Reactions from merch?

Mon, 09/10/2017 - 04:01

Just want to hear any stories regarding some of the reactions from wearing merch. doesnt even have to be metal merch, but lets be honest, it probably is.

My story right now is being suspended for my Bonded by Blood shirt, i go to a public high school and apparently they didnt like conjoined kirk hammett and gary holt very much


most recently i got a nice comment about my burzum shirt from a clerk at long and mcquade when i was buying guitar strings or pedals there cant remember what i was buying... also i got nice comments on my gamer battle jacket from an asian guy when i was walking downtown... i said to myself u know ur style is good when asians compliment you... (sorry to sound like a weaboo)


That's cool! My grandma likes some of my shirts, even though shes pretty Christian. she got me my first venom shirt back in 09


my grandma thought most of my metal music was just noise, though she did appreciate my moms taste in metal, also she liked the sound of Till Lindemann from Rammsteins voice and thought he had a lot of talent


I was at a youth gig helping out wearing my Cradle of Filth - Jesus is a Cunt t shirt and the woman running it asked me if I could put a sticker of cunt because of 12 year olds being there, I said yeah that's cool did it, So it read Jesus is a Freeza, Then a kids Mum thought she could lecture me about how Jesus saved her and all that stuff, I said, You can have your opinion and I can have mine, Was tempted to tell her to fuck off but was the better person and just ignored her and continued helping out my friends.


When I was in high school, I guess a good number of really devoted religious kids reported me to the prinicpal's office because I wore my Bad Religion cross-buster shirt to school. I literally had to wear my shirt inside out the rest of the day (didn't want to get suspended since I needed the grades).

It's funny looking back, since I wore other shirts that have blatant satanic, occult or anti-religious symbolism...but that was the ONE shirt that apparently crossed the line for them!


Hahaha, Pisser.

Yeah some of them are weird with certain ones and fine with others...


:o) that's a good one!




I started building my battle jacket in my junior year which was my last year of high school. (Graduated early...) And I went to a public school of about 100 kids or less. So everyone knew me as "that guy who wears the denim vest". Then one day a ride the lighting back patch appeared on it, then while in class a kid yelled yelled "I like your patch!!". From then I slowly started adding more patches and always got positive remarks.
No trouble from the school luckily.


Great to hear. Don't have many positive stories unfortunately, but my grandma likes getting me stuff. She got me my first venom shirt in 09


I've had reactions range from "Right on, man!","Cool!" and hailing the horns, to looks of pure disgust/contempt, being told "that's disrespectful" and full on scoffing from people.

People have freaked out positively over my shirt and patch works, which is always cool.


The positives always rule, I guess I live where there almost no metal fans, just my friends really. ive gotten told I'm going to hell for a death shirt just because it had the leprosy album art


Oh, I've been told that too a few times.


When I do get attention by other metalheads about my merch it's usually because they don't know what band it is and they're intrigued by the artwork (as I mainly listen to folk metal, and even within that subgenre I mostly listen to the unknown, underrated ones). As for non-metalheads, I've never been questioned by them...or whatever.


one drunk guy at a festival in the Netherlands called me a Nazi for wearing a Slayer backpatch and a bullet belt (I'm German btw)... what an idiot


My favourite is when I was at the store with one of my best friends and we saw an Exodus shirt I had he's like that's gross. We go back to my pad and I took out the shirt and he's like date night shirt xD

satan's radish

Some lady working the register in a Dollar General said she liked my Nuit Noire shirt, which was strange. I figure she just liked the design.


I have 2 good situations.

One situation I was wearing a Nile - Amongst the catacombs of nephren-ka Shirt and a dude approached me and started going on about Nile being one of his favorite bands when he was younger then he mentioned Deicide and other bands and our conversation took off!

Another situation I was wearing a Gorgasm - Stitched Oral Asphyxia shirt and this older guy came up to me and said hmm.. What's that band there? I said Gorgasm and then he mentions Malevolent Creation (HELL YES) and that he is friends with them and use to chill out and drink with them. Told me good stories!

Corvus Corax

Ha ha. Sounds like a great time.


Whenever someone asks me "What does your shirt say?" I always come up with some funny, bullshit story. "Oh yeah it's a restaurant called Lurching Joe's, they have the spiciest hot wings in San Diego"... try it sometime, see if you can keep a straight face.


cant belive you can be suspended for just wearing a shirt. thats bullshit.


I got kicked out of a mall for wearing a Cradle of Filth shirt in the late 90s. First I had a mall janitor tell me I need Jesus and all this bullshit and then I was in the FYE and a security guard came up to me and said I had to leave cause children could see my shirt. I told him I can wear whatever I want but I eventually just left cause I didn't care enough to fight it out longer.

I was in a Chinese restaurant one time eating wearing a Slayer God Hates Us All shirt and right as I was about to put food in my mouth some old lady comes up and asks if I really believe that. I just said I'm trying to eat here and ignored her.

Nowadays people just stare.


heres a non metal story this thread made me remember, i got a compliment about my resident evil shirt from a clerk at mcdonalds, odd place to have that happen, still makes me smile

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