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Non-musical passions?

Sat, 25/11/2017 - 22:04

So obviously we all have a passion for heavy metal music, and there's a thread about non-metal music that people enjoy.
But what about non-music related passions?

For me, film (especially horror, mainly 80s) and wine. Also reading is a passion I've recently re-discovered!

Cimmerian_Howl's picture

Horror films, novels, and comics. Warhammer 40k ( plague marines), most importantly I love being a father I'm pretty active in my son's life. I play hockey on weekends i also hunt.

Influx's picture

Currently a graduate student so not much time for hobbies but I draw, sketch, make masks. Lots of reading when I can and I collect bones

Kvlt_ured_Gentleman's picture

I play 40k and DIY lots of things which you could argue has to do with music since it's almost all band merch. I'm about to go to college though so that will likely absorb all of my efforts for several years.

Influx's picture

I gotta ask, what do play as in 40k?

Croby's picture

I am interested as well :) Imperial Guard here :D

Influx's picture

Dark Eldar for 40k, Lizardmen (Seraphon) regular

Kvlt_ured_Gentleman's picture

I'm kind of late in seeing this but the Dark Angels though I occasionally run them as other kinds of space marines when I play more informal games.

Influx's picture

Nice nice!

MorticiA's picture

Nice, I've been reading up on the rules and Codexes.)

kingdomofhannover's picture

Following and supporting our local football club! Soccer for the americain guys;)

Blüdrayne's picture

Hannover 96?

kingdomofhannover's picture

Yes of course! Not easy during the last years but you can't choose it twice;)

Necro Rican's picture

Apart from being a metalhead, im a huge history freak and i'm currently finishing my teacher's certificate to become an High School history teacher and im also into retro gaming.

Other hobbies I have is drawing, listening to classical music and sometimes reading manga.

Grimlord's picture

watching old Pro Wrestling

DarkValkyrieofDeath's picture

i play lots of video games and im into modding those and working with computers, i like to read alot whether its books or forums or whatever, i like basketball and few other sports but i dont play them that often, im into skateboarding too but cant really do it for health reasons but i used to collect those mini fingerboards and use them with my action figures (i have a huge collection of action figures haha) also there is non metal music that i am interested in making like rap and darkwave

Joel's picture

Video games! Football! Raider Nation!

Michael1071's picture

Raider Nation!

Darklord's picture

Love those Oakland, LA, almost Duarte, Oakland again, Las Vegas RAIDERS !

Nater90's picture

Reading, Poetry, Movies (Old school horror) anime, Magic The Gathering, Retro gaming.

DarkValkyrieofDeath's picture

i love magic the gathering, id play it with u if we lived in the same country ;)

Nater90's picture

Oh nice, Yeah that would be cool haha :D

What sort of deck you run?

DarkValkyrieofDeath's picture

i have a green/black deck and a red/white deck but they both need work, ive won a few rounds with them tho, my friends are are pros and its tough to play against them sometimes. Another game that is fun to look into is the Resident Evil deck building game, i have the first box set of it and its been a hit at my parties, it captures the key elements of the video game too which is surprising for a card game haha

Nater90's picture

Nice nice, I've got a green/red and green/black, Still working on some strategies on one though, I've also got one of each border Black Lotus. Not heard of the Resident Evil decks, Would be epic!! Seen a Final Fantasy one few weeks ago.

DarkValkyrieofDeath's picture

my friend and i used to raid the dollar store every once and a while for their 1 dollar magic boosters looking for black lotus because they had old cards, no luck but got a bunch of other epic cards so it was worth it, yes I do recommend resident evil its amazing cant wait to get my hands on the expansion boxes... i used to be mad into yugioh too but my friends dont play that much at all so i have noone to play with usually, that kinda sucks haha but dollar store has boosters of those too :P

Nater90's picture

Haha, Would be near impossible to acquire one that way.

I've got probably 30-40 Yugioh cards, Mostly just for the artwork of them though, Never been big on playing it compared to MTG.

