Reign in Blood: Monumental or Overhyped?

Fri, 22/05/2015 - 20:38

There's no denying that Slayer's Reign in Blood is easily one of the most popular and influential thrash metal albums of all time, but how much do the songs musically measure themselves up for you? I only like "Angel of Death" and parts of both "Postmortem" and "Raining Blood". The rest of the album just doesn't do it for me.

You can read more about my thoughts on this album HERE.

ProtectorOfMegadeth's picture

I love the whole album, A.O.D., Postmortem, and Raining Blood are Slayer's thrash peak, while most of the other songs sound somewhat closer to Show No Mercy and Hell Awaits

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I disagree with the last part. In my humble opinion, those albums that you mentioned all had songs with lots of atmosphere. Reign in Blood sounds more like the bare bones of their previous releases. It lacks great, powerful songs that match the qualities of being a "Black Magic" or "At Dawn They Sleep". Even an unpopular song like "The Final Command" does a lot more for me.

More power to you for being able to enjoy it. That's all cool by me. I just don't think it's all that it's cracked up to be.

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For me, song like Piece by Piece are very similar to SNM songs, but it may just be the bass tone now that I think about it lol

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Totally agree with nwobhmbanger, Slayer couldn't match the quality of the first 2 albums...

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for me its both. i 1st heard it 15 years ago in high school and it honestly blew me away, one of the few albums that ever has. plus its importance and influence in the development of this music is undeniable.

but i listened to the shit out of it and worshipped at the altar of slayer for many years and while i can say its still a good album... it just doesn't do much for me anymore; to have to hear it again for the millionth time would feel like a chore.

Rodbo's picture

You first heard it 15 years ago in high school? WOW I'm old!!!

judascrust's picture

Haha yeah I'm 31 now, I was 16 when I started getting into metal and RIB was my introduction to slayer....makes me feel old saying "15 years ago" and knowing I was almost an adult then!

Rodbo's picture

Saw Slayer for the first time in Philly in 84....I don't think you were 16 then dude!!! I'm old but I can still bang with the best....just saw Testament/Exdous and that was a killer show.....Those (especially IMO Testament) are 2 bands that don't get enough credit for making Thrash!!!

judascrust's picture

I was born in 84 man haha...but anyway yeah i give full credit to exodus for Kickstarting thrash, they influenced slayer for chrissakes....even before they had an album out, I think their mere presence in the scene was massive enough to spark a revolution in metal

As for testament, I never really got into them much BUT "the legacy" is probably my favorite thrash album, one of my favorite albums of any genre, for certain would be a "desert island" pick for me! that's another one I first heard as a teenager and it still gives me chills to listen to now. I was so bummed when I found out they were playing that album on their last tour, if i'd known I would have definitely made it a point to be there

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I think its the last 10/10 Slayer album, all the songs are great. After that its just hits or misses, excluding Seasons in the Abyss of course.

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I think its a really good album and a lot of Thrash Metal bands of nowadays were influenced by it as well as many other Thrash Metal albums of the time.

All about progression and inspiring the next lot of bands to come.

DeathByMetalAustralia's picture

WTF. No offence but.... How can this even be asked? This album changed thrash and set the bar. The entire 28 minutes or so is an absolute master piece and good luck to any band that can come close to that album. All bands aspire to write one good song let alone and entire album.
This is of couse my opinion. Don't hate..

nwobhmbanger's picture

Funny that I totally get that perspective...

...when I listen to Sadus' Illusions...

meaningless's picture

imo - overhyped. ..why? ...for ME...Seasons in the abyss have much more Groove = much better FOR ME.
And South of heaven is much more 'dark & evil' = much better FOR ME.
....Reign in Blood is a good album, no doubt, but R.i.B. is 'just' fast..., it have not the Groove of a 'Seasons..' album ..and also not the evilness of a 'South of..'-Album.
but hey..thats just many...and alrdy many Slayer fans tried to crucify me for my opinion..hahahahah :P

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Could not have said it better!

