Sold my shirt to a guy for 30$... they quickly put it up on ebay for 150 Euros

Tue, 14/02/2017 - 02:45

As anyone had this happen to them before.... :/

I wont get into too much particulars but it involves a certain old Absu tee from 1994. I knew it was mine because I recognized the sellers name and also the shirt I had has a misprint where the artwork is off center to one side. Just to let you guys know. If you see that shirt. Keep in mind the artwork is printed wrong and also 150 Euros is not a good deal if I originally sold it for 30$ !!!

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Not just that; he's a metacunt with extra shithead!

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Damn greedy fucks, same with those guys buying limited stuff just to resell it for a ridiculous price...

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The "1 Copy per Customer" Rule is at least a good try to prevent that. Of course not completely, but it is a start.

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The rule stops resellers, but it also stops from being able to split the shipping cost with some friends :/

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but did it sell? people can ask whatever they like on ebay.. doesnt mean it will sell for that

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Indeed, that is another question.
And a truth i am painfully realizing at the moment aswell, haha

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Verkaufst du auf EBay?

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Nee, versuch grad meine Summoning Box bei Discogs loszuwerden!

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What is the problem here exactly? Because I don't see any? Basically in nutshell you are saying that you sold item for 30$ then someone else is now selling it for 150$ because he thinks he can flip it for much more than you did? I've seen old rusty car frames of dodge charger 1969 at sale for 20,000€ the one who's asking the price isn't stupid the one who pays for that much is.. so ya.. he could get 150$ from it or he might not if none buys.. tbh I wouldn't ever pay 150$ from a tshirt no matter how "vintage" - "authenticate" - "original" it is.. my max price for such old tshirt would be same 20-30$ doesn't matter.. if some idiot really wants or has that kind of money to pay for an item then go for it?

I'd rather use 150€ for computer parts that are much more useful than t-shirt that basically functions same as tshirt I can buy for 8€ which is just black lol.

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It would personally kind of piss me off if I sold a t-shirt to another supposedly metalhead and they just sell instantly at a ridiculous amount. At least enjoy it for awhile. I agree with you saying the person who pays that much just for a t-shirt is the idiot. I'm like you I won't pay but around $20-$40 MAX for a metal shirt!!! If it's $40, it better be long sleeve, 2-sided, & have stuff on the sleeves. I seen a t-shirt on a Buy/Sell/Trade Group selling a Slayer Diabolus in Musica Tour shirt for €2,123!!! He said Super Rare & will never find another one like it. I replied to his post asking if that was the REAL PRICE and he said "Yes, and it's FIRM"!!! So, I instantly posted right after his post with pictures of my same EXACT shirt and said RARE like this one?!? Then told him I paid $20 for it at the Show and would never sale it unless someone actually snatches it up for that amount and wants another. Then I still don't think I could sale someone a shirt for that much!!! It just wouldn't feel right to me. Guess I'm an old school metalhead where Metalheads help each other and it has nothing to do with making big money. But, if I had a shirt someone wanted and he had one I wanted more...I would do a trade but never ever try to get rich off a metal shirt!!! That just violates a True Metalheads code/rule. If I buy a shirt I will wear it until it rots off me or I get buried Six Feet Under...whatever comes 1st.

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sounds like sour grapes. money is only good for what it can buy, you obviously encountered an entrepreneur who doesnt have the same sentimentality about that shirt . by your logic nothing should ever appreciate in value beyond its original purchase cost. unfortunately that is a fanciful idea in the real world. this isnt meant to come across as a personal criticism , but my opinion of the deal.

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This man speaks the truth. The reason people pay ridiculous amounts of money for vintage metal shirts is almost purely out of sentimentality or to bolster their collection and resell. Shit, I suspect some people buy shirts just to post them on here and nothing else. I got outbid on an old Obituary World Demise tour shirt by a 19-year-old kid who wasn't even alive then let alone went to the gig. He simply had the $100 and I didn't at the time yet the shirt probably meant way more to me than it did to him. It's all part of the game.

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I sold a shirt to a guy on here who almost immediately resold it, I don't know how much for. But what annoyed me was that he messaged me some time later about buying something else and mentioned the first shirt like he still had it. Lad, I can see the trade history.

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Guillotines - best end to greedy bastards.

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I've had it happen to me too, Ive sold a big lot of shirts to someone and have them praise me for an awesome deal and awesome shirts in my feedback then see they're selling them off individually for themselves... as a metal fan you like to see your shit go to someone who will appreciate them but if they wanna turn around and try to make a few bucks on it, that's on them, can't hate on them for trying to earn some money for themselves...I'd be lying if I said I never did it myself, find some "vintage" shit for a good deal and see if I can't make a few extra bucks on it. Bills ain't gonna pay themselves!!!

