Rostock - Are there metalheads out there?

Fri, 29/12/2017 - 15:09

Ladies and gentleman, since this post is meant mostly for the inhabitants of northern Germany I will take the freedom to write parts in german (hope this is ok, short translated summary below).

Also liebe Nordlichter, ich muss (aus beruflichen Gründen) das gelobte Land (den Ruhrpott) velassen und nach Rostock ziehen. So ungern ich hier auch weg gehe würde ich trotzdem gerne das beste daraus machen. Also suche ich alles was mit Metal zu tun hat, Treffen, Kneipen, Musikclubs, Event-Tipps und wasauchimmer den Metaller glücklich machen könnte. Alle Tipps sind willkommen und falls jemand aus der Ecke kommt schonmal vorsorglich Prost, womöglich riecht man sich ja mal ;)

I have to leave my hometown and move to the city of Rostock, therefore I'm searching for contacts (fellow metalheads) but also tips for pubs / venues / events whatever. All hints appreciated, cheers

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  • If you would care to sell or trade this please DM me
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  • Sick sicksix
  • Used to have the longsleeve 20 years ago which the back print is completely different, ibwas looking years to find this
  • well sounds pretty good. I couldn't tell the lyrics though. I can almost never tell when there are growling vocals.
  • Unholy fuck what a shirt! 5 mandatory flames
  • Nice vest!
  • I can do 8incl for the amon amarth
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