Obituary On Tour 2017 - Playing Nashville, TN

Tue, 04/04/2017 - 21:04

Obituary is playing the Exit/In in Nashville, Tennessee! This is a very small bar so expect an up-close-and-personal show!

Event date: 
Sunday, May 14, 2017
Event Country: 
United States
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sickness777's picture

just seen them sunday Cleveland " watch start times ' obit. started at 830 !! then kreator was on right after..out early ...fyi enjoy the show man..

Scaryterri's picture

Oh wow! Thanks for the info! Unfortunately, Kreator is not on the bill for the Nashville gig. I have a friend in Cleveland that told me about that show, said it was outstanding. I will DEFINITELY enjoy the show....haven't seen them since 1990-something. Btw, I'm not a man....I'm a metal chick! LOL! It's ok, most people assume I'm a guy and call me "man", "dude", or "brother"! Thanks for the comment about the show.

sickness777's picture

damn no
KREATOR .... oh well, who s headliner ??? just watch set times like I said ... enjoy LADY >>.lol...

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Field Order 71

Middle Tennessee is no haven for traitors and rascals. Able men are called for to ride with us.

-Lt. Gen. Bedford Forrest

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  • Yes,but its too large to wear.Thinking about to trade this...
  • bought it around 2014 from some guy here on tss
  • Biff being Biff - one of the best bands that's still alive!
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  • click the obvious [ask about a trade or sale] link at the top that's RED and UNDERLINED
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