Sleep - Australian and NZ tour 2018

Thu, 14/12/2017 - 20:20

San Fran, Wellington - Monday, January 15
Galatos, Auckland - Tuesday, January 16 [SOLD OUT]


The Triffid, Brisbane - Thursday, January 18
Manning Bar, Sydney - Friday, January 19
Max Watt's, Melbourne - Saturday, January 20 [SOLD OUT]
Max Watt's, Melbourne - Sunday, January 21

will be good if you like stoner/doom style

Event date: 
Monday, January 15, 2018
Event Country: 
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Nater90's picture

Fuck yeah, Gonna try and get to the Sunday gig!

ajnin's picture

there is < 50 tickets left they are saying. not sure if its true, but I snapped one up just in case.

I am going to sus them out.. I think it will be a good. I have not really been to many stoner/doom shows.

ajnin's picture

show is cancelled

ajnin's picture

sleep posted the following on facebook. shows off!


We have learned today of allegations of sexual harassment and verbal and physical abuse by Dave Cutbush of Life is Noise. We cannot and will not tolerate this behavior with anyone. We cannot tolerate or work with those who are complicit in this behavior either. In light of this, and with utmost respect to those affected, it is with great regret that we must cancel our planned tour of New Zealand and Australia this coming January. We hope to arrange another tour with a new promoter or touring company, to be determined at a future date.

Stay safe and make your voices heard.


Nater90's picture

Wow that's fucked up....

DoctorDeath's picture

fuck... well, gotta stick to your guns and hold your standards i guess, damn!

ajnin's picture

yea and good on them for that.

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  • Got my glow-in-the-dark paint ready. It'll be like one of those fancy light show concerts. LOL
  • Sucks they broke up....amazing band, never got to see them. Fantastic shirt.
  • Go fourth and windmill!!!!
  • And here I was trying to figure-out what to do for my Sunday...
  • Hahaha, I was thinking on your cheeks, Never tried windmilling with your downstairs mix up to Cannibal Corpse in the bat
  • Chin balls, eh? Could you imagine what that would look like whilst head-banging?
  • Oh man that would be epic as hell to see Darkspace!!
  • Sure thing! I'm Hoping to hit a few concerts. I'm eyeballing the Maryland Death Fest.
  • Igor was so nice to me when I met him. Bet he was quite happy to meet you to ;)
  • Mission accomplished! \m/
  • Now here's one of their best designs!!!!!!!!
  • Not their best design, but still rate it \m/
  • Yeah I should pull my finger out and do the same...
  • Sweet. Excited to see them. I'm slowly uploading things. I've been pretty lazy about it.
  • Oh shit my sides hahaha, You're a fucking legend! Day = made.
  • Super-modest. Other modest people see me and are like "Holy Shit! I wish I was that modest." LOL :-D