Old Printed Metal Fanzines

Kai Vrykolakas
Wed, 14/06/2017 - 06:08

I am collecting metal fanzines, printed and released between 1990 - 2005.
If you have in your collection, you don't need them anymore, and you're thinking of disowning them, consider selling them to me.
I am also keen on scanned formats, in jpeg or pdf. If you can provide links.

I actively visit blogspots and sites such as:
Send Back My Stamps
Asmodian Coven
Dorosle Dzieci
Heavy Metal Rarities
therefore I start this forum to look for more zines beyond those mentioned in the blogspots and sites above.


Can't help you, but Vrykolakas is great. Unleashing Vrykolakas upon the Mankind is definitely one of the tapes I come back to semi regularly.

Kai Vrykolakas

Thanks for the compliments, Bludrayne...
But, you crushed my heart at "Can't help you"...


Try NWN forum instead then. You'll have much better luck there.


Hi, I actually have two crates of mostly Aardschok Metalhammers from that Area. I am pretty positive there are some other random zines in there too. But it needs a little patience. One Crate is at my parents house. But I could compile a list of stuff that is at my house now. Just PM me your email address and I will see what I can do for you. Cheers

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