Pillorian (feat.ex-Agalloch member)

Ravishing Grimness
Sun, 09/04/2017 - 11:11

Bumped into this new band featuring an ex-Agalloch member.Try and be supportive https://pillorian.bandcamp.com/album/obsidian-arc

Really like the band, and shows some reflections with Agalloch in general, however in more a darker atmosphere.




thanks for the tip!


hmmm i'm quite enjoying this!!!

Into Glory Ride

I was quite disappointed to be honest. It is an ok listen, but after the second and third time it got quite boring to me. Still good that he keeps making music though.

Ravishing Grimness

You're welccome coming to the tip.It is actaully a pretty good band.It takes a decent listen before judgement,and know it is not for everyone's ears.

Into Glory Ride

Ok, then i am just wrong and have not discovered the impartial greatness of this band, or rather it is just not for my untrained ears. I am sorry, i will try harder. :D


Saw them last Saturday in Berlin. They were billed as ex-Agalloch but the club was empty! Event was called Dark Troll Night and Pillorian was last, fourth band on the bill. Sadly organisers propably fucked up few things and there was almost no publicity. It was pretty sad to see them playing for circa 40 people (including other bands, roadies and girlfriends).

Ravishing Grimness

Yes, it indeed is sad that this happens.It isn't the first time a club screwes up you know.Have seen couple of same situations.It mostdefinitely is the lack of promotion from the club side on.

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