Non metal bands you may be into.

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Is anyone here in any non metal music? Specifically I'm interested in talking to people that are into maybe say Emma ruth rundle or julien baker. Anyone into music like them? What genre would you call them? What other genres are you into?

Der Todesking

Into Diamanda Galas, Dead Can Dance, Christian Death, Fields of the Nephilim, Goblin, John Carpenter's Soundtracks, Laibach, Alien Sex Fiend, some electronica....


Ahh yes, Dead Can Dance; they're one of my favorites as well.


Dead Can Dance!! YESS! My god do I love them...


The Cure,and early Tori Amos stuff


Mostly classical guitarists like John Williams, Christopher Parkening, Julian Bream, Narciso Yepes, Manuel Barrueco, David Russell, Ana Vidovic, Andres Segovia, Pepe Romero, Liona Boyd, Hopkinson Smith etc... especially Baroque and Spanish Romantic eras; composers like Sor, Tarrega, Couperin, Bach, Torroba, Giuliani, Mudarra, Dowland, Albeniz, Rodrigo, Barrios, etc... lots of Celtic and Mediterranean traditionals, as well as the big symphonic era like Bruckner, Beethoven etc. I do play concert guitar as well but I'm mostly self taught and wouldn't call myself advanced or anything.

I also like some electronic/ambient like Biosphere, Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, Coil, Brian Eno, Voices From the Lake, Autechre, Pete Namlook etc.

Der Todesking

Autechre are sick! Good stuff!

Der Todesking

Throbbing Gristle, Eloy....

Rush Thrash 2112


Corvus Corax

Fuck yeah, love Throbbing Gristle. Didn't get too much into their Psychic TV thing though.


I think better question would be if there's any people here who don't like any non metal bands. I believe everyone has some non metal bands they enjoy, especially after they've grown over the phase where they supposedly hate all music not metal. If you say you don't like anything but metal, I say you really haven't even tried finding anything else.


+1, the non-metal stuff i've been listening to the most these days should be Jethro Tull and Tusmørke (which i not too surprising hehe).

satan's radish

80's post-punk, goth, deathrock, etc. is something I especially like. I am even more into that than I am metal music. Rozz-era Christian Death, Cocteau Twins and The Smiths are easily among of my all-time favorite bands. I like a little bit of everything, though.


Hell yes

Corvus Corax

+1 for Rozz's Christian Death. Velour can rot.


the smiths are the best!

Corvus Corax

Indeed. I liked Morrissey's solo stuff too.



You Are the Quarry is epic as! He's got a new album out Low in High School.

Corvus Corax

Agreed. Don't forget 'Viva Hate'. :D


But of course man ;) I always think of his song "Everyday Is Like Sunday" on Sunday's, Inspired by where I live.

Corvus Corax

One of my favorite songs of his. It too reminds me of home.


Same, Nice!!


I wouldn't say I'm "into" it, I don't collect the records or anything but I really like the "golden oldies", the pop hits from the 50s & 60s, I could sit in a little breakfast diner and listen to that stuff all day.


Couldn't agree more with you on this man!


Hell yeah, I took my Mrs to a 60s diner for our anniversary last year, We had a blast!!

Great era in music.


For sure man! Anyone could argue that all pop music is garbage and I'm sure it was no different back then as opposed to now; it was all tailor-made to sell to a broad audience but they were much better songs back then! Must have been great growing up with that music


Totally agree mate, So many artists from back in the day worked so hard to get their record deal! Nowadays you go on some shit show and sing a popular song & tell a depressing story how life is so bad for you and cry then you've got a record deal, Fucking pathetic.

I would've loved to been born in the 50s or 60s.


Haha. Ain't that the truth!


I like Synthwave very much. Perturbator, Carpenter Brut, Mega Drive, Ghost, Das Terminus, Dynatron usw.
And i'am into movie soundtracks and old videogame soundtracks. Mega Man, Castlevania usw. Especially SHMUP soundtracks


Castlevania's soundtracks are the best. A a metal band should release a cover album of Castlevania songs.