DarkValkyrieofDeath's picture

how did you get your lotus cards? just curious, i know how rare they are, yeah i find magic alot easier to play than yugioh and a lot more fun but if i had more people to play yugioh with i would ^_^

Nater90's picture

I got myself a loot, Played an epic solo summoning the all mighty horned one known as Satan, ripped a lock of my finest pubes off, attached them to his chin which is now known as his epic beard! and said I want one of each Black Lotus card and he gave them to me.

Nah, The greatest friend a guy could have got them for me, They are actually a proxy card / re release, IE: Use them in a deck at home or with a friend to try them out but never to be used in a tournament because you'd be banned.

DarkValkyrieofDeath's picture

hahaha thats an awesome story, are they as expensive as the first release of black lotus? theres a card store that has tournaments near where i live my friend goes but i have yet to play in one, would be fun tho

Nater90's picture

Haha, I'm a spas.

No they are quite a lot cheaper, There is a lot of boots around so be careful what you get.

Awesome, I've got a store near by also but I want to finish my deck first.

MetalBrewer's picture

Like a lot of the above, I’m a big Warhammer fan and also have a keen interest in the British Tommy in the World Wars. (Films, books, WW2 memorabilia, etc...)
I also follow Burton Albion Football Club, home and away, each week. We are terrible atm!

Der Todesking's picture

Horror movies, Cats, cartoons!

NocturnalOccultist's picture

I play video games every once in a while. Since summertime I spend mostly on fitness/martial arts and which I still do when I’m free from school life. I’m also into skateboarding (on and off) for the past 2-3 years. Sometimes I do DIY work.

Corvus Corax's picture

Reading, writing, playing instruments, gaming, learning languages, movies, shows, comedy, cartoons (because I kind-of am one) chatting with friends, and so much more. Ha ha.

Nater90's picture

You're a cartoon? The fuck haha.

Corvus Corax's picture

More a cartoon character. I'm a goofy/odd motherfucker. Not on purpose either.

Nater90's picture

Ah, Makes sense. If you're odd that must me a freak of nature!!! I'm all kinds of fucked up.

Corvus Corax's picture

Nah mate, you're solid bad-ass.

Nater90's picture

Hahaha, Thanks man, You're pretty epic yourself.

Corvus Corax's picture

Cheers! :D

oldmate's picture


Viemäri666's picture

Reading.. Flyfishing!

char broiled jimmy's picture

Shooting guns. Bmx. Sprinkler pipe. Celtics. Giants. Booze.

Hárbarðr's picture

I'm working now so not a lot of spare time, but i love reading (i'm trying to finally read the "classics" that have been on my list of things to read for far too long - the Brothers Karamazov is next!), riding my bike, drinking with friends, etc.

DisgustingSemla's picture

I had that one borrowed from library for many months, but was just too lazy to start properly reading it :D I've read Crime and Punishment though, good book.

Hárbarðr's picture

Hahaha, Crime and Punishment is in my list too! So far i've only read The Gambler, excellent book as well.

satan's radish's picture

I like sound design, home recording and general audio tinkering. Stuff like field recording, as well. I don't really have any practical/commercial uses for these skills and interests, though. Mostly, I just like twiddling knobs and making horrid noises a la Merzbow. That's been my "big" hobby for around 20 years now.

Other than that, I draw sometimes, though I'm not technically skilled. I don't have a good grasp of realism or perspective. I mostly just make crude stream-of-consciousness doodles.

Isaac Chroner's picture

Pro-Wrestling , My work as a volunteer in the local animalshelter , reading

Gorejuicexxx's picture

Volunteering is so admirable.
Congrats :)
I always try to help animals. Especially dogs and cats

Isaac Chroner's picture

You are right brother. Mostly cats and dogs in the shelter. Their gratitude is worth more than gold. Thanks for your kind words.

Jen Gruesome's picture

D&D, keeping journals, and writing shitty haiku poetry.

Jen Gruesome's picture

Rofl, rofl. :P

DoctorDeath on call
No care for shitty haiku
Sad wine time for me

Corvus Corax's picture

Ha ha ha! +1000

EldrichBeing's picture

Gardening, politics, and beekeeping

Axeman's picture

Model railroading, bicycling, playing golf, other sports, fishing.

ercoke pasa de todo's picture

I love transgender people

bad_american1992's picture

Based as fuck

Bolzenwerfer's picture

Wonder why no one has mentioned that before....

satan's radish's picture

I think sex is overrated, if you want to know the truth. :3

Corvus Corax's picture

What? Are you sure?

satan's radish's picture

I suppose it depends on the context in which it's happening.

