabaton. I almost soiled myself laughing.

Agree with everything, except the videos. People never assume this and sometimes are shocked considering my general almost religious old school approach, but I do infect record short videos of certain gigs. But: I also tend to watch them again later every now and then. Having Aphantasia, I don't have those images in my head ans so I like to remember great moments. I am glad for example having first row recordings of the Shark.

I keep it very short, dim the light and keep the phone low though, that's a given. Never whole songs, let alone concerts.

Other than that: Full approval hahaha

I add moshpits on classic Heavy Metal Shows in general. I just don't want to have people moshing around at a Manowar or Ironsword show and I state this very clear, in a very unambiguous tone, when people start to push others against me.

invisible-horizons's picture

Hahaha! I’m glad I made you chuckle.

For videos and pictures, make it quick and be considerate of the people behind you.

As for moshing at classic heavy metal concerts… I think it’s mainly young people under 30 that do this. People will find any excuse to mosh these days. I’ve seen it happen at shows for Judas Priest (Painkiller, Breaking the Law), Iron Maiden (The Trooper), Motörhead (Ace of Spades), and just this past weekend at Hell’s Heroes, Satan.

You can’t do anything about it so that’s that. We’ll just have to deal with it, I guess.

VoodooChild's picture

Why is Karate good in a Cannibal Corpse pit?

Streptococcus's picture

That's what I'm saying. I don't know if he thinks Cannibal Corpse is like shitty deathcore or what but a death metal show is the last place I expect Karate in the pit. I like hardcore (hate metalcore/deathcore) and I think it is good and correct there, but it should stay at hardcore shows. Just different environments.

no karate in pit's picture

oh no i ran out of ideas and just put cannibal corpse which is stupid i need to put some deathcore band in place not one of the best death metal bands of all time sorry for that

VoodooChild's picture

- People forcing their opinion. I've had too many people in all kinds of different subcultures/fandoms go like: If you like THAT you should like THIS too. And if you just happen to have another opinion they will get angry. Or people who don't like a certain band/game/book/show/brand trying to talk you into disliking it too. I've met too many of those. Even had this dude who would call me angrily if he saw me play a game online (we were connected through steam and PSN etc) he did not like. We no longer have contact lol. He would scream and scream for me to stop playing (insert game he didn't like at the time). He was same with music etc, bands/albums.
He is an extreme example but I've met many others who were the same but milder. Still annoying. No I will not stop enjoying myself because you hate the band/brand/show/game. NO.

- OK so before getting any USA citizens angry please understand I am probably talking about a small group of individuals. But self centered Americans. What I mean by this is that lately I've had some occasions of people from US who were in complete disbelief or even offended we don't do some of the same traditions in US. I've had at least 2 conversations of people from the US ask me what I would do on thanksgiving. Explaining we don't do that here one was surprised it wasn't an international thing like Christmas. The other one just got angry because he said it was disrespect to something. That same guy on another occasion got really offended we don't celebrate 4th of July in my country.

- Incels/thirsty dudes. You know the kind of basement dweller that believes women are obligated to have sex with them. Luckily mostly the internet is filled with em but I have met some offline too. Once in my first year of college we had this dude who told this girl that an intellectual and biologically standpoint he was better suited with her than her boyfriend and it was unfair to him most girls only went for looks. She did not agree with him and he got angry.

-Child abuse/molestation. No explanation needed right? Who likes that.

-Animal abuse. Same as above.

-The sound of music. I don't mean literally listening to music, I mean that movie. Once as a child my cousin and I were playing on his PS2 and then my uncle came home and forced us to watch it. It was like some extended version. Horror. Pure fucking horror. I just wanted to play Tekken.

-People asking me for cigarettes on the street. No. Buy your own. It became expensive enough. It's almost getting to 10eu a pack now in my country. Especially when they get angry you won't give.

-The sound of cardboard. You know a lot of people can't stand nails on a blackboard? Or a fork on a plate? Well I have that same reaction with cardboard scraping on another piece of cardboard.