DoctorDeath's picture

10/10. nuff said.

kissman's picture


Daniel Sodomaniac's picture

Monster album for sure nothing else!
But as Markus say i also might prefer Seasons or Show no mercy for example.
This album suffers from the stuff as Priests Painkiller somehow.
For many many years these albums have been like "the best ever" but nowadays people want to be abit different and say otherwise.
Next question Painkiller monumental or overhyped :)?
I use big words now but for me it could be THE ultimate Metal album of all times YEAH!
Cheers boys and girls!

Rotten's picture

My fav album by them. Then followed by Divine Intervention.

calebheney223's picture

divine intervention gets looked pass by so much, it needs more attention, songs like ss-3 blow me away.

Kathulex's picture

Hell Awaits and Show No Mercy are better personally.

Rodbo's picture

South of Heaven was WAAAAY the better album, Reign in Blood had the Thrash theme song....Reign in Blood had that AOD, and Postmortem. South of heaven had that, Silent Scream, Ghost Of War, Live Undead.......I have seen them 3 times and South of Heaven has more songs played everytime!!!

They are both great albums and it would be picking between your kids...you love them all!

Hyperfa's picture

At least monumental!

StereoDeth's picture

Depending who you ask, the answer is either yes or no.
Most people will agree that it's a classic and an important part of metal history though.
My very first contact with metal was Metallica, so Slayer or that album was not the thing
that made me conscious of the existence of metal.

I appreciate every band and musician, who put/s their/his/her heart into their/his/her work.
Many times not my cup of tea, but it inspires other people to eventually create something theirselves.
Reminds me of the butterfly effect...

Rodbo's picture

We've all seen Metal Evolution (if you haven't get it)and we know Metallica, Exodus and Legacy(Testament) started the Thrash movement in the Bay area and then in late 83 early 84 is started to explode!!.I started getting into thrash in 84 when I heard the Legacy demo, then I heard KILL EM ALL and went to see Metallica play with Ozzy in 86 and I have never listened to music the same way...the volume is always on 11 after hearing Metallica live in 86...........My favorite Thrash Albums of all time:

Metallica--Master of Puppets..It was the last "real" Metallica album cause after Cliff Burton died, so did Metallica (and they killed the Thrash movement in the late 90's when they became the Lars Ulrich Project which is why we got crap like Load, Re-Load and St Anger

Slayer--South Of Heaven
Megadeth--Rust in Peace
Anthrax-Among the Living (now probably IMO best live band)
Testament--Legacy or Dark Roots(if not Anthrax it's them as best live)

No real surprises they huh?

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It's the 3rd best Slayer album in my opinion, behind SNM and HA. That being said, I don't think it's a very special album, because it's really just generic thrash (yes, it's one of the genre-defining albums, but still...)

It's still monumental, but only because of how influental it is (it's the album that opened my eyes to fast and aggressive music, leading to my liking of black, death and thrash metal, grind, crust, powerviolence, etc.)

So my answer is that it's both monumental AND overhyped.

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calebheney223's picture

I find it monumental just because of how the riffs changed, and so did the overall fealing. SNM had a punky vibe to me, and HA was a fearfull album, I think we can all agree though all 3 albums kick ass no matter what

Morbid_Welshman's picture

For me, Monumental; It was one of the first really heavy thrash albums I ever heard, and tracks like Altar of Sacrifice and Postmortem in particular, still sound as fresh and brilliant to me as when I first heard them as a Schoolboy

alla2465's picture

Slayer in general is THE most overhyped band, they are boring, and there is nothing really good about them, they are mediocre at best.. Man I have never understood the Slayer hype... Anyone?

Mary Gore's picture

Says the huge Megadeth fan ;-) i guess it is a matter of Taste.

Rodbo's picture

I saw Slayer in 2012 during Mayhem Fest and NO they aren't the same band they were in the 80's because their older....but back in the 80's there was nothing better and more physical then seeing Slayer Live!!

JoeCool6972's picture

It is a monumental album. Although I think with Guitar Hero it became overhyped. Same as Iron Maiden's "Run to the Hills" with Rock Band.

DanzigGabrielWarrior1999's picture

This is my favorite slayer album along with hell awaits. This was an amazing album that got thrash metal more well known, but I still somewhat believe slayer is a bit overhyped.

