R.I.P. Jeff Hanneman

Fri, 03/05/2013 - 00:09

Slayer just announced on their official facebook.

I'm in shock since I haven't really heard anything on his condition for quite awhile.
R.I.P. Jeff.

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I just saw this and was about to post it, WTF?!
I hadn't heard anything about him either and then suddenly this

RIP Jeff
RIP Slayer...

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So fucking devastating ...

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Gone way to soon.

DoctorDeath's picture

what the fuck :( wait.. fuck no :(

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WTF NO!!!! Rest in peace Jeff! Fucking shitty news... :(

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It almost feels unreal.
It really does. R.I.P. Jeff :|

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It almost feels unreal.
It really does. R.I.P. Jeff :|

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Slayer was Jeff Hanneman, RIP brother.

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I'd rather say Slayer without Jeff Hanneman isn't Slayer.
There is something missing.
This news really came out of nowhere.

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As i said on my facebook profile:

Usually, i'm never shocked when a legendary musician dies, but this time...

I remember when i bought my "Hell Awaits" CD being almost a kid and Jeff was instantly my favourite band member. Some great, very great memories!! Slayer was the first metal band to take me on the REAL old school shit.

The last time i had the chance to see Slayer live, Jeff was already out for his suffering. So i refused to see they live. Now i can't do it anymore.
With Jeff, Slayer already died too.

Anyway, a legendary icon died. He was one of my maximum inspirations. I ever tried to play guitar alot of years ago just to emulate him.



i guess he wasnt joking when he couldnt come back and play.

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They were one of the bands that got me into metal. Devastated doesn't begin to describe it. It was a pleasure to see Jeff shred live while I had the chance. RIP, titan.

Judas Priestess's picture

so sad..
RIP Jeff

hammer slammer's picture

RIP to a true legend.

Executer's picture

this is no age for dying - R.I.P.

whiteravenmetal's picture

old Slayer is the best shit on earth, thanks for an amazing legacy. Fight till Death!!

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I'm seriously lost for words..RIP, too fucking soon

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Quite shocked, did not see that coming at all... Rest in peace Jeff, and thanks for the amazing music!

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Rest in peace. This reminds me of the day I found out that Dio died, devastating news. With his death, my dreams to ever see Slayer live died as well.

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This shocked me today, not only because it's Jeff, but last I heard he was getting better from the spider bite so I couldn't wait to see him come back into the Slayer fold. But now this? Simply horrible. I'm so glad I had the honor to see him perform twice. First on the American Carnage Tour and his surprise appearance during the Big4 show in Indio, California. Jeff Hanneman, you will be missed! Rest in Peace brother. \m/

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Horrible news. Fucking truly shocked and in disbelief. I can't believe that Jeff is dead. Legendary guitarist man, so even in death, he lives on through us.

We must share the music of Slayer with every generation to keep his memory alive.

RIP Jeff. You are a legend and will truly be missed. I remember first hearing 'Raining Blood', and the hairs stood on my neck. That was the moment I became a Slayer fan. I had heard 'Tormentor' when I was real young and thought it was awesome, but hearing 'Raining Blood' is what hooked me.

Wanted to see them live, but I was out of town that night. Really wish I could've now. Thanks for all the songs man. Gonna crank some Slayer tonight.

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It's really sad, I don't even know what to say, man.

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Glad that I got a chance to see Slayer with Jeff few times.

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RIP Jeff Hanneman. thanks for the inspiration and all the great times together.

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That is just fucked up,i knew something is up with jeff since there was no words from him but i just cant fucking believe he died...

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Bad bad News to begin the day!
I just got the news from a friend via whatsapp.

RIP Jeff, On and on South of Heaven

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Now he shall reing in hell .FOREVER A LEGEND OF HEAVY METAL. RIP JEFF

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Now he shall reing in hell .FOREVER A LEGEND OF HEAVY METAL. RIP JEFF

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fuckin sad beginning of a day to read this - DAMN
R.I.P. Jeff Hanneman

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Now he shall reing in hell .FOREVER A LEGEND OF HEAVY METAL. RIP JEFF

Antonio's picture

Another sad news.....

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Fuck.. I was chatting with my buddies yesterday about his guitar skills and on stage performance, without knowing about his death.. Just fuck. R.I.P.

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He thrashed till death, RIP Jeff!

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I'm actually shocked. this is just so out of the blue.
i always thought that the spider bite thing wasn't gonna be a major issue since it was on his arm. worst case it could have been amputated.
this is real fucked up right here.
I'm gonna listen to slayer right now.
May you forever Reign in Blood, Hanneman!

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RIP Jeff, Remember the Fallen... I'm sure he will thrash heaven and hell with Chris Witchunter now :)

hammer slammer's picture

Anyone else heard that the Westboro Baptist Cunts are gonna picket his funeral?!

Hypercube's picture

Oh really? Never would have imagined they'd go after a band that recorded "God Hates Us All".. It will be entertaining to see them meet true Slayer fans.

Rotten's picture

Lets hope they get the shit kicked out of them

Blüdrayne's picture

if only i was there to fight them...

lambofgodfan00's picture

Rip out their fucking throats and leave no trace of the presence there. Rip them apart while listening or singing 'Angel of Death'.

I absolutely hate those Westboro bastards.

Kiske's picture

When I saw that article, I started wishing that I lived in the states so that I could systematically murder these bastards. They are a useless burden to the whole world, and make themselves visible in the most disgusting ways...and if they go on to picket Jeff's funeral, I swear to god..ahem, satan... (;
These scumbags need to be tortured, killed and discgraced.