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Hey man you win some you loss some. You should of sold it for more cash. And if you don't want to offer a high price just list it on Ebay yourself and allow people to bid on it.

I myself a couple months ago. Bought a CarCass longsleeve from someone on Ebay who sold it to someone for $30. My guess he didn't know the true value of the shirt. After several offers I convinced him to sell it to me after he sold it. We finally settle on an agreement of $170. I collect CarCass shirts so I was more than happy to pay that amount.

So sometimes it works both ways just saying :D

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I dont see any problems about selling stuff more a higher price.I mean you should think twice.

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It all comes down to the sentiments and attitudes portrayed in the initial transaction. Some people play the emotional card: 'can't pay the actual price for your shirt but I had it as a kid and would love to get it back'-tactics. If this is the case here, and I see someone flip my shirt after I gave him a good deal because I thought he would thoroughly enjoy it, I'd be pissed too. If I knew the shirt was worth more and I sold it to him anyway because it was convenient, no need to be pissed. And if I thought the shirt was worth 30 and it turns out to be a lot more, that's bad luck and still not a nice thing to do from the original buyer, but alas.

I see you all talking about economics and 'the market'. Luckily there's more to a collection than simple supply and demand laws. I've had people, even people I hadn't met before, offer me rare things for way below market value, because they'd rather see their material go to a home where it's appreciated, than to some dealer who will flip it. And I've given away rare stuff to friends. And I've received rare stuff from friends. If making money is the reason you're into all this, you have a different outlook on things than me.

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Was it that same dickhead from Greece who always does that? I forget his username but as long as no one buys it he'll be stuck holding the bag.

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You mean the guy who is selling tees from 2000+ for $100+?

On the topic though: If people are so stupid so as to pay $150 for a shirt that is worth max $40 then you can't really blame the seller. As I get older I realize the iq of people, especially young ones, is getting lower and lower with each generation...

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Thats indeed the guy; doesnt seem that hes selling any though, ive seen the exact same ones pop up for years. Apparently no one wants to pay 200 dollars for a Sons of Northern Darkness shirt with the sleeves missing, what a surprise.

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Id counter that statement. I if the IQs of the young metalheads are really sinking with each generation, im more inclined to blame tht on a metal scene that has become a lot more hyper-individualistic and with no mentors to take in new fans and show them the ropes. This might also be why the newer generations coming in are less like metalheads and more hipster... there is no scene that they want to be a part of. So they just listen to metal ironically or just for the sound and not the aesthetic. Or... they spend 150$ of their parents allowance on a rare item in hopes to somehow feel like they can be a part of a community of elites that immediately see them as worthless for their age and lack of experience.... a community of elites that has moved from the concert venue to a bunch of computers in various rooms across the world.

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So it goes... that is the world we live in. Free market. My hope is that no one would spend that on a t but to each their own? :/

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My $3.50 offer was declined

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Very funny :)

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Id like to say something to all the people here who are regularly talking about "hey its the free market! he was clever he made his money."

Would we want a situation where the metal scene is all about money and making money? By shrugging this off to the free market and praising the person who can make money, youre in a way giving the OK to people like Blake Judd or what happened to the labels Metal Blade and Roadrunner and the music they currently put out.

I dont see how a good scene can be fostered from the attitude that every person is on their own and the newbies are free to be preyed upon by the moneymakers. At one time there was a big tape trading culture, but that is now all gone because of economy and the flow of money into the metal scene.

Im not a fan of punk music. It does nothing for me and leaves me empty. Metal is a lot more imaginative and vibrant and a really spiritual experience to me. But I have to give a lot of respect for the punk scene because Ive seen a much much stronger sense of community, purity, and integrity. My friend buys a lot of punk stuff. He often has bands send him massive ammounts of free shit in addition to his album purchases. They show a great deal of enthusism for the people who like their music. And hes told me hes never once been ripped off or stolen from. Meanwhile as a metal fan ive been ripped, had my money stolen, lied too, and fucked with by so many sellers and distributors, even bands over the years I couldnt count them all. And there is this pervailing attitude that the scene is shit and full of posers etc.. everyone is pissed at each other.... I ask, maybe this would be why.

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The scene seems to be like that already from my perspective...

This person is an ass for selling something for how many times the price but it is his right to do so. He bought an item fairly and he decided to show the world how much of a greedy person he is. Some newbie might get sad or they will shrug it off and keep looking. Blake Judd deceived and robbed so many people, never followed through with delivering merch that people paid for. I think the comparison is a bit of a stretch... what this seller is doing is pure economics (and greed). It's nothing new.

Sorry about your experiences though. That's shitty.

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Business is business.

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