Corvus Corax's picture

Say more, I'm curious now,

satan's radish's picture

lol. I've already said too much! No, it's nothing remotely interesting. I'm just old fashioned when it comes to sex and relationships.

Corvus Corax's picture

Ha ha. I can understand. No worries mate. Cheers!

Corvus Corax's picture

Big mouth bass. They're terrible cuddlers. Restless tail syndrome.

blackdeathdker's picture

Been surfing/body boarding for 15 years, travelling to surf, keeping fit and getting in the ocean. Running my business has been taking up the majority of my time these days and not much else so I'm also a workaholic. I don't mind the odd drop of alcoholic beverages every now and then too.

Croby's picture

Drama movies, books (especially Existentialism and Realism), MMA, Warhammer 40K (Imperial Guard), A Song Of Ice And Fire books and GoT TV show, Breaking Bad ;), serial killers. That's about it :)

andermatten's picture

I very much enjoy sticking old panini stickers (usually football) all over shoeboxes. anyone got piles of old football stickers to give away give me a shout. I'll send back a completed shoebox. I've also got kids so do a lot of playing with lego duplo, toy cars, kitchen utensils etc.

Mutilationrite's picture

I love horror movies. I only watch the cheesy and gory ones, not the new jump-scare bullshit nowadays. I plan on making an underground horror movie (or a few) in my lifetime. My favorites are "Meat for Satan's Icebox", and "Death Metal Zombies".

Dr. Fill's picture

I'm one of those people who always has too many irons in the fire. Playing drums is a favorite pastime, I've played with four bands this year, two from my home state of Oregon, one from Wisconsin, and I just started one in California. Did two tours with Jungle Rot this year as well. Also, I will be opening my own record store in my hometown this coming January with a partner who already has a retail space. My regular "9-5" job is with my family, we run a large furniture business and as such, I've always had a passion for refinishing and restoring vintage furniture. Working on cars is another one, I have a 1973 Plymouth Duster 340 that I am restoring right now. As a more relaxing hobby, I'm an amateur rum snob (love a good aged rum) and cigar enthusiast, looking into distilling my own spirits although I'm not sure where I'd find the time. In addition to all that, I got married this year to my best friend, and more than anything I do with my time I absolutely love hanging out with my wife. I'm pretty surprised that I get any sleep...or have time to regularly check this website!

giallorossi's picture

Hema and reenacting

Corvus Corax's picture

Reenacting what?

giallorossi's picture

Polish Husaria 16th - 17th century

Corvus Corax's picture

Neat. I did Civil War reenactment in my late teens.

Razmachine's picture

Weightlifting, watching series, some video games and trying to get into MMA

jdubz666's picture

Rugby, I find it comparable to moshing

Cimmerian_Howl's picture

I've recently got into Rugby, and I've really dug the sport so far.

jdubz666's picture

Yea man the sport and the drinking culture is alotta fun

nameless_rites's picture

Hmm, when I'm not listening to music I read, everything from the Epic of Gilgamesh to Emile Zola to Michele Houellebecq, I read the classics as much as I can but I also have a lifelong passion for horror literature, especially Poe, Lovecraft, and Thomas Ligotti, also read a lot of Joseph Conrad, Herman Melville, Cormac McCarthy, etc. I just finished reading the Holy Bible (actually still got a couple books to go), always weightlifting, I used to train a lot of Judo and BJJ when my back was better... dont really play any team sports. I play magic the gathering every couple months with my brother and friends, but not like I used to as a kid. I also like shooting; I have a .45, a couple 9mms, and a couple rifles. I like to cook too; i'm no Gordon Ramsay but I can toss some shit together in the kitchen.

Nater90's picture

I like you!

I also love to read classic literature, Poe is by far my favourite, and William Blake, I have a fuck ton of MTG cards and a few decks, Not played in a long time but hoping to as I found a place locally! Really great people too.

