Paradise Lost Australian Tour

Tue, 16/05/2017 - 02:37

Dec 14 - Brisbane - The Triffid
Dec 15 - Sydney - The Metro Theatre
Dec 16 - Melbourne - Corner Hotel
Dec 17 - Adelaide - The Gov
Dec 18 - Perth - Amplifier Capitol

Event date: 
Thursday, December 14, 2017
Event Country: 
Who is going?
Are you attending?


Will be sitting at my work PC at 9am for ticket.

So fucking keen.


with bells on...doesn't get any better than this, been a long time between drinks seeing this band.


Last time they were here was with Cathedral and I couldn't afford it....This time no excuse unless I'm dead.


Great that you will get to see them, seen them twice and they have been excellent, i sure they will play some classic older material.


Yeah, One for my bucket list!

Might have to get another jacket so I can put one of my Shades of God BP on it!


I don't know ... Only keen on hearing material from the first 2 - couldn't be arsed with anything else. Might head to this if I have nothing on that weekend


Would be great to hear a couple off Gothic.


Just bought my pre-sale ticket.

So many amazing gigs this year.


same, i was on the ticketek sight 9am with my cup of bonox. Yeah, been lucky the the great tours, would have gone to the Entombed A.D. one if it wasn't on a work night, but stoked everyone that went said it went off.


Hahahaha, Fucking Bonox, Still want to try it for the fun of it.

True that, Ministry have announced a tour also, If their your cuppa tea.

Work night for me to, But I had to go, Didn't want to miss it because I had never got to see them before.


Nick Homes In A Recent Interview - "The new album is the heaviest since the Peaceville era. It is way more doom, and way
more heavier and darker. And it sits along side Shades Of God & Gothic better than any other era with better production
- It's going to crush".


I'm moister than an oyster right now haha.

Can't wait to hear it!!!


haha - too funny, you might total lose it all seeing them live then, looking forward to their new cd as well.


Oh I shall, Losing it is an understatement!

Need to get another jacket to put one of my Shades of God BPs on, And a Lost Paradise, Hell, I might even make a P.L dedication kutte!!!!


With this jacket....ill let Arnold do the talking....https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a6P40wLThbc


I agree with you both!

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