Sorry for the downtime :( (22/nov/2018)

DoctorDeathThu, 22/11/2018 - 02:12

hey guys

bit of an accidental shambles, as the aussies say "if it aint broken dont fix it".. well.. I tried todo a massive update of the database backend and ended up having to restore from a backup, fortunately that backup was just a few minutes old :) so the site was down for about 3 hours... reallllly sorry

Unfortunately I managed to lose the 'last viewed' data and the 'forum activity' list, that data was not part of the SQL backup :( It's actually stored in a different system - I've taken measures to be sure that this is also totally backed up into the offline NAS system.. sorry all :(

anyway yeah, i'm just one guy.. remember - TSS is no big company, we're all here helping this website to survive, you supporters and even the regular guys who PM me with a bug report etc, you all keep the site running! sorry again.

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  • A great one
  • Agreed! And now there’s nothing really covering the back patch either
  • thanks
  • it's a great patch and signed more
  • clear and hard to get
  • Sick update! The cleared up upper back looks a lot better
  • Awesome, thank you very much for the advices. I'll give a listen to those albums !
  • This is one of the best black metal shirts ever, along with Opus Nocturne
  • Cool man, good to hear! Thanks!
  • Don’t know if I’d agree there, love that cover!
  • No worries! They’re sick, i don’t blame ya
  • The greatest of all!!!
  • Damn, wish I had a facebook, that thing is hot, do want! Cheers for posting!
  • Love this album..
  • Yeah I noticed the same thing I didn't have one so why not.
  • Awesome vest! Actually, i think i've got some inspiration from this vest for my next vest.

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