For the Simpson fans, the worlds only 'Nedal band'

Tue, 13/06/2017 - 15:38

Okily Dokily, a band completely based around Ned Flanders.

Find em funny but personally I do not like their sound...
Still funny concept though


Der Todesking


Corvus Corax

They make me think of Devo, for whatever reason. Ha ha.


When they first started my mate played them on our radio show, Pretty funny.

Would be a band to see live at least once.


This is a stupid meme band.


I guess this kind of band serve a purpose as conversational piece and a cheap laugh. But who actually listens to them for more than a few seconds just to laugh at the stupidity of it. And more importantly, who actually find it endearing to drag the same joke trough the dirt in absurdum by playing in these kind of bands?
A joke is funny once, after that it just becomes annoying.

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  • Killer !!!!!!!!! I have the short sleeve. Never seen the long sleeve before.
  • Awesome bootleg!
  • Thanks mate! It's one of my favourite albums, shame about the fit.
  • Artwork is awesome.
  • Remember going to that concert.
  • Killer shirt, I have five versions of this shirt all of them original but Im missing this one, looks really nice
  • Great shirt for a great album!
  • This shirt is greeeeeat, I have it too /,,/
  • Archgoat BP, Benediction patch, Megaslaughter, Venom GONE!
  • Really cool
  • This is awesome. Are you you don't want to sell this one? Haha
  • Very nice find mate.
  • One can work up a sweat shoveling snow.
  • That's a really nice vest
  • Thanks DoctorDeath - they were amazing live!!
  • Killer, saw them recently in Brisbane.....


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