MorticiA's picture

What colors of MTG do you play? I haven't done it since middle school back in the mid 90's ('don't even have my cards anymore save for a few random ones like Soul Echo,) and I used White and Black.

Nater90's picture

I have a fuckton, got Black / White Angel Demon deck, Green / Black rage quit deck quickest Win was turn five, Blue / Red counter deck, Mono green wurm deck named Wurmrot pun of Grindcore band Wormrot, Black / White Vampire deck, Red / Green to teach others basics, and couple vintage decks in the works. Gimme 😈

MorticiA's picture

Awesome! Sounds like you got into the game way deeper and longer than I did!

StonedThrasher666's picture

Cannabis(it's legal here), booze, getting laid, used to skate but I fucked up my ankle, mudding, anime/manga, writing, reading, shooting guns, hunting, camping, being in nature, and racing cars.

MorticiA's picture

Heh, your awesome bro. Cheers *clink*

Katafalk's picture

I practice fight sports since more or less 10 years with more or less trainings by week. MMA is what I've practiced the most (7 years) and now I'm on full contact and english boxing.

I also enjoy travelling, reading books about history, politic and heroic fantasy. Enjoy drinking and discovering good alcohols.

I'm learning russian since 3 years now and I plan to learn drums (I'm a bassist).

vkok's picture

Capital markets finance stuff...sorry :)

Gorejuicexxx's picture

Hahaha :)

vkok's picture

I know :) Unfortunately its one of few things that I find challenging these days. Kind of brain exercise :)

deadlock's picture

Art and skating mostly.

Lyx's picture


hordkhen's picture

Drinking beer! Drinking wine! Collecting action figures, playing roguelike games, horror films, silent films, excersize, occasionally I like to draw weird cartoon mutants. Kratom. Jnco pants. Going to comedy shows. Researching the macabre (suicide cults, serial killers) Indian food, rap music, jam bands


I collect 90s bdsm on VHS

AllureoftheEarth321's picture

When I have the time and energy, I love to organize my own studies, especially studies about other languages, cultures, and belief systems. I also love puns and wordplay way too much xD

meaningless's picture

Gaaaaaming :D Online and Consoles. I have a lot of different consoles at home and play online from time to time (PC) but mostly jRPGs :D

Neberitos's picture

jRPGs=Best RPGs

meaningless's picture

oh...how nice :D ..i rly thought im the only gamer here. I asked some years ago for other gamers here..but...nothing..., nice to see..im not the only gamer here :D i love all this jRPGs (but prefering the old Combat-system, the turn-based one...i dont like this new active-combat systems that much...i must say)

Neberitos's picture

i prefer turnbased Combat aswell, active-combat feels somewhat out of place for a jRPG.
Do you have any recomendations to play?

Apep's picture

About a month ago I got tired of being a stickman and started hitting the gym. I really enjoyed it.
It really feels like a thing that's gonna stick in my life.
Basic compound exercises for now, three times a week. Rest of the days for cardio and drumming.

Gorejuicexxx's picture

Hahaha fitness, football ( real madrid fan), hanging out with my dog, getting drunk on weekends, reading ( whatever)... marketing....

butcheredalive's picture

I’m a car enthusiast but I don’t have a moddable car yet. I plan on getting one sometime

Thane's picture

Drawing/Cartooning, Camping/outdoors, Video Games, especially Competitive Smash Bros, Pokemon, and more recently DOOM. I love Anime as well and also true story/military movies

MorticiA's picture

I fukken LOVE japanese Robots. I love them so much I ended up studying them for 4.5 years (starting back in 2008) and learned more about Art/Design Theory from them than any other class or point in my life. In the end, I became really fukken good at it. Hell, Since March 8th 2020 I've been making my own video game (though the programming department has been quite barren.) I'm also developing a Table-Top variant of the video game to help co-develop it since my programming department is essentially frozen and I need to develop more game mechanics and figure out the way some factions work. If you dig giant robots and gunning down Kaijus, rouge AIs you'd dig it.

Yea... Video games is another... Though thankfully I've been less "gripped by playing video games this year to make my own, which is good cause all the art I've been doing has kept me occupied.

