Sea of Black Festival VI 2018

Mon, 30/07/2018 - 17:20


16:00 - Mass Cremation
16:45 - Hellrider
17:30 - Menstrual Cocktail
18:15 - The Royal
19:00 - Scolos
19:45 - Brond
20:30 - Bleak Revelation
21:15 - Of Virtue
22:00 - Master

City: Бургас (Burgas); Летен Театър (Summer Theatre)
Music Style: Death Metal


Free entrance!

Event date: 
Saturday, August 4, 2018
Event Country: 
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  • This is a great, classic and awesome longsleeve!
  • Thanks my friend!
  • Good stuff
  • oaklanda 1st attakk!
  • Love the color scheme. And I really love that vertical SODOM patch.
  • i like these boys faces...i have to wear gas mask so that people dont get scared
  • This shirt is ugly hahahahah There someone had to say it
  • Definitely! Both Are great. I got into katatonia with this album. It was hard to find it in mexico.
  • Legend. Nice pics mate.
  • Most welcome :) I would have to go with....Both haha, love the album, however I do prefer the back print of this one.
  • Very nice album!
  • or meeting her parents! works everytime!
  • Oh i meant Jesus Christ...thinking about Navas and Sevilla boys too much...yoy catch my drift...
  • it was probably stolen...its a walking porn mag!
  • I might strech it a little bit... but yeah... its not a bad idea. Perfect shirt to wear on a wedding
  • we, satanists, don't care which hole to use.
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