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Thu, 07/07/2011 - 12:48

I just noticed something while taking a look all over the website posting a few shirts here and there, replying to some posts, checking out a few shirts reading the comments, and i thought to myself "what the fuck?" It seems this website is just full of guys! Are there any girls on here? I don't know maybe someone already posted up something similar? But yeah i can't tell if there are any girls here, shit i hope there are! I don't know, you guys know any girls who are here or are we here alone? Girls? If you're here make yourself present haha!

PhantomLord666's picture

I'm a girl!

sleazemetal's picture

ABE 1st one haha! Nice!! thanks for answering!!

DoctorDeath's picture

i was debating if i should make that a question in the profile page.. but.. i dont want the girls getting totally hassled by all the guys :P

sleazemetal's picture

ABE Yeah thats true guys might start bothering some of the girls i guess it's cool if it remains kind of anonymous haha

dana_goll's picture

check sometimes the ActionShots, so you will know them ;)

sleazemetal's picture

ABE Haha i didn't even know that was there! Thanks! Will check! Thanks for replying!

Tico Tyrant's picture

I LOVE WOMEN THEY ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! woahhh did I just shout that really loudly, sorry bout that...ahaha....ummmm anyways yep, there are a few women and girls here or there on t-shirt slayer, but I would agree at least currently there are mostly men and young guys.However, who knows, maybe some more metal/rock/punk loving females will discover this page! I'm sure as this site grows and expands it will only get better and better!

sleazemetal's picture

ABE Haha yes very loud and clear! Couldn't agree more with you! Thanks for replying hope this site keeps expanding like you said!

TheWitchburner's picture

I've been wondering..what's up with the ''ABE''? Haha

sleazemetal's picture

Hahaha you and many others my friend, it was some signature thing that i thought you needed to have so i never took it off. I finally took it off hahaha sorry for the confusion!

Mental-Vortex's picture

Well,I'm a girl.

sleazemetal's picture

ABE 2nd one! Still up till now i've just heard of two girls! But thanks for replying!!

dioDEATH's picture

"Girls if you're here make yourself present !" ahahaha I remember that's the line from GHI.

Tico Tyrant's picture

What's ABE? Am I the only one confused at that too haha!

dioDEATH's picture

Same here.. :P

sleazemetal's picture

It was some signature thing the website gave me haha i just noticed cause someone messaged me about it haha

mayhempunk666's picture

what has 1000 pairs of legs and one pair of breasts? An overkill show....ahahahahahahahaha not really funny unless you have seen get trashed

sleazemetal's picture

Haahahahahahahaha thats so fucking true and funny!!

mayhempunk666's picture

its way funnier if you see billy blitz say it in the interview, his east coast accent sells it lol

Grimslath's picture

Just watched that documentary after reading this post. really interesting! Got a lot more respect for some of the thrash bands I've neglected in the past. \m/

KRE8's picture

Female here. I'm pretty sure there's a lot more. Maybe we don't notice them because not a lot of them act 'girly'.

sleazemetal's picture

Thanks for posting! Yeah you're right on that haha

micHELLe's picture

I, am also a girl. Hahaha

sleazemetal's picture

Haha thanks for posting michelle! Its barely four of you guys i can see so far!!

thrashwolf666's picture

haha I'm a girl too

sleazemetal's picture

Awesome!! that makes 5 of you haha!!!

Maddolis's picture

You were on a metal site and asked yourself "what the fuck" when you saw it was mostly guys?
I'd love to live wherever you live buddy.

sleazemetal's picture

Ever heard of hollywood? Yeah theres a bunch metal chicks here...

Maddolis's picture

Hah yeah you guys have got everything in Hollywood huh, I'd expect the only city with a wider range of people would be Vegas.

mayhempunk666's picture

San Fransisco and NYC also

sleazemetal's picture

Yeah both those cities have a ridiculous amount of people haha but yeah here in hollywood there are ALOT of metal chicks.

Kanan's picture

It's so hard to find metal girls because most of the ones that claim to be metal just look like goth whores and are trying so hard. I'd rather get an open minded girlfriend and then get her into metal so she doesn't become a whore.

TerrorZone's picture

yeah, most metal chicks are fat goths who listen to metal because everybody is picking on them, haha

sleazemetal's picture

Yeah some of them look like fat goth chicks, but alot of them look like scene girls...ive seen a couple that "like" black metal yet they look like something you would see at a rave..just with a bathory back patch on their vest...

DoctorDeath's picture

yes... ive seen this waaaay too much, yuck!

sleazemetal's picture

Holy shit, the doc himself! Thanks for posting sir!

slavasatanas's picture

I'm a girl :)

sleazemetal's picture

Haha that makes six!!! Thank you for posting! (:

DonLittleDuck's picture

More than 5 years have passed since this question was asked, so I'm curious how many more of us registered here since then?

DoctorDeath's picture

a couple of thousand i think

Vectrex's picture

I need to wear your underpanties on my head to gain superpowers, girls! Hope this isn't a problem for you all. It's just to save the world so on.

atcha9901's picture

I'm a metal girl too!! 17 from USA, love 80's/90's black/death/thrash metal. I've been to a bunch of concerts, was in the first row at Slayer and Carcass and touched Bill Steer's hand! I own over 150 band tees, but I'm too lazy to post them all haha :)

DoctorDeath's picture

ahhh incredible!

atcha9901's picture

Metal is life, man :) My boyfriend is a self-proclaimed metalhead and I'm into more extreme music than he is!! Whole family thinks I'm absolutely batshit crazy, but I don't mind!

ThE_ED's picture

Traditionally there are a lot of guys in metal, less so nowadays but still... And the same goes for online communities like this (minus the new social channels, where women are more active) But it seems there are quite a few girls around, here. And I'm inciting my gf to listen more metal.. :P

StereoDeth's picture

I'm a girl and also a dwarf, but uncommonly tall.

Lizard's picture

Oh the nightmares....

DoctorDeath's picture

bearded girl!

necromantic's picture

Lady here :)

atcha9901's picture

I love your makeup and taste in music, sister :))

kereealazer's picture

There are.

Vectrex's picture

Do you count as lady if you're a transgender? I vote YES

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