I should say "play guitar" which, I've been doing for nearly 20 years, but I dunno if this year really counts as I've barely touched my guitar due to constantly drawing and such.

Reinhardt's picture

I've never had a concrete hobby which has been an constant thru my whole life other than
playing console (and handful of old PC) games. Board games though the last six years have stayed on my schedule
year by year more densely.

When the need arises, I'll scuttle to the forest and ritually empty my head. Through introspection I tend to fine-tune
my life and intentions. Recommendable to western people in general.

And of course, sex and alcohol = nice.

doctordeath's picture

tough crowd..

slayerslayer's picture

pina colada's ?

Kofuv6's picture

Playing videogames mostly, either alone or with my friends, fav games atm are Dota 2, Super Smash Bros Ultimate and Sackboy A Big Adventure, most hyped game atm is definitely Breath of the Wild 2

Getting drunk with my homies, no thots allowed in the gang

Whenever there is nice weather in the spring/summer i love to take my longboard for a ride, also like to take a walk in the night.

Also started to enjoy taking pictures of nature since I moved to Östergötland, lots of beautiful landscapes here but i take them with my phone so they aren't in the best quality but my mom likes them so im all good :)

Used to collect statues and action figures but don't have any space to place them (both my display cabinets are full atm) :/ but whenever I have more space for that i will start to collect again

meaningless's picture

i started to 'collect' a few anime-figures..or animes i like (but just this kinky/nice looking female chars ..lol) ..but dont have that many...most of time..they are expensive like fuck.... (better spend my money on LPs and CDs.lol)

Kofuv6's picture

I used to collect mostly from DC Comics and Star Wars, have some Marvel stuff as well (Spiderman and Deadpool only)

The latest ones i got was the Link and Zelda statue based of Breath of the Wild, super good quality for less than 100 euro each, super worth

But yes CD, Tape and Vinyl are very fun to collect as well ;)

Thane's picture

Nice bro I'm stoked for Breath of the Wild 2. Loved the first one. I'm also super hyped for Metroid Prime 4. What's your favorite Zelda title, and Smash Bros character?

Kofuv6's picture

Got Twilight Princess and the Promotional Disc for gamecube not to long ago so I'm currently on Ocarina of Time, just woke up as adult link and gonna find the 5 sages, it's super fun but holy shit now i understand why some ppl are craving for more horror stuff in BOTW, OoT had it's spooky times and i can't imagine what Majora's Mask and BOTW 2 will bring, can't wait :D

My Ultimate mains are Cloud, Link, Ganon, i also find Lil Mac, Rob and Sephiroth quite funny to play (yes i love my swords)

My Melee mains are Marth, Marth and Captain Marth, but i like Captain Falcon as well :)

The day I see the official trailer for MP 4 i might get hyped but until then i will remain quite chill about it, don't like to jump to the hype train too soon

What's your smash mains and fav Zelda titles?

Thane's picture

Dude, sick! Haha yeah, I LOVE darker Zelda games. Majora's Mask is my favorite since my childhood, OoT is close second. You'll love MM if you love OoT. I literally can't wait for more Breath of the Wild.

My Ultimate main is Samus/Dark Samus (I'm not a spammy player though I promise haha) and Shulk, Ganon, Capt. Falcon, Sephiroth, Wolf, Ike as secondaries/pocket characters

I know swordies get a lot of hate, but I love them anyway lol

Haha my Melee mains were Sheik, Marth, Luigi & Captain Falcon all at different times. I switched around a lot. Don't really play it anymore, but I used to be #1 in my state for a short time when smash tournaments were beginning to be popular, like 2006-2007

Yeah, I am excited for Prime 4, I try to contain it, I just loved the first 3 so much and I heard they recently brought Retro Studios back to develop the latest one also, I'm guessing it'll be amazing, dying to see a trailer

Kofuv6's picture

Hopefully they will release a Metroid Prime trilogy for switch, played MP3 maaany years ago so it would be fun to play it again.

But as for MP4, i don't think it's coming out anytime soon, prob 2023/2024 but maybe it can be a holiday 2022 release, we just have to hope for the best.

Something I'm looking forward to besides BOTW2 and Mario Odyssey 2 is the rumored Switch Pro, gonna pre order that thing as soon it will be available

Cool to hear that u were once a pro in the melee community, def not the easiest thing to achieve in life.


