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R.I.P. Trevor Strnad singer of The Black Dahlia Murder - Age 41

Samppa666's picture

Im still in shock and disbelief.
TBDM was a huge thing for me in my teenage years so this hits hard.

bad_american1992's picture

That is super sad.... it sounds like everyone that knew him personally said he was a great an amazing guy. He'll definitely be missed by many for his music and for who he was. RIP

TornApart's picture


Thane's picture

RIP Trevor...You will be missed. 🤘🏻

BroodOfHatred's picture

The official TBDM band logo was created by brutal death metal artist Jon Zig (Deeds of Flesh, Disgorge, Disavowed, Pyaemia) long live Trevor for his non stop endurance & energy within the metal scene!

BroodOfHatred's picture

What is everyone’s favorite Trevor moment or TBDM song? Favorite moment was when they put a smiley face within the metal scene in 2005 with the Hawaiian shirts and beach party themed tour, and the songs Statutory Ape, & closing song Miasma.

19Philthy16's picture

I'm remember my first encounter with them was the music video of "funeral thirst", I must have been like 13 at that time when it came out. Looking back that this was their first record I'm still impressed of their death metal craftsmanship right from the start! Funny thing is I wasn't really aware of it but since then I would always compare vocalist to Trevor's performance and how easily it seemed he could switch between deep growls and almost black metal screams!

Most special TBDM song for me will always be abysmal. If it wasn't that fucking heavy I'd almost considered it to be a ballad because of these beautiful melodies. And it stands out even more because I never considered them to be a melodic death metal band.

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