Heinz's picture

I always liked the live double CD the best of them all. With each later studio album they seemed to aim for more of that unrefined energy, so maybe they were thinking similar. Take the song "Seasons in the Abyss"; the studio version: after you hear the live version first and then hear that you're like WTF, where's Tom at? Buried in the processed vocals is where he is, LOL.

DevilzForce's picture

three quarters of you weren't even alive when this was released or have been witness to it's scene shattering effects.... therefor you couldn't possibly understand how much of an impact this made back then (no offense meant)

monumental and a stepping stone for pretty much any thrash band out there today /endthread

Rodbo's picture

If you weren't alive in the 80's especially early 80's (83-86) its hard to describe because this was a whole NEW type of music(Thrash & Speed Metal) and there was nothing like it...remember the 80's were more know for Pop metal(hair bands)...so those of us who couldn't stand that crap listen to Sabbath, Zepplin, Maiden and AC/DC.....then BAM! Out comes Kill' Em and Metallica, Megadeth and Slayer and Anthrax and Testament and Exodus and it was like a drug (or went well with drugs...can't remember) you couldn't get enough........there hasn't been any new Metal movements since then unless you count grunge?

nwobhmbanger's picture

I take it you've never listened to any Hellenic black metal, epic doom/heavy metal, or the many up-and-coming South American black/thrash metal bands?

Rodbo's picture

No dude I don't like the extreme metal or death metal or doom metal or any of that? I still listen to my 80's Thrash bands and still like Maiden & AC/DC. The new metal today with all the screaming, growling and guttural vocals I just can't get into? I like to be able to understand the words without reading the album/cd cover.......and YES that's a generational thing because I remember older folks saying about Thrash in the 80's

nwobhmbanger's picture

Sounds more like you're generalizing genres by the fodder that you're hearing from random tabloid blogs such as MetalSucks. Not all extreme metal vocals are of the "screaming, growling, and guttural" types. Every region has its varying degrees of sound. Black metal is more than just a Norwegian "invention".

Blüdrayne's picture

You're calling it "new", when Seven Churches was released over 30 years ago.

nwobhmbanger's picture

I know a friend who's been going to metal shows since before 1980, and even he considers that album pretty boring. Nothing to do with "having to be there", which is a MOOT point. It's not like that album was the ONLY one circulating in the underground. Sodom, Sadus, Dark Angel, Kreator, Voivod, Holy Moses, and many others were making a pretty big buzz at that time.

nuclearthrasher666's picture

"Reign in blood" is actually a 11/10 . Easly one of the top 5 extreme metal albums ever released . Every single song of this album is monumental. I laugh when people tell that Reign in blood has only two great songs ( Angel of death and Raining blood, maybe Postmortem as well) and the rest is boring or that is just fast. Songs like Necrophobic, Altar of sacrifice, Jesus saves, Reborn ( basicly the whole tracklist of the album) are equally amazing as well known songs like Angel of death and Raining blood. And what's the matter guys ? You can't keep up with Slayer's sonic brutality ??? And of course it's very well documented how important this album was for thrash and extreme metal in general. So those few things for the quallity of "Reign in blood" as an album. But it's true that "RIB" is a little bit overhyped especially with youngel fans or self proclaimed Slayer "fans" that don't know shit about Slayer's discography ( and probably metal in general..) and they always mention this album as the best or their favourite , simply because it's the ONLY Slayer album that they know.

nwobhmbanger's picture

I'm definitely not one of those people. I easily enjoy Darkness Descends, Illusions, and Pleasure to Kill, but I still find Reign in Blood to be a pretty run-of-the-mill thrash metal album. Laugh all you want, but many of those songs that you listed don't stick out much for me. They sound more like dull jam sessions of the same chords. I love the fuck out of Hell Awaits, and consider it a true masterpiece, but because it's imaginative and GOES somewhere.

nuclearthrasher666's picture

Personally I can't understand why you don't like songs like Angel of death, Necrophopic,Criminally insane and Jesus saves but obviously it's a matter of personal taste. And of course Hell awaits IS a true masterpiece , and the second best Slayer album for me.

nwobhmbanger's picture

I actually did state that I'm a fan of "Angel of Death" and two other songs off that album. The rest just doesn't click with me.