StereoDeth's picture

I like how people start raging about WBC (every. damn. time.)
and that XY fans will kick their asses, but in the end nothing like that happened...not even slightly.
Fucking lame.

Of course it's disrespectful and WBC are a bunch of trolling low lifes, but all the tough guying is really annoying.

Kiske's picture

That's just what I feel like, not saying I'd start killing people :D
But, if I lived anywhere more nearby where Jeff's funeral is held, I would most likely go and do my best to stop these WBC idiots.

I do however still think they should be killed in gruesome painful ways, for obvious reasons.

ToxikAssault's picture

Well this sucks. I'm glad I got to see him play live with Slayer.

Lars248's picture

He died on my birthday.. All is hard to believe. RIP!

Merciless_Death's picture

Absolutely terrible. Jeff was one of the reasons I've started to play guitar myself. His legacy will live on with the shitload of classic songs he wrote. R.I.P.

Tankard Emptyer's picture

This hitted me like a brick.

g.dresche's picture

this is a command to play slayer even more than on a regular day. been spinning show no mercy and hell awaits all morning, RIP jeff

Lex_Metal's picture

One day into the abyss, very sad. An unfortunate loss, to thrash, to metal and good music in general. Thanks for the fantastic work that left Hanneman, will never be forgotten.

Claudandus's picture

R.I.P. patches/shirts comming soon...

Rotten's picture

Ronnie James Dio - Vocals, Dimebag - Guitar, Jeff Hanneman - Guitar, Cliff Burton - Bass, Gar Samuelson - Drums ... Hell is gonna rule with this house band playing nightly \m/

NISSE666's picture

A day of sadness! R.I.P. Jeff!

Bolzenwerfer's picture

R.I.P., Jeff

StereoDeth's picture

Liver failure...
Maybe, this could have been avoided if he had chosen a healthier way.
But I guess it kinda belongs to the metal lifestyle.

Blüdrayne's picture

its hard to say. its totally plausible his liver failure was due to reactions from the drugs to treat the spider bite, or any number of reasons.
immediate liver failure due to alcohol is unlikely. that's usually more detectable and thus treatable.

StereoDeth's picture

Spider bite? Didn't knew he was bitten by a spider. :/
Yea, when people were talking about "treatment" and read "liver failure", I thought he was being treated due to alcohol abuse during decades.
After all we all know many bands are heavy drinkers.

EDIT: Wait. The only time I heard something about a spider bite, was when Gary Holt was playing in Slayer...guess he was replacing Jeff for a certain time, till he has recovered...or am I wrong?

Blüdrayne's picture

yes he was, and you are correct about holt.
but this news
makes it medically plausible that drinking was a direct factor in his liver failure.

thrashing_death's picture

On one of the articles on that site it said

"Our sources today tell us "Jeff was drinking Heineken and vodka for breakfast, lunch and dinner up until a few months ago. The spider bite was no longer an issue with him, it was his drinking. "

Really sad considering his condition with the spider bite was no longer a factor apparently, and with one of the actionshots posted earlier, the poster said that Jeff had said he had intentions to returning to Slayer.

Found the article just in case anyone wants to give it a full read. http://thegauntlet.com/article/391/27807/Jeff-Hanneman-Most-Likely-Died-...

Blüdrayne's picture

i'm guessing depression was involved somehow, since the article also mentions how he wasn't interested in continuing with slayer. its really sad, since he was actually relatively young.

Untenanted-I-Gloomoire's picture

R.I.P! >:C

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biteyourself's picture

Rest in peace Jeff

Rob Nuctemeron's picture

R.I.P Jeff!

DevilzForce's picture

...aaaaand the first bootleg tribute shirts are up before the body is even cold...VULTURES !! >:(

Claudandus's picture

Why doesn't that surprise me...

Mr.Something's picture

I've been in such a shitty mood since I heard the news.
Rest in Peace Jeff, you'll be missed.

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Sitting behind my desk here reading about it. Just found out.
Actually touched and saddened by the news.

All the best to his family and friends. Jeff had a massive impact on many lives.

One metal family member less. He will be remembered.

Gonna grab a beer to wash this one away.

Hárbarðr's picture

R.I.P. Jeff.

dioDEATH's picture

I've always dreamed of seeing Slayer playing live with the original lineup, and now after Jeff's gone and Dave is no longer with Slayer.. man, I have no idea what to do even if they're playing in my hometown in the near future. RIP Mr. Jeff Hanneman, You'll be mssed.

gloriousdeath's picture

and again we loose a great musician and icon....R.I.P. Jeff

Blüdrayne's picture

An article on his "5 fiercest moments". agree or not, it makes a great watch.


Blüdrayne's picture

oh and this is literally the most metal moment ever.

Todger93's picture

Rest in piece Jeff, you were one of the people who motivated me in playing guitar.

JUANTHRASH's picture


madbutcher's picture

i cant finf words to describe my darkness

Metal Panther 54's picture

R.I.P. Jeff Hanneman, your songs and lengendary guitar playing will be missed. Thanks for 10 amazing metal albums and 30 years of slayer.

Evilution E5150's picture

havent taken off my 2007 tour shirt for like 4 days now

Wrathchylde666's picture

Jeff has been taken by the valkyries...

Plague's picture

We need like a Slayer Tribute Day or something! What a loss for all of us! HAILS, JEFF!!

NocturnalOccultist's picture

my life is ruined now! i cant see slayer without jeff!

Metal Panther 54's picture

Also to Plauge, June 6th of every year is National Slayer Day. It started on June 6th 2006 (6/6/06) and has been going on ever since and recently my friend told me that is is becoming a ACTUAL holiday, idk if its true but its a cool metal holiday.

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