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Ripped vintage shirt

Wed, 04/05/2022 - 18:20

Hey all, i was going through my stuff and i pulled out a vintage anthrax we are the law shirt from 1987, the shirt was thin to begin with but i’ve worn it a alot and no problems, until today. Long story short my friend ripped a giant hole on the top left of the shirt. I ask simply if anyone has a replacement. I can fit into a small so size isn’t a problem, but i hope someone out there is willing to help me get a replacement for mine. It’s one of my favorite designs & it would really suck not to have one i can wear. I will add photos later of what happened but it’s at a point where sewing it isn’t an option.

As for a replacement like i said i can fit in a small so size isn’t a problem, i’d prefer it not to be faded, but i’ll take anything i can wear again. I’m open to trading or buying, aslong as you aren’t charging like 300…

UPDATE - Added pictures of the hole

Update 2 - I got a replacment, not the same shirt but i think it’s a lot cooler. I’m still searching for a proper sheild one, but this will do :)


morke's picture

I wish you the best of Luck.

dutch's picture

thanks, i hope i find something suitable soon

Schizo's picture

Dude no way if my friend did that I’d punch them best of luck finding one man.

dutch's picture

it was an accident i’m not that mad. Mainly mad at the fact i have to find a new one, and it’s not gonna be cheap

Schizo's picture

I found one for 200 on eBay it’s a size L though

dutch's picture

i refuse to pay more than 100 for a shirt. it’s a shirt. thanks tho :)

Schizo's picture

understandable. anytime man I'll do my best to find another one

bad_american1992's picture

Damn I've seen some gaping holes in my life but this one takes the cake. I'd take it to a tailor and see what they can do with it, probably going to need a patch or some backing behind the rip that they can re-stich the shreds to for support.

dutch's picture

yea it ripped pretty terribly. My friend said she’d try and fix it with needles and cloth patches, and if that dosent work, then i’ll just frame it. It won’t be wearable even if someone fixes it i fear. I already found a similarly priced anthrax shirt, so i might buy that as a replacement

RnReiner's picture

There are some special iron-on cloth patches for trousers, so why don't you try that? They effectively work as a backing to the ripped parts of your shirt. In a second step you could sew over the outlines of the torn front and it should work!

dutch's picture

thats a good idea actually, i’ll try that. thank you

RnReiner's picture

You're welcome!

MortalFate's picture

I got shot point blank with a bb gun in the hood years ago and the kid ruined my shirt. Tried that iron on stuff to fix the bb holes in my button up shirt and it didn't work well, at all!

dutch's picture

That sucks, hopefully i’ll be able to fix it, if not i’ll just frame it.

doomtilldeath's picture

There is a reprint of that shield design with a blank back if you arent too picky

dutch's picture

normally i’m not, but i feel as if the back is what makes this shirt one of my favorites. i might buy that one as an actually replacment for the ripped one.

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