Did you check out any of the other albums that I mentioned?

nuclearthrasher666's picture

Yeap, I checked out the other albums that you mentioned , every single one of the is a monumental masterpiece (In my opinion Darknes Decends is the only album that can match the insanity of Reign in Blood) . It's only a matter of personal taste, their is no point to argue about it.
P.s. I you like old school greek black metal check out the band Katavasia , their new album is AMAZING !

Rodbo's picture

You know the real reason some people think RIB and Slayer in general are overhyped? Because them members of Slayer are in their 40/50's that's why....I remember the same arguments about Sabbath and Zepplin in the 80's...some considered them overhyped in the 80's? Who thinks their overhyped now? Like I said in another post if you weren't there for the Thrash/Speed metal explosion in the 80's you just can't understand ....just like I don't understand the hype of Woodstock?

DanzigGabrielWarrior1999's picture

Your right dude. Thats a very good point. Even though I wasn't around at the time, I still consider this album one of my favorite albums of all time and a very monumental album.

nwobhmbanger's picture

I can only speak for myself:

Absolutely not. I'd never judge a band by something as trivial as age. I'm actually a huge fan of early Slayer, but Reign in Blood NEVER clicked with me. I'm the kind of person who actively pursues dirty thrash metal a la black metal-era Sodom, but that Slayer album just doesn't do much for me. It doesn't seem to go anywhere.

nwobhmbanger's picture

I can at least appreciate the fans who elaborate their reasons for liking the album, so just throwing a quick "10/10" doesn't add to the discussion. Not trying to play the role of moderator, but it's always a good thing to read a thread with many in-depth replies that go further beyond than just either liking or disliking the album.

Rodbo's picture

This whole argument or discussion come down to personnel taste! Remember without Slayer there's no Pantera, and without them no extreme metal or doom metal. I like South of Heaven better but it was after RIB and if you talk to any metal historian or watch any metal evolution type shows and they will ALL tell you that the albums that made the Trash/Speed metal movement were Master of Puppets, Reign in Blood, Peace Sells and Among the Living....like I said it all comes down to personnel taste.

nwobhmbanger's picture

Pantera formed in 1981, and they released four albums before 1990. I don't really like their "official" stuff.

Slayer didn't spearhead doom metal. That was more Pentagram's thing. Also, Saint Vitus, Candlemass, Trouble, and so on.

Those "documentaries" honestly are pretty misinformed. I don't take most of what they say personally. Those four albums that you mentioned aren't all there is to speed/thrash metal. Speed metal came around the time of NWOBHM.

Sol Invictus's picture

Pantera had nothing to fucking do with doom.

Sol Invictus's picture

Sorry nwobhmbanger, that was meant to be to Rodbo.

Impnaz100's picture

Killer album! Not long but very intense. Songs like Necrophobic, Altar Of Sacrifice, the acceleration at the end of Postmortem before Raining Blood, Piece By Piece are total insanity!!

Rodbo's picture

This is the problem with these sites, they asked for an OPINION and when someone gives one on here that someone else doesn't like then vebal war "I'm more metal then you" or "you do know what your talking about" or whatever...... I have and love every Slayer album.....RIB is Monumental (to me) and thanks but I'm done with this discussion, it's gone on lone enough.

nwobhmbanger's picture

I'm assuming you're talking about me, and in no way did I ever talk down on you. If you interpreted any of my posts as personal attacks, then that's more on you for assuming that. You've made some claims that I wanted to address. That's all.

Rodbo's picture

No I'm not dude. I just get tired of trying to debate OPINIONS.......you can't!!!...Nothing against Bro HORNS UP!

nwobhmbanger's picture

It's true that we all have different opinions, but how else can we have a conversation? Disagreements and heated discussions are bound to happen. I look at discussions as a way to learn more from others who may or may not share the same point of view.

