Order of the Dragon

Thu, 11/01/2018 - 00:51

Does anyone out there have a mint Cradle 'Vempire, Order of the dragon/ beware the shadows at dusk' T-Shirt, Or a 'Dusk and her embrace' T-Shirt ....(preferably vamperotica tag). Doesn't have to be that exact tag, but want it in next to new / mint condition in a Tee, not longsleeve.
Will send a good offer + shipping if you have one or both , won't give a low offer.


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Recent Comments

  • Nice vest!
  • I can do 8incl for the amon amarth
  • Looks killer!
  • Is the aa strip still there?
  • Is behemoth still for sale?
  • Very nice update and great placement for that Warlock patch! Great records in the background as well.
  • So metal!
  • Thank you mate Unbelievable album and a very beautiful shirt!!
  • Dude this is great
  • A shame the old one didnt work out anymore but this new one looks amazing as well man! Full flames
  • very nice
  • Thank you very much! Well, we just drowned in our daily routine, we didn't even noticed how.
  • True...it depends on the brand. never read those tags :)...American bands come here often.
  • sounds very similar to what is happening here.
  • Entombed came on stage late, we had to wait hour or so, people got drunk to this moment)) So were Entombed, but they per
  • thats pretty good. why did you guys stop? sounds doom/death to me!
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