Sears Selling Legion Norge Boots


It's not sold by Sears, it's sold through Sears' marketplace by Rockibilia, which would make sense.


Your right man, it would have truly been strange if they were selling them directly. Though I bet their PR team wouldn't be too thrilled if they saw it on their site. Cheers


Boots ? dont you mean , shirts ? Mayhem shirts!


Sorry that I typed it out kind of confusing mate, I got just wrote out boots as shorthand for bootlegs. Cheers

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  • Killer. Need to track one of these down.
  • The front is the Nidarosdomen in Trondheim/Norway. And Dead was born in Sweden, not in the Netherlands....
  • If I'm not mistaken this tour was 1992. Great shirt!
  • Thanks man!
  • So beautiful! Can't wait to get mine.
  • Amazing band!!
  • Would be interested, but I'm a bit low on cash, & I'm sure you're asking quite a good price for it!
  • Overkill is GONE !
  • Nice, gonna check em out!! Thanx!
  • Thanks man. I am selling this. Send me your offer if you want
  • Thanx very much mate!
  • Similar vein as ASF.
  • Yeah man.
  • yeah very awesome, do you know if there is a physical copy of their split? and if so, where to get it?
  • Never heard about these, sorry... I got into ASF through one of my ex gf's. Seen em live somewhen in the 1990s.
  • Damn good album!

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