A Sinister Purpose II

Mon, 09/07/2018 - 18:46


A Sinister Purpose Festival 2019

“…did you see the last war? Well, here I am again…”

Into Endless Chaos Records & Völuspa Booking are calling you for a second time to burn away the goodness! The nights of February 8th and 9th 2019 will be set on fire by some of the most terrifying and relentless bands of the international music scene. Again we will focus on acts that are deeply rooted in the morbid habits of extreme and dark music, but yet are not afraid to expand existing boundaries and therefore explore new levels of rapture.

Those of you, who have been at the first edition, will be delighted to read that the festival will take place in UT Connewitz again. Those who haven’t had the possibility to join us in 2018 will realize that no other venue could fit better to the obscure performances that lie ahead of us, than this well aged movie theatre and its unique atmosphere.

As usual the splendid after show parties will take place at Zwille right across the street of UT Connewitz.

Come and let the roots of the earth shake again with us!

Infos about pre sale and more bands will follow.

Negative Plane
Evil Spirit
13th Moon

+ 5 more Bands

Event date: 
Friday, February 8, 2019
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Recent Comments

  • Vom Thumbnail sah es so aus, als ob "EMO" auf der Kappe stünde ;)
  • Komplett! Gerade von Execution Guaranteed hörste so gut wie nix.
  • No!Eventhrough having their later records in my collection.It's a band with a rumerous past,and worked among best B
  • Schickes Teil Finde sowieso Reign of Fear und Execution Guaranteed kritisch unterbewertet.
  • Yeah I'm more into 80s stuff but there is badass 90s shit too!
  • You are right , i just love the 80s and 90s ,they made the best music ever, personal opinion.
  • Genial,hab beide Plus die völkisch orthodox auf lp
  • And the cover art is so 90s but totally awesome, haha!
  • Well, thnx, mate. I really like the sound of that E.P.
  • I bought recently a Rage t-shirt with Trapped album, another great album from this band.
  • Sure will have a look next time I visit those shops. Maybe something is there. I did see some Cannibal Corpse there.
  • I've seen some great TON shirts from 00's, like The Rehab Four shirt, so if you something, just hit me up. Th
  • They are for sure! Thanks!
  • Awesome ,indeed, really great band !
  • Yeah its getting hard to read o my phone. I see line for every word. My computer at work blocks tshirtslayer.
  • ha thats good. the shirt is good quality. I did see the reviews. Those guys got screwed big time.
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