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Pantera 'Vulgar Display of Power' 1992 tee - were they all manufactured in the US?

Sat, 03/12/2022 - 23:17

I recently purchased a tee. At first glance, it seemed genuine, so I didn't give it much thought before commencing. I never do :D

Then it struck me. Wasn't 1992 the year when all tees were still printed on the US-sewn Gildan tees, not Mexican or Honduran?

Please take a look the pics here and tell me if I bought a bootleg for $65 ;)


Thanks a bunch! \m/

andermatten's picture

dunno honestly, maybe you paid 2x as much for what you expected, maybe not, cool shirt either way

wsekund5's picture

Regardless of the price, I expected a genuine '92 print, and I'm not sure what this is... I'm just a bit confused with the Gildan tag :/

But no doubt, this tee is sick! :D

Comella77's picture

Other members here submitted the same shirt with 2 different Gildan tags :


Now, I know for sure Gildan tags were introduced in 1995 - 96 with different design as yours shown.
Here some pretty accurate clues :

But , the copyrights prints might be legit and maybe you purchased a late well printed version and official pantera shirt for a "vintage web shop" ...
I'm repeating myself again and again, I always suggest before buy a shirt to ask and scroll images here at TSS, some helpful user will help.

wsekund5's picture

I'm not an expert in the subject, so thanks for the Gildan tag guidelines.

You may be right that it's a late well-printed version of the ancient '92 Winterland made with a screen found in the plant's basement.

However, I'm very sensitive to copyright violations and want to ensure it's a genuine item purchased to support the band, not some scammer.

How would you investigate this matter: contact Winterland or Pantera's official merch store? They may have some records of tee brands they used in particular decades.

ARGO X-13's picture

Truthfully second hand merch on grailed would never support the artist anyway, even if it was official merch. Not really a crusade worth partaking in. You'd be better off fighting global hunger

wsekund5's picture

Yep, but remember that the very first owner of a tee (if genuine) most likely obtained it at the gig, so even if it's been passed from hand to hand, the band got their share.

Fighting global hunger is not my forte. You'd better call that double-faced piece of fecal matter Bono or Bob Geldof.

But you're probably right; it's neither worth the time nor the effort. Hopefully, the seller didn't cause problems, and I got a full refund.

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