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Scammer Member- Brutal Assault - Henning

Sat, 25/03/2023 - 20:36

Does anybody have any bad experience with Brutal Assault?

I did a trade for his Dismember sweatshirt and got a weird tracking number consisting of numbers only (don’t think either DHL or Deutsche Post has that).

Dude hasn’t responded to any of my questions concerning the tracking since he sent that to me earlier this month

Buddy of mine apparently enquired about the same object a day after and was told the price this dude had in mind (typical too-good-to-be-true price).

I think I’m fkcd, but since this dude has been a member for over 6 years and has some other shit on his profile besides the sweater, it didn’t strike me as fishy….

doctordeath's picture

I've made sure those links are saved to web archive for future generations

no karate in pit's picture

he broke the oath now off with his head

doctordeath's picture

If you get your act together quick enough, I can give you the IP logs that he submitted the private message to you, in which in that private message he formed a contract between himself and yourself, this may be enough legal grounds to claim compensation or prove fraud, as according to his IP address (and subpoenaed IP logs from his provider), this would form a contract between both parties

(yes i hope you read this)

Robin_lifts's picture

Thanks I would appreciate that.

Brutal Assault's picture

Herr is the Tracking Number. Im Not a scammer

doctordeath's picture

hello... frank

Brutal Assault's picture

Look at the Tracking Number. I Send Robin the Sweater today. No rip off and scamming.

Robin_lifts's picture

You did scam me. You sent me a fake tracking of a parcel shipped within Germany, while I’m living in the Netherlands. When I confronted you with that, you called me “a piece of shit”. You never shipped out the Dismember sweater. It’s an attempt at fraud, which I think everyone on TSS will agree with. You only returned my sweater when I told you I would inform the police, which I certainly would have done, because people like you need to be stopped.

Now I got back my sweater, but it smells horrible. If I were you, I wouldn’t only quit smoking, but I’d also try to live an honorable life, without ripping people with good intentions off.

MortalFate's picture

As proven, criminals don't change often.

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