Thane's picture

I only played MP3 once, on switch I wasn't a fan of motion controls to aim, but loved the hell out of the first two, played them countless times.

Yeah, you're probably right, 2022 is even being optimistic... it'll be awhile I'm sure.

Hell yeah when Switch Pro gets announced I'll be reserving one asap

Pro for a short time hehe I did beat the best in the state as a tech noob (had no idea what wavedashing or L-canceling was at the time) and still won. Oddly once I started using those techniques I started losing more. 🧐 I still do occasional tournaments in Ultimate, not many though, just don't have as much time. In Elite online I'm somewhere in the 8,450,000 GSP range. Been trying to get higher but players up there are so damn good haha

Yeah her grab is great lol at least it makes sense... unlike Bowser's insane grab range. Or Melee Marth lmao

Samus' spike is my favorite move. I use her bombs to stop people's recoveries by the ledge so I can lock them into getting spiked.

Kofuv6's picture

You Samus mains are the reason I don't play smash online XD (along with Riddley and King Dee Dee) but damn your GSP range is high, would prob lose to you 3-0 all the time 😋

Yeah sometimes it feels like you are only getting worse when you learn new stuff, happend to me with Mortal Kombat 9 (mained Sub Zero) and the worst thing is that you can't rly unlearn it either, once you know it it will be stuck :/

Thane's picture

Definitely true. Melee became an entirely different game.

lol I hate playing against other Samus players online too. Most of them spam charge shot and missiles like they're going out of style. I hate that shit haha King Dedede is annoying as fuck

My GSP is high but I am the king of SD'ing myself. You'd probably still take some games off me 😂

Kofuv6's picture

one day man, one day :D

nuclearthrasher666's picture

Reptiles is my biggest passion next to music. Currently I have a 10 years old iguana. I would love to get a Blue Tongue skink and maybe a ball python

bad_american1992's picture

That is awesome man. Reptiles are the most metal pets.

nuclearthrasher666's picture

Definelty ! There is a good crossover between reptile keepers and metalhead !

Army of Dragons's picture

Some of my favourite non-music passions are drawing, comic book collecting, and playing video games!

Army of Dragons's picture

Sure! I mostly draw my favourite band members and cartoony characters from movies and video games! It's a bit on the cutesy side. I want to have a more gritty art style one day.

doctordeath's picture


Army of Dragons's picture

Thank you!

Ironshell's picture

Playing video games, reading comic books, collecting figures

BloodFireDeath's picture

I'm super into cartoons and animation. I've wanted to be an animator for as long as I can remember so I'm also into drawing, though I've probably been slacking off and not practicing as much as I should be, the last thing I made that was actually worth anything was a short comic about 3 deformed rat brothers and their weekly attempts at trying to scrape together rent money by pulling off morally terrible "get rich quick" schemes that all fail. I watch a lot of cartoons, online animations, and some anime in my freetime.

Also really into older JRPGs and video games, weight lifting, cooking, politics, horror movies, kaijus, hanging around animals, collecting plushies and figures, and playing guitar

bad_american1992's picture

Sounds like a rat version of Ed Edd and Eddie hahaha. Animation is definitely underappreciated these days. Have you seen any of Pilotredsun's cartoons youtube? He's a good friend of mine and always comes up with the weirdest stuff.

BloodFireDeath's picture

You know Pilotredsun??!! I'm a huge fan of his animations and music! Every time he releases a new video my friends and I have like a viewing party (along with a ton of other weird stuff we find on youtube). From what I know about him he seems like a genuinely cool guy. And yeah, I wanted to make something like a surreal cross between Ed Edd n Eddie and Always Sunny haha

bad_american1992's picture

I'll tell him you and your friends have viewing parties, he will get a kick out of that hahaha. PRS is a one of the few creative geniuses of our time and every bit as trippy in person as you'd think! Stick at the drawing man, that's a great skill and something I really regret not practicing further.

DarkKnight04's picture

I like to watch history documentaries and read books. However, my track record for completing books has been iffy lately haha. I also like collecting movies on ebay and playing old fps games.

