OBITUARY - Ten Thousand Ways To Die

Sat, 18/03/2017 - 14:53

Hilarious video!!! heavy as hell as usual!



Hahahaha, Fucking brilliant!

Gotta say ripping a skull out of someone with a plunger was priceless.


Haha, awesome


hahahaha....awesome video...lmao


I'm not normally a big fan of Obituary. But this video was definitely worth a watch. ^^


Nice one. Gotta love Lemmy's cameo.


Good fun. Nice Savatage tag on the toilet paper dispenser!


Good shit! Their new self-titled album was killer as well.




Those cats are and always will be awesome. :) Missed em a couple weeks ago but saw 'em last year.

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  • Someone in Malaysia was selling it and I got them to talk down the price.
  • How exactly did you get this shirt anyways?
  • Awesome
  • Yeah,it mostdefinitely is.It hides more than a hundred Dutch Black Metal bands.Vincent was working on a part II,But doub
  • Killer
  • Really awesome rare shirt ! Nice !
  • If this isn't a metal shirt I don't know what is. More of a Duke 3D guy personally.
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  • Yeah death and destiny is a killer work.
  • Darkthrone Holy Darkthrone!!
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  • hell yes, another exciting one is that of Exhorder
  • very rare shirt!!
  • Yeah, but at least it's a worthy final
  • Official fan club shirt from 2009 if my memories are correct but Matthew will correct me if I'm wrong.

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