If you're open to some band recommendations, I could always give you some names. \m/

Rodbo's picture

Like I said I have a hard time getting into the new stuff but if you know of bands that sound like 80's thrash yea send on dude!!!

ajnin's picture

Reign in Blood is 2nd on my top 5 of all times best albums. Every songs just gets me fired up. Used to play it going to work to wake up and then on the way home !!!

vikingdantheman's picture

as a guitarist and old school metalhead i have a great love and respect for this album.
the speed and technicality is amazing.
i still love playing these songs on guitar, whereas their other albums dont do much for me anymore
(playing-wise anyway).

Stathis's picture

Tough question. Definitely a great album but also a bit overhyped in my opinion. Although my personal favourite is Show No Mercy, Hell Awaits is the album that defined thrash metal and the Slayer sound

Rodbo's picture

I know I said I wouldn't post about this subject again and it's not!! I just want to say that I saw TESTAMENT/EXDOUS last month in Philly and outside maybe Anthrax those two put on the best live shows of the 80's Thrash band....I haven't seen Overkill so not sure about them, but Testament and Exodus can still bring it!!!!

Rodbo's picture

For those of you that say just being there in the 80's doesn't mean we have a different view on the Thrash music your wrong....I'm not sure when or how anyone under 35 could really know Metallica or those bands because THIS WAS our Metallica & Slayer. Slayer stayed the course but Metallica died with Cliff Burton!!


Der Todesking's picture

Monumental. Period.

THMManiac's picture

Reign in blood wasn't monumental in my life but its very important for a lot of people especially metal musicians, I like every single track on it its just that i was already being blown away by stuff like the possessed seven churches full length before i even listened to the full length of reign in blood. Have no idea why, just happened like that.

Morbideath's picture

RIB is 10/10, SNM is 666/10

Nater90's picture

I've listened to it so much my CD skips...Need another copy.

stefke's picture

for me it is the ultimate metal cd.
it has everything that defines metal for me.
it's heavy, fast, has great/disturbing lyrics.
it is one of the best metal albums ever made.
but this is my opinion of course.

ajnin's picture

my fav slayer album! its in my top 5 metal albums every

Misfits666's picture

Its one of my favorites and i agree it was monumental, but imo God Hates Us All and Seasons were WAY better than RIB.

kereealazer's picture

Defiantly a Monument in Metal and ya it's also over hyped but it's Slayer. I can did it some of my favourite Slayer songs are on it.

Blüdrayne's picture

The thing I like least about this album is the countless fanboys who act like it's the greatest album ever, when they've never heard Show No Mercy.

DevilzForce's picture

BOTH !! Monumental for those that were alive to see it hit the scene, overhyped by kids today....

kertalaaki's picture

Monumental, definitely. 3rd best Slayer album after the massive pair of Show No Mercy and Hell Awaits.

sandmanforce's picture

Their best LP because of: Altar of sacrifice, Jesus saves, Angel of death, Raining blood

J.j. Ratte's picture

Musically no, the songs from Hell Awaits are much better, but it was the whole concept and vibe that gave RIB back in '86, something magical you can't compare with the other shit around bach then. Now the whole album is just an icon. You can't compare it with other shit they've done. It's just magical. But Musically no, it's nothing great at all. Cheers!

calebheney223's picture

Monumental, it was a time where thrash metal was exploding and is a major influence on other bands at the time, songs like Raining blood and angel of death are the main attention of the album anyways. my favorite song on the album is postmortem.

DarkValkyrieofDeath's picture

i appreciate it cause without slayer, there'd probably be no such thing as death metal, and without that there'd be no deathcore, im not the biggest thrash fan but I can appreciate it... I really like testament and old and new metallica. Also raining blood has a pretty unique riff and the only thing i can find that comes close is a deathcore riff from through the eyes of the dead's song two inches from a main artery (plz dont flame me for comparing deathcore to slayer i love both songs) but maybe someone on here can give me more songs that sound similar to raining blood, if not thats okay... :3

Brumas's picture

Death Metal was already being started by the time this album came out, however I do think this did make an impact on the genre anyways by pushing the limits of speed without losing the catchiness, metal feel, or technicality. Best albums I would compare to Raining Blood's frantic/catchy feel would probably be Like an Everflowing Stream (Dismember), Left Hand Path (Entombed), and You Will Never Be One of Us (Nails).

