R.i.p Arckanum

Ravishing Grimness
Wed, 11/07/2018 - 18:33

Yesterday i came across some sad news on Metal Archives.Seems another great band,or project or whatever you wanna call it quit!
ARCKANUM has been a great inspiration for me personally,and always liked what Shamaatae did with the band.There is no single track on any record which i really dislike!
ARCKANUM was and will be a great example in how Black Metal should sound.

Eventhrough the band is dead,it left behind a great legacy!


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  • Same thing here, I can guess only separate words, but if I read lyrics and listening at the same time, then I can unders
  • Well, it was a beginning, borders were open, and if someone wanted to move to another country, they did it.
  • Agree. I just bought it cause of the 2009 tag. Hoping its becoming rare :))
  • Thanks! One of my fav from 2017!
  • For sure...lots of deadstock here...seems like these shirts are buried here...I can drive you around these shops if ever
  • Awesome album cover deserves awesome patch!
  • Cult! Small gigs and venues sometimes growning bigger!
  • Great pictures! I watched their show here Hungary. That was Awesome!
  • Ah, ok! Ja da war mächtig Stimmung!
  • Thanks!
  • aber weisst du was krank ist? von dem schrecklichen Bootleg gibt es noch einen viel grässlicheren Boot
  • ILL
  • Sweet patch, super detailed!
  • Hell patch = five flames
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  • I thought DKNY only made girly stuff. This is actually pretty cool looking.
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