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Slayer Mandatory Suicide "Hanging Boy" shirt

Tue, 05/01/2016 - 23:45

Would let this go pretty cheap if anyone wants to get at it:


Looking for about $400 as my eBay buyer flaked. It's what it sold for, but then they bailed out :(

Daniel Sodomaniac's picture

The ugliest shirt ever made, i offer you an empty bottle for it :) hahaha!!!!
But i hope you get a fortune for it, cheers man!

oldmate's picture

i'll give him a crushed can...

Nater90's picture

If I was to pay you $400 for that top I'd want the top and two of your finest goats, That's fucking mental.

videodisease's picture

You obviously know nothing about this shirt and what it's worth, please keep your uninformed comments to yourself.

oldmate's picture

You should kick back and relax cowboy.. Nater90 can have an opinion

Nater90's picture

I'm rather aware, I'm aware of many t shirts being rare.

I just think for shirt it's crazy.

Hell, I'm a massive Mayhem & Morbid fan, If I saw a t shirt signed by Dead and Euronymous and pictures of them and all that and someone said $400, I'd reply the same. I just think it's complete and utter shite for a fucking shirt.

Like Ajnin said I can have my own opinion which I'm allowed to post and speak.

Nater90's picture

I reckon it's bullshit.

But that's just my opinion.

Nater90's picture

Indeed, I reckon it's fucking stupid (No offense to people here that have done that) I just do not see the point.

I just don't see the point in paying a fuck ton of money for a shirt that will never get worn.

I buy shirts to wear, Not to gather dust.

Nater90's picture

Isn't perspective one bit, It's just opinion.

I get that people buy stuff and re-sell to make money, I deal with it for my job!

By all means $200-$400 is fuck all, But like I mentioned I buy shirts to wear, For that sort of money I'd rather buy every shirt from a concert I've been to and have several shirts to wear.

Just my opinion for one shirt like I mentioned is fucking stupid, At the end of the day we can post to and fro but we'll never agree because we're human beings that believe in various reasons of things.

I love Slayer and I'd own this, But wouldn't pay anymore then $50, I understand the rarity, the signatures but to me it's just a shirt.

He might find someone willing to pay that much, Kudos to him for that, It just won't be me.

Nater90's picture

True haha, If I was a millionaire I'd just get Slayer to play at my house!

Thanks mate.

Beer.Browser's picture

Haha it’s worth 2-3k+ now.

Buying for 400 would have been a great investment

judascrust's picture

$400 isn't what I call "pretty cheap" but for your sake I hope you find some sucker willing to fork over that kind of money for it!

videodisease's picture

Considering that it's sold for $600-800 in the past I don't think it's a bad deal....

oldmate's picture

ill give you 50 bucks Australian and you ship it for free

Nater90's picture

Hahaha, True.

I'd pay $50 also, I'd pay $10 postage though ;)

punani's picture

just curious:
where was it sold for 600-800?
i never saw that shirt goes for more then 200-300.
just a nice advice and opinion.
no offence ;)

wolfskrieger's picture

$400? nice shirt, but there is no way I would ever pay that for any item of clothing or a cd, tape or vinyl.

Morbid_Welshman's picture

Granted the signatures would increase the value, but 400 is on the steep side. Out of curiosity, have you owned it from new?

nwobhmbanger's picture

What a bullshit price. I'll just hit up a bootlegger.

Turkey-man's picture

Damn... I sell some vintage t-shirts for their real prices but this... What's the story about this hanging boy anyway?

Heinz's picture

It is cool and rare, though I've had some of the more rare and most desirable BM longsleeves pass thru my collection and I don't think I've spent over $150 shipped on any one piece...

Heinz's picture

I know; that's just me with my own limited experience in the market. The market bears what it bears, absolutely. Ten or so years back I was amazed myself---I'd put up an old longsleeve skateboarding brand shirt I'd bought new back in like 1985. It was a Santa Cruz Keith Meek "Slasher" graphic. Only put it up because it didn't fit, otherwise I'd probably still have the thing because I was quite fond of it. Anyhow... It was 15 bucks back in the day, and it went to a collector in Japan for $175 when the dust settled. Had no idea!

So yeah... You never know!

wolfskrieger's picture

It's all about finding the buyer who wants it added to their collection. Just like when you put up something at an auction and people bid on a certain item, they might get the asking price, they might get more, they might get less, or they might never sell it.

videodisease's picture

Sold. Fuck y'all.

Stathis's picture


Daniel Sodomaniac's picture

Haha what a fuck :)!

BeefCakeAssThrash's picture

good on you, man! hope it gets a good home, no matter what price you sold it for.

MasterDeath's picture

Hahahaha nice

wolfskrieger's picture

LOL. I am not the one who spend $400 for it.

SLAYER's picture

As the previous owner of this shirt and the person who got it signed i can verify signatures are authenthic .
was my time to let it go . in good condition with signatures id agree should be worth big money . very rare item .

SeanScoil's picture

why is this Slayers rarest shirt? what about the reign in blood 86 87 with the upside cross, chopped arm and beast reaper? u dont see hardly any of these around

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