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Project Patch Up

Mon, 25/07/2022 - 22:59

Here is the idea of "the game". One vest will be mailed to anyone willing to sew on a patch OR find a way to customize the vest. The vest will go around from (contributing) member to member until it's covered with patches.

When the vest is complete, it will go to Doc and he may do with it what he sees fit. This is to say "Thank You" to Doc and let him know he can mosh in a pit ANYWHERE and know he'll have someone to lift him up.

For those involved with "something fun in the mail just for fun" game, it's along the same guidelines, BUT this time we don't take... but give back to the community. We all have something to be thankful of and when you sew on a patch, write something on the back of the patch and post that with each update, along with a photo of you wearing the vest.


"In grind we crust"
-a cool patch-

GoreGrinder666's picture

Would anyone want to do this?

VYZNXVS's picture

I’m down, that’s very interesting. I wonder if it will be a unique mix of genres or will everyone default to old school NWOBHM bands hehe…

GoreGrinder666's picture

We could do:
Front left = black metal
Front right = death metal
Back left = thrash
Back right = grindcore

Or everyone just add a patch. So far you're the only one who has expressed any interest in this idea.

oldmate's picture

would probably have to be USA only cause shipping a denim vest all over the joint would be fucking costly

meaningless's picture

u have no clue how FAT and HEAVY the last box was, we were sending around the world..hahahahahaha...
a Vest? Smaller and by far not the same weight like the last box...hahaha
I would be in, for sure - a tribute for our Doc!! :D

oldmate's picture

hahaa yea I have not seen this in years !!! Amazing what members on this site do !!

meaningless's picture

but yeah..it aint cheap, ur right...(but way cheaper then our last box)

GoreGrinder666's picture

As long as no one adds studs, it should remain close to the same weight.

Faber's picture

Imagine someone adding a bulletbelt on it. Must be a nice conversation explaining that one to border control heheh.

meaningless's picture


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