Reactions from merch?

Mon, 09/10/2017 - 04:01

Just want to hear any stories regarding some of the reactions from wearing merch. doesnt even have to be metal merch, but lets be honest, it probably is.

My story right now is being suspended for my Bonded by Blood shirt, i go to a public high school and apparently they didnt like conjoined kirk hammett and gary holt very much




Public high schools in the U.S. usually can't do that. You have a right to free speech and free expression, and the school is government-funded. As long as your shirt isn't outrageously offensive or distracting, you can wear it. And I bet there are plenty of chicks more distracting than your Exodus shirt. At least that's what I always said to teachers and admins about it.


about 3 years ago i was wearing the Dying Fetus "I'll Bash Your Fucking Head In" shit around my room while i was cleaning and lounging about. I ended up going into my company HQ to bring my buddy who was on duty a pack of smokes and forgot to grab a jacket and then i got a nice ear full from one of the lieutenants working in the office.

Devourment "She Should Have Said Yes" gets me alot of quality looks. I also wore a Der Sturmer shirt to an anarcho punk show and that was fucking amazing


Sometimes strange looks, at school never had problems. Part of my family is Jehovah's Witness and their Jehovah Witness friends do stare alot at shirts with satanic images. Only time in my life I chose to not wear any shirts that had gore or anything that might be provoking on it was the year I worked in an elderly home. It wasn't forbidden but it was a personal choice.

Only 2 times I can remember strangers who didn't know metal talked to me about a shirt I was wearing were positive. One time in the line in a bar at the practice studio I practice some germans were very amused by the "Antichristliche Pagane Tonkunst" that was written on the back of my Heimdalls Wacht shirt.
Another time was a woman stopping me for wearing my "FUCK HUMANITY" shirt, reading it and saying: "yeah I agree with that"

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  • One of the best bands of all time! Wish I owned this.
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  • I also have this one, print quality is nice and it looks like the original but the shirt they use just doesn't fit
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  • Amazing shirt! Is this official? And if so, do you have any info about it, like the year?
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  • Nabend, den willste nicht zufällig los werden oder?
  • Nabend, den willste nicht zufällig los werden oder?
  • I thought it would be easier to sell this. Its genuine. I bought it in 92. In London. Shop called Metal Head.
  • that art is really detailed and cute love it
  • Indeed my friend, indeed!


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