connorxhehir's picture

You're dumb if you think it's overhyped. It was the first time an extreme metal band was captured perfectly on record by Rick Rubin of all people on a hip hop label, just think about how ridiculous that is?! As much as I love Celtic Frost/Bathory etc who were also round at the time, their production values never got to the same level as RIB, it is perfectly recorded with a seamlessly flowing track list where the album works as one whole song rather than tracks thrown together, that's album songwriting at it's finest. IMO it's thrash metal's benchmark record, it still sounds evil and hard as fuck to this day.

Also RIB, South Of Heaven and Seasons In The Abyss should be considered as a holy trinity, personal preference on what you prefer but there is not a foot wrong on those LP's.

Brumas's picture

I agree with you pretty strongly on this, I think Ride the Lightning did perfectly capture Metallica at their prime in 1984 though, and Celtic Frost were in their best form in their more mystic/smoky production of To Mega Therion since they're more of an influence on Black Metal and Death Metal rather than the more visceral sound of Bay Area Thrash, Reign in Blood has the BEST "overproduced" sound a metal record ever has, with albums like Painkiller, Storm of the Lights Bane also coming to mind where raw / organic heaviness meets studio polish for a balanced sound that's easy on the ears while still being physically pummeling and visceral.

satan's radish's picture

It's a classic. Calling it overhyped is like saying Beethoven is overhyped. It's just being contrarian for the sake of it.

Brumas's picture

I feel like people are somehow overlooking how catchy and iconic the riffs are on every fucking song here, it might get slightly repetitive as it takes a little bit of attention to catch on to how well-written it is but honestly you should be playing this album so loud and banging your head the whole time that repetition shouldn't be noticable. Also how can anyone say this album doesn't groove? I guess a lot of people have a hard time keeping up with the insane pace of Dave Lombardo's drums because I can bang my head for literally every second of this album besides the Raining Blood intro, I do think a lot of people overrate it in the sense that they have no idea how to explain what makes the album impressive without saying it innovated, but this album deserves all the credit it earns, agreed.

DoomBox's picture

I will always remember 1987 as one of the best years in my live. Many of the best thrash metal albums were release 1986/1987 but RIB will forever be THE ALBUM for me and I am happy that I've seen them live for the first, but not the last time in '87 too.
- Hanneman (SLAYER) R.I.P. -

Nater90's picture

Even though I wasn't born I agree strongly, if you look up 1987 in Heavy Metal (Term used lightly as many sub genres were formed) A lot of bands bought out fantastic / iconic albums, and a lot of new bands formed! Without these albums and bands we wouldn't have Metal as we know it.


RIP Hanneman, One of the true legendary riff writers.

JJS666's picture

It's a complete monumental album, no doubt, as far as speed drumming , twin guitars assault and extremely fast paced singing. A thrashing masterpiece.

nameless_rites's picture

Everything Slayer did from 1983-1990 is essential, even though my personal favorite is Hell Awaits. Yes, the first and last tracks on Reign In Blood are the most immediate, but who doesn't love Altar of Sacrifice or Criminally Insane? Come on now...

JJS666's picture

Those were the thrasher years indeed.

Ravishing Grimness's picture

Rein in Blood is a masterpiece in every way.However South of Heaven comes pretty close.Reign in Blood is far thrashier though

JJS666's picture

Totally agree with you.

disfiguredsidecar's picture

It’s the easiest album to get into. If I met a metal newbie that asked me what Slayer album they should get into I would always say RB. As a die hard fan I think there are other albums I like a little better for different reasons. But RB is the easiest album to get into.

xZANx's picture

i would kill for anything slayer has ever record except Diabolous in Musica.

JJS666's picture

why is Diabolus the exception ?

Vectrex's picture

First Slayer Album is the best. Reign in Blood is just a mediocore Slayer Album, but still better than anything they've released after it.

Dedcalm's picture

Reign in blood has never meant much to me. I have always preferred Seasons in the abyss and south of heaven.

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