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Shipping help from Germany to Portugal

Wed, 03/08/2022 - 19:59


So I've been looking for the green tribal S Slipknot patch for a while and to my surprise I just found it on Ebay. The problem here is that the seller only ships to Germany, so I'm looking for someone that could send it to me. I'm from Portugal so I think the shipping won't be very high.

If someone could help me I would be very thankful, this patch would look awesome in my battlevest. :)

slayerslayer's picture

did you try to contact the seller? surely its not that difficult for all involved

dinosaurs_can_fly's picture

Hi, no I didn't because the seller has a note that he only specifically ship to Germany, and also because I'm tired of contacting sellers who aren't willing to make a small effort of shipping out for a number of weird reasons... :/

slayerslayer's picture

SO, i decided to message the seller myself to ask if they will post to Portugal , and they replied within 12 hrs .
"New message from: simeis147 (6,651GREEN_STAR Star)

yes it´s possible. The tracked shipping charge would come on 7,00 €.

best regards. "

hopeiw's picture

ahhhhhhh... god

dinosaurs_can_fly's picture

Oh, thank you! :) I'll message the seller then and buy from them. I didn't message them because this is like the 15th time I find something that can't be shipped here and all the sellers I asked said it was't possible, so I kinda lost hope in asking ahahah. But thank you!

MrMunster's picture

Have you a link from it? Cheers

dinosaurs_can_fly's picture

Sure, here it is. The seller is selling a lot of patches, you need to select the patch in the box - (Slipknot - Green)

Odradek's picture

If you still need help with the order you can send me a message!

dinosaurs_can_fly's picture

MrMunster already offered his help, but thank you anyways! :)

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