A Sinister Purpose Festival

Thu, 19/10/2017 - 15:56

„When the sky is gray and the moon is hate I'll be down to get you. Roots of earth will shake.”

Into Endless Chaos Records & Völuspa Bookings present: A Sinsister Purpose Festival

Before winter releases us from its cold barren hands into the light that the equinox will bring,
Völuspa Booking and Into Endless Chaos Records will set the nights of February the 9th and 10th on fire to lighten our paths.

The aim of this gathering is to assemble likeminded artists and enthusiasts who are deeply rooted in the morbid habits of extreme and dark music,
but yet are not afraid to expand existing boundaries and therefore explore new levels of rapture.
Hence some of the fiercest and most sinister acts who rumble in the darkest parts of the current European music scene will be unleashed upon you.

The festival will take place in UT Connewitz which is located in the south of Leipzig.
Being one of the oldest movie theatres in Germany which opened its doors in 1912, there couldn’t be a better venue to host these two nights of utter blackness.
The unique and obscure atmosphere of the aged cinema in combination with the haunted performances of the artists will create a macabre ambience to be without equal.

Bands confirmed:

VENENUM // https://venenum.bandcamp.com/music
ORAE // https://oraearo.bandcamp.com/releases
WERIAN // https://werian.bandcamp.com
ABYSSOUS // https://ironboneheadproductions.bandcamp.com/album/abyssous-smouldering
EVIL WARRIORS // https://evilwarriors.bandcamp.com
PURGATORY // http://www.purgatory666.de
GOATH // https://goath.bandcamp.com
I I // https://iievoke.bandcamp.com/releases
SLÆGT // https://slaegt.bandcamp.com
MALOKARPATAN // https://malokarpatan.bandcamp.com
DEGIAL // https://degial.bandcamp.com
MAGGOT HEART // https://maggotheart.bandcamp.com

Tickets will be limited to 400. 300 will be sold through Okticket.de. Find the direct link below.
For all Leipzig people: you can get your ticket at Zwille, Wolfgang-Heinze-Straße 45, 04277 Leipzig.
The ticket price will be 46 €, you can only get weekend tickets in presale.


Running Order:
Friday 09.02.2018
17.15 Doors
18.00- 18.30 Maggot Heart
18.50- 19.20 Orae
19.40- 20.15 II
20.40- 21.15 Purgatory
21.40- 22.30 Venenum
22.50- 23.35 Slaegt

Saturday 10.02.2018
17.15 Doors
18.00 – 18.30 Werian
18.50 – 19.20 Goath
19.40 – 20.15 Abyssous
20.35 – 21.15 Evil Warriors
21.35 – 22.25 Degial
22.45 – 23.30 Malokarpatan

Warm Up Show at Zwille (right across the street from UT Connewitz) with Orae's Paul Werling, on Thursday 8th of February.
Both days Aftershow Party at Zwille, starting at 12pm. Cold Drinks and DJing until the sun rises.. ;)

Into Endless Chaos!

Event date: 
Friday, February 9, 2018
Event Country: 
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