-Cinnamon. Even smelling it makes me puke.

-forum topics that just makes you pick between 2 things. We got the This Or That game for that :P

-Dirty fingernails.

no karate in pit's picture

this list is the one i agree with the most all of these things suck

Kathulex's picture

-Pantera fans that still delusionaly think Pantera saved anything in the 90s. Honestly, Pantera fans who deify the band in general. Fuck Pantera and the shitty community mindset they helped create.

-Self aware jank and things that are shitty on purpose. The reason why movies like The Room and bands like Exterminator are fun romps is because they had actual soul put into them, genuinely believing the trash they made is something above all else. Shit that's made shit on purpose and then proclaiming how the joke is that it's bad lel xd is just soulless trash. Great majority of parody bands have that issue.

-Also, self aware ultra cynical and nihilistic type of humor popularized by the likes of Rick and Morty. It was funny the first time for 5 minutes, it's not anymore nowadays when every modern comedy relies on this shit.

-As mentioned above, Germans with zero sense of humor or chill. Applies also to impatient/extremely entitled fucks that think they have any grounds to set rules.


-People that harm bugs for no reason. Also applies for other animals but bugs in particular because people that go ''omg I love animals!!'' often have zero qualms about squashing bugs. Fuck you.

-People who litter and leave trash around.

-Armchair generals and internet socio-political debaters and hot takers on twitter that haven't tasted fresh oxygen in years

-People who discovered a subculture yesterday and feel privileged enough to impose rules and egotrip on old fans and people who genuinely care about the thing. Related to twitter crowd, cut from the same crop.

-However, at the same time, people absolutely obsessed with conforming to made up rules of subculture. Shit like ''you may only put patches of bands you saw live on the vest'' or ''you are not allowed to use sewing machine on your kutte''. Smh my guy, chill.

-People who cannot say anything supportive but instead see everything as some form of competition they have to barge into and slam their cock on the table how they got it better or how what you have is shit. You got a new graphics card? Well guess what, it's SHIT because it's not XYZ and because it has 0.0001% chance of exploding. You achieved a personal best in gym? Guess what, that's NOTHING, this fucking guy does it INFINITELY more than you despite you never saw him in the gym, ever. Etc

-Stench of cooked cauliflower

no karate in pit's picture

k i forgot something that triggered me that popped up in my head

dumbasses making fun of vietnam vets and ww2 vets and all vets these dicks have no idea what they went through and just because he was in the vietnam war doesnt mean he cut off peoples ears and put them on necklaces some did others didnt so dont go around assuming stuff ahhhhhh and not every german in germany during the thirties supported hitler and not all german soldiers were evil

now im mad

no karate in pit's picture

i killed it oh godd i killed the forum

BloodFireDeath's picture

People who are chronically obsessed with this website and patch collecting

Greaserjlg's picture

1. I love me some pit karate at hardcore shows, but that's where it should stay. Crowd-killers deserve a elbow to the nose.
2. Drunk assholes who immediately spill beer all over the concrete floor of a venue, turning the mosh pit it into a slip and slide for the rest of the show. Go drink your shitty craft beer somewhere else in the crowd.
3. People who call other people posers for not naming 100 songs or obscure facts of the band's shirt they are wearing. Who cares?
(That being said, why would you advertise for a band you don't even like or listen to?)
4. Users who ask for offers and get offended when you don't have encyclopedic knowledge of the patch / shirt market or ask what price they were expecting to get. Name your price then, if you're going to get butt-hurt.
5. People who smash up / vandalize venues and act surprised when good bands don't get booked there anymore. Thanks a lot assholes.

That's the main ones.

bad_american1992's picture

Lol at #3.... I caught up with an old friend who I gave a Slayer shirt too (he was an XL and that was the only XL shirt I had at the time) after I spilled the beer bong all over his shirt at a party. I asked if he still had it and he said too many people would come up and press him about his favorite Slayer song and get upset when he said he didn't listen to metal.

MrCrispy13's picture

1) Religion.

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