People leave a review but I don't see them appear.

Tue, 31/07/2018 - 07:49


It has happened quite regularly people tell me they left a trade review but I don't see them appear in my trade review list.
Admin, is there a bug in the system or does this have another cause?

Thanks for the help!

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  • You mean the Alien patch ?
  • It's a masterpiece, I think they had it reedited on vinyl, at least the Awaken the Dragon I saw it on vinyl by eba
  • I've never owned any vinyl, but this is a pretty cool collection. Nice finds
  • that back patch is sick! where did you get it?
  • its sold im afraid
  • thank you very much
  • Sure! Haha!
  • Also I would love to see that Tattoo hah
  • Looks very interesting. Can't say I know either of these bands though.
  • Very cool
  • Why the 12 and 13 on a 7"?
  • Thanks Mate! That was a great experience talk and signing these band mate!
  • Killer !!!! Really amazing !!! You are the curator of the Bolt Thrower museum.
  • Hi Do you still own that Powerwolf patch? Cheers!
  • Amazing my good friend ! Cool album and classic band. You have an awesome collection of signed vinyl.
  • Yes!

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