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SatanicwehrwulfTue, 13/11/2018 - 15:02

Hello,i have made an order from this website because it was in the "official merchandise" link section of a band in metallum.The time the shipping takes (according to the website) is 4-6 weeks.Well here i am almost six weeks after i made the order and still nothing has arrived.Has anyone else ordered from this website?are they reliable?and is this waiting time normal? p.s Greece (my country) and USA are pretty far but i still think the waiting time is kinda much,i could be wrong though

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  • I like how it's mostly thrash
  • Not a single one of the essential death metal groups left behind on this one...
  • That's a patch that I'm planning on getting when I start another vest
  • I like how you have a guitar pick sewn on there
  • Love this patch!!!
  • Damn dude this is amazing!! So many great bands and the layout is perfect. Instant favorite.
  • No one ever does! It makes for an interesting conversation piece.
  • Thank you!
  • thanks!
  • Amazing! People should bootleg this BP instead of the same Venom, Maiden, and Bathory patches over and over again.
  • Ohh it came out like 2 months ago man :)
  • sounds more death metal to me really but matrix for sure :)))
  • when is your cd will be coming out man? I will purchase it. No illegal downloads here.
  • Ohh that pose from the bandpic... i do that all the time when drunk
  • Oh shit! Theres a new version? MATRIX BLACK METAL IST KRIEG
  • Legendary band. Awesome shirt!


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