Sold my shirt to a guy for 30$... they quickly put it up on ebay for 150 Euros

Tue, 14/02/2017 - 02:45

As anyone had this happen to them before.... :/

I wont get into too much particulars but it involves a certain old Absu tee from 1994. I knew it was mine because I recognized the sellers name and also the shirt I had has a misprint where the artwork is off center to one side. Just to let you guys know. If you see that shirt. Keep in mind the artwork is printed wrong and also 150 Euros is not a good deal if I originally sold it for 30$ !!!

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  • Yeessss!!! :)
  • Damn this is sick as fuck!
  • $40 is kinda ridiculous but I'm still gonna buy. Wtf is being sold for $100???
  • Money
  • Awesome vest! and nice cats :)
  • They have some good songs here and there... mmm i think there is an album called nothing remains the same...
  • Sadly I had the chance to go there only once. Was a great festival!
  • ran out business. Thing is... they were too pricey for the food they sold.
  • fucking sick
  • Indeed!!!
  • agree. thanks for the flames.
  • Great catch. I do see similarities there.
  • indeed it actually seems like a modern version of the haywain...bosch had influenced a lot of bands like for example kre
  • Ughhh I need to find one of these soooo bad
  • they sell this online man
  • The best one


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