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rip lemmy,rip cliff burton,rip ronnie,rip randy rhoades,rip dimebag and vinnie

AbysmalWind's picture

You know, long time ago (roughly 10 years or so) we had a guy here to whom we usually referred to as "whichesisaword". It's a pity he got banned, you two were destined to team up.

VoodooChild's picture

I remember him. It would've been a great team yes. Then again. Maybe whiches is 10 years more mature. If I compare my comments from 10 years ago to now it's a whole world of difference.

FarFarNorth's picture

Chris Columbus of Manowar. Every time I hear those tracks I keep being amazed by the unmistakeable signature of his pounding drum sound. I miss hearing that on their more recent recordings.

It feels weird to use words like "remembering", "departed", etc, because his presence is so visceral, so fully there still. Live on, warbrother.

no karate in pit's picture

rip but i think your thinking of scott columbus

FarFarNorth's picture

I was drunk when writing that and it so fucking shows:)

no karate in pit's picture

its cool man. at least ten people have responded to me while stoned or drunk

Morbid_pizza_eater53's picture

Sometimes I think, that No karate in pit user is AI, or something like that, which is learned to write basic rock statements here)

no karate in pit's picture

bruh this is a tribute forum not a rip on no karate in the pit and that name is dumb i chose it when i was stupid and believed that thrash was the only metal, if i could pick a new name it would be either BIG DICK RICK or FORTUNATE SON OR MAYBE CLIFF EM ALLL..... or even idk just not no karate in the pit

BerachMalina96's picture

nah he's just a 12yo Jhofffilms fan but hey, we all started somewhere

no karate in pit's picture

16, but yeah way back then i was a huge believer in thrash or be thrashed now its more laid back these days

BerachMalina96's picture

Just do what makes you happy my guy

no karate in pit's picture

stuff was deleted mmmwwwwwaaaaa haha its a mad house

An Overdose Of Mkultra's picture

Steve Grimmett

Darklord's picture

The list of the living might be shorter...

no karate in pit's picture

too short

MrCrispy13's picture

'Fast' Eddie Clarke 2018
Timi 'Grabber' Hansen of Mercyful Fate 2019
Fredrik Johansson of Dark Tranquility 2022

Malcolm Dome from Kerrang who coined the term 'Thrash Metal' and put Mercyful Fate on the map, deserves a shout out. He passed 2021

Antonio's picture

Agree, respect to Malcolm Dome, he was, and still is, a great rock journalist

no karate in pit's picture

rip those dudes ill get there pics up soon

Lloyd H's picture

Complete the classic Motorhead line up with the addition of the late and great Phil 'Philthy Animal' Taylor (1954-2015)

no karate in pit's picture

rip motorhead

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  • are you selling this/know where I can get a copy?
  • Didn't know how to spell that band until a few minutes ago, but you're right - the colours look very much alik
  • Thanks buddyt! For sure it's hot and spicy,but can you believe I have something even hotter and spicier? πŸ”₯😈πŸ”₯
  • very nice!
  • Wow, I have never seen anything like that before in my life.
  • πŸ”₯😎🀘🏻
  • Love the colors on this! Reminds me of Sanguisugabogg's Tortured Whole patch.
  • Bravo !
  • That is one hot spicy backpatch my guy!
  • The front just needs 3 more patches to be sewn on. Then it's ready for action.
  • Der Grave Desecrator ist Killer! Insgesamt simpel, aber Hammer layout.
  • Thanks mate! It's a love piece but I hope to part with it in exchange for some other hot merch 🀘😁🀘
  • What a great find Jeff, congrats!!!
  • Thank you mate
  • i love how the zippers look here, absolutely dream jacket!