SaTaNiC TyRaNT WeReWoLF666's picture

i like to play video games both console {Xbox 1} and PC. eeerrr fuck to many to name DOOM 1 2 3 & 2k16 reboot and enteral Duke Nukem 3D and forever Quake 1 2 3 4 Unreal tournament 99 2k4 3 and 4 halo master chief collection turok 1&2 seeds of evil warframe ultima online
skyrim wolfenstein perfect dark 007 golden eye and agent under fire night fire battlefield 3 and 4 ect ect ect i like good booz like IPAS whisky vodka
beer chocolate stout and food i am huge cheese freak gouda jarlsberg chedder provolone pepper jack and smoked cheeses aswell i also like good old 80s action/horror films such as rambo cammando cobra predator 1 and 2 robocop aliens total recall hotshots raw deal
i like hiking traveling as well sports like football go vikings!!!!

overkill386's picture

i enjoy hitting the weights , motorcycle rides with friends , comics/manga and im a artist so i stay active with little projects and commissions

no karate in pit's picture

im late to this forum but things i enjoy besides metal are 80s horror, weight lifting, and airsoft reenacting wars goddamn there fun we mostly do vietnam war stuff but ww2 happens sometimes

An Overdose Of Mkultra's picture

Survival/prepper shit is my big one. Gardening, water bath canning, innawoods shenanigans, all of that. A lot of my hobbies and passions fall under this umbrella.

Aggrotech. Close enough to metal, but far enough.

Cooking and baking. Cake and pastry decorating as an extension of the latter. I recently learned to make a few cheeses, which I’m super proud of, and my strawberry shortcake is legendary in my circle.

Going down rabbit holes about the Krupp dynasty.

Reading in general.

Law. Not a lawyer and unlikely to become one, but wanted to be one since I was 9.

Guns. I don’t know as much about them yet as I’d like to, but I’m learning as much as I can, and shooting is fun.

Deep cleaning. I literally do it to relax. Seeing a mess disappear makes my brain chill and ordnung muss sein, lol.

Thrifting, flea markets, and dumpster diving. Not a reseller, just poor and enjoy seeing what I can find.

Road trips. Not a big traveler anymore, but I love just being driven around for hours.

Learning new skills in anything. The more I can do, the better.


I also collect bats... it started with my best friend giving me a couple cheap Halloween decorations with them, then ballooned into friends, family, and significant others gifting me stuffed, plastic, wooden, painted, metal, and taxidermy bats, so I pick some up for myself here and there.

Robin_lifts's picture

- bodybuilding
- traditional tattoos
- playing guitar
- reading
- cult cinema (incl. horror)
- traveling
- surfing

MrCrispy13's picture

+1 for writing Haiku

dead seas murmuring
written words our skipping stones,
rippling past death's door

Jen Gruesome's picture

Very nice! Happy haiku writing! \m/

MrCrispy13's picture

Thanks Jen. If you think people are interested, start a Haiku thread and I will contribute. I have a stash I've written and would love to read yours!

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When the final patch
Is attatched to your jacket
Your quest is complete

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Sweet. I will start a new thread. Lets have some fun.

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  • Didn't know how to spell that band until a few minutes ago, but you're right - the colours look very much alik
  • Thanks buddyt! For sure it's hot and spicy,but can you believe I have something even hotter and spicier? 🔥😈🔥
  • very nice!
  • Wow, I have never seen anything like that before in my life.
  • 🔥😎🤘🏻
  • Love the colors on this! Reminds me of Sanguisugabogg's Tortured Whole patch.
  • Bravo !
  • That is one hot spicy backpatch my guy!
  • The front just needs 3 more patches to be sewn on. Then it's ready for action.
  • Der Grave Desecrator ist Killer! Insgesamt simpel, aber Hammer layout.
  • Thanks mate! It's a love piece but I hope to part with it in exchange for some other hot merch 🤘😁🤘
  • What a great find Jeff, congrats!!!
  • Thank you mate
  • i love how the zippers look here, absolutely dream jacket!
  • Amazing shirt mate.
  • Saludos, El chaleco esta salvaje!!!! Donde puedo conseguir el parcho de Baron Rojo?