people asking for shit and then. .....

Sun, 16/04/2017 - 18:30

Hello everyone! Just need to understand : a lot of people come to buy my stuff and seem very interested but then..... they dont give any news. Its really anoying. Do you get the same problem? Why the Web site is full of people asking for buying and then not giving any news??

Into Glory Ride

Yep. Welcome to the club. It is annoying as hell.

"hey Bro, i am interested in rhabarberrhabarber"
"Alright, make me an offer and we will see. Don't worry, i am rather reasonable and we will probably find a way."
"Hey Bro, what do you ask for?"
"As i said... make me an offer and we will see"
"Hey Bro, please tell me, what You ask for."
"As i said...."


That's an online buying/selling thing in general. It happens a lot when I sell things on craigslist and such. Someone sees the listing, is interested, asks about it, then realizes they don't have the money or they realize their money is better spent elsewhere.


People who do this piss me off!!


Yeah, it's not Craigslist, have some fucking manners people. Even if I don't like a price or something doesnt fit, ill just quickly say so. It takes 5 seconds to to say "sorry, not interested" in some form. I'll admit sometimes I forget to respond or a message gets lost in the shuffle, though.


At least I m not alone. .... thank you guys. .... !
F*ck them!


i have no replies for a week at all...
some people seem to "lose interest" to buy my thing
others made deal with me and just dont answer...
one guy agreed to sell me a shirt, and didnt tell me his paypal for a week.... whats that mean

Der Todesking

People have other lives than TSS too. One week delay can happen, if you have a daily job or wh. Annoying is if you don't even get an answer at all, like in a few months!

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