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Sat, 24/08/2013 - 13:12

Started gathering my patches together and been looking at placement a lot more but been having thoughts.

Do people prefer to have the colour of the thread showing or do they try and hide it as best they can? I'm torn with the idea of using purple/red/white thread with black and white patches so that the thread sticks out. Also do people double the thread to make it appear thicker?

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i do use double thread and if the border arent black i use a similar color for the thread, when im ready i flame the end of the thread with a lighter and press the flamed thread against the denim with my finger

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use a leather needle and thread suited for that, it will make sewing ten times easier !

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i am actualy guilty of using dentalfloss... i like the white stitches, it is strong and it sews a lot easier than normal sewing thread. but it is more expencive too.
i've also used normal black sewing thread sometimes, but when i do that i double thread, feels more secure that way.
the colour of the thread you want to use really depends on your own tastes.

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i do the same as Speed or Bleed. i dont like the look that it gives to see the thread over the patch in other color, in some way it ruins the patch. fashion before death.

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Same here.
And I'm known for hating white thread on black borders. :D

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those are the worst. nuke 'em!

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hahahahahhaha +1

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I like to use white thread on black patches from time to time, gives a more messy look! Ofcourse your whole vest needs to look messy (buttons, studs, placement of patches, dirt,...) otherwise don't imo.
You see here it looks good (also on blue denim)
Here it wouldn't

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double thread , and black only.

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Cheers guys!

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I just use single thread, and then reaching the end of the border, i tie a strong knot on the outside, or inside

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I use either embroidery floss, or dental floss when I want it too be seen and I use normal thread the same color as the patch when I don't. I like to mix it up and just kinda go with what ever feels right for the patch at the time..

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Normal thread. Try to match the border.

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I use regular black thread. Single.
The problem with using thread colored differently from the patch is that you've gotta make sure it's done right (not necessarily neatly, depends on what you're shooting for) otherwise it looks horrible.
I think using purple/red thread on a punk vest for instance will look GREAT if it's done right.
Black thread is the safe route really. If I could sew well I'd try different colored thread on my denim.

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I´m using star thread in same color like the border if I sew with hands
but normally I use my sewing machine

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I use whatever same colour thread I have. Whatever is close to the patch.
My pet peeve is large stitches.
My stitches are INCREDIBLY small and neat.

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No thread here. Just super-glue and done.

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das teil heisst Aufnäher und nicht Aufkleber - und Superkleber ist absolutes Gift für Patches, zum einen kriegt man sie nicht rückstandsfrei von der Kutte wieder ab sondern macht es auch unmöglich, ihn mal wirklich aufnähen zu wollen

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...I wasn't serious.

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ask her! she does an amazing job with leather jackets (ask her on fb i guess)

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White thread over black patches looks good on a CRUST jacket, but is has to remain consistent, right? I wouldn't know...I match the thread to all my patches. I like the way it looks. But I have been told, by dudes with better jackets than mine, that WHITE THREAD is the only way to go! So, really, it is a matter of personal taste. Just do what you like, stay consistent, and it will look great I am sure. Cheers

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Forget thread I use fishing line.

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Braided? Monofilament? What Lb test? I got some Berkely Trilene 4 pound test I use on my crappie/bluegill/smallmouth river rig. Some Spiderwire I use in the bay, but I hain't been wade-fishing in a coupla years. Love to hang a fat burgundy-border Immolation "dawn" with that shit. ;P

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Fishing line is best

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I use double thread, doesn't really matter what color i use as long as i have the patches on my jacket. :)

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Cotton thread = Useless; breaks easily & rots.
Polyester thread = Good; lots of colors & easy to find.
Elastic thread = Somewhat weak but has it's uses; best for tight pants and pockets.
Nylon thread = Strongest; patch will generally rip before the thread, "upholstery thread".

T45 Nylon thread is a good size for general patch use, upholstery thread.
T70 Is good if you want the thread to stand out, needs special large needles for machines.
T110 VERY thick thread, like cord, hand sew only, perfect for leather patches.

Yes doubling up thin thread is good idea.
Mix the colors up, not everything has to be monochrome.
Fishing line is not recommended unless you want that crusty look.
When laying-out, use "binder clips" to hold patches near edges, sewing pins elsewhere.

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I've been thinking myself to try leather thread for fixing pants. I've been mostly using dental floss and bear cotton thread which is really strong it won't rip. Never heard or seen anyone actually using fishing line tho..

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A lot of us in the 80s used whatever color, you would see different color whipstitching on patches from time to time I have a couple on my old jacket especially my back patches. Looks kinda badass IMHO

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Damn good look if you ask me, i'm a whore for neon colored whipstiches.

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Neon!! That would be kool!!! I have red stitches and some white I just used what was around then my aunt helped a lot too. Whip stitching preserves the edges better on patches especially if your gettin your ass thrown around a fuckin most pit.

SmirG3l's picture


I had idea to try this. Use it to sew patches to leather vest and add studs..

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Whhoooaa ! Now that's some strong shit. If my memory serves me correct I think I used my Moms embroidery thread that's pretty fuckin tough stuff too. Now if it was an iron on, I would iron it in place but still sewed the little bastards on. They still would get ripped off if I didnt some of those concerts I went to you would be packed in like cattle and every fuckin button and patch that wasn't sewn down was freakin gone!

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I got the idea from Vikings series I instantly thought man that thread looks awesome :D

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You too? My favorite show. HAIL RAGNAR!

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Yeah neon green is rad, used it on my new jacket for Vektor logo; too bad the colors on this photo are washed out.

I usually do normal straight stitches all around first, then add the whip-stitches after for a more stable base. When I don't want obvious stitching i'll do a hand stitching thats 2 x straight stitches then 1 x whip-stitch, rinse and repeat until complete.

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I use thread in the same colour asthe patch border. I sew per hand, back/lockstitch.

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Does making a jacket really require this much damn peer evaluation? Do what you think looks good and represents you, the individual. That's all that matters.

If you really want my opinion, though, I feel that using dental floss and jagged, exposed stitching looks really forced. It just screams "slumming" to me when anyone who doesn't live in a literal shantytown, or doesn't travel around the country in a grainer (loads of them are trustafarians who eventually give up their Kerouac-wannane lifestyles, so who wants to be like them anyway?!), tries to pass that "Mad Max" look off. So I generally avoid it.

I can feel proud of myself for hand-sewing all my shit neatly and discreetly without needing to broadcast it to everyone via loud, gaudy "punk stitching" so they know how "trupunx" and "DIY" I totally am, apart from the fact that 90% of my patches were bought online (just like so many of the screen printed patches that weekend warrior crusties like to cover themselves in from head-to-toe! I bet the ink/textiles came from sweatshops, too!).

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[edit]From what I can tell the intent behind having a place to discuss this stuff is to actually discuss it.

If you know how to do things or are happy with what you can do, then kudos to you. But sometimes it's nice to share so others can learn something from the collective knowledge learned overtime. We're sharing the knowledge so everyone has the ability to be who they want by learning to do so; weather it's that crusty trustfund kid or the middle-aged metalhead who wants to try something different. As long as everyone is enjoying what they're listening to it really doesn't matter.

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Nicely put Korpi.

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I use upholstery thraad for thick more apparent stitches, dental floss as well. But it really depends on the patch.

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I use an assortment of thread, depending on the patch and material. That also goes for the type of patch. I like back-stitching for canvas type patches, for example.

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I use black thread on black patches.Use a sewing machine in the first place.This will stick better unto the jacket.

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