Into Glory Ride

Of course. So much more than Metal Music. Especially into the Stuff, Mr. Vectrex mentioned here, both Retrowave and Videogame Soundtracks. Apart from that Electronics in General, also Movie Soundtracks, Classical Music, Ambient/Neofolk/Martial, Progressive / Psychedelic / Kraut Rock, very few Punk Bands, even some (mainly German) Rap music.... I am very open these days, which i never thought I could be, hahaha


Aside from Metal: I listen to punk, hardcore, noise, indie (get at me), jazz, classic rock, vapourwave, retrowave, 80s rap, 90s rap, some grunge, some mainstream pop, some mainstream rap, some house, some techno, and the list goes on. I like all kinds of music especially weird ones lol


fuck yeah, 80s-90s rap is the shit


+1 damn straight fire!


i really dont listen to much besides metal honestly. i cant force myself to like things i dont. you can call it close minded, you can call it being an elitist, it doesn't matter to me. i like what i like. however i do collect also horror soundtracks and have a soft spot for the band weezer.

and also i love a good chunk of hardcore like agnostic front, bad brains, minor threat, judge and a lot of power violence like infest and charles bronson.


Dark Ambient, Drone, Classical, Rock, Punk, Avant Garde, Certain Pop artists, List goes on and on like many have mentioned.

I could listen to Dark Ambient (amongst other elements they include) Nox Arcana all day.

Their album Carnival Of Lost Souls is a Dark Ambient / Gothic / Dark Cabaret masterpiece! It's the ideal soundtrack to if the world got invaded by a bunch of Sadistic Clowns!!!

Kerry Draconis

Nox Arcana is a great band...and glad to see some here like into the drone and dark ambient genre..cheers dude!


Sure are, Glad to see someone else that digs em too, Thinking of organising a custom patch for them, My Dad stumbled upon them many years back and showed me I was blown away!

Cheers \m/


Raison d'être (swe) has fucking good pieces too. The empty hollow unfolds is great album.


Will check them out, Thanks mate.


I am the same way I like so many different styles of music. My favorite being Power Electronics music. Just the raw unhinged aesthetic is so amazing. It's not for everyone but it is amazing to me. It's also fun to make music of that genre which I do. Post-rock is also a great genre. But again I like so many genres.


Depeche Mode, because they are great!

Into Glory Ride

Sure they are! And so are other Bands from this era and Genre like Talk, Talk, Camouflage (!) , etc.


A long with Classic rock and some metal, I listen to

Reggae (Symarip, Marley, etc.)
Goa Trance
Synth Pop (Depeche Mode, Tears for Fears, Wham, etc)
Gangsta Rap
Some disco thanks to my dad
Indie Rock (Peter Bjorn and John, Pineapple Thief)
...and pop bands like MGMT, The Turtles, etc.


It's nice to know I'm not the only metalhead who listens to other genres of music.


Yeah, a lot of metalheads have a very diverse taste in music, and even some have guilty pleasures XD


ive been listening to the Aussie band King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard lately.
psychedelic rock kind of sound.



Great band, Still need to see them one day.

Rush Thrash 2112

Rory Gallagher is the best thing ever! His music is just pure magic.


Double that!

Rush Thrash 2112

Ei hitto kerranki joku on samaa mieltä Roryn ylimaalisuudesta :D


Jos yhtään musiikkikorvaa on blues rockille ja kitaran soitolle ylipäätänsä, niin ei voi olla ees arvostamatta vaikkei tykkäiskään. Paitti että helvetin hyvää musiikkiakin :D Irish tour '74 on vitun kova!

Rush Thrash 2112

Joo ihan samaa mieltä, ihan maailman parhaita kitaristeja! Livet just helvetin kovii esim shadow playstä on vitun hyvii live vetoja! Calling card, top priority ja tattoo on mun lempparit, vaikka koviihan ne kaikki on.


Jep. Sanohan se Jimikin haastattelussa että kysykää Roryltä kun hältä kysyttiin miltä tuntuu olla 'maailman paras kitaristi'. Yksikertaisuus on kaunista myös kitaran soitossa.

Rush Thrash 2112

Joo se on kyllä hauska stoori! on se kyl kova jätkä, lavalla heitti kitaran lavan toiseen päähän ja rupes piuhaa vetämällä vinguttamaan siitä ääniä :D


Of course, but never rap.

Der Todesking

Totally agree, haha!!


depends on the rap for me, this new shit with mumbling is a no, but some shit like Jurassic 5 I could listen to


Prog rock, Baroque, Romantic and Contemporary Classical Music, Zeuhl, Classic Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Space Rock, Post-Punk, Darkwave, Shoegaze, Post-Rock, Math Rock, Jazz Fusion, Hardcore Punk, Horror Punk, classic Horror/Sci-Fi movie Soundtracks, 8/16 bit videogame music and Avant-Garde stuff.


yo dude welcome back!


I very rarely listen to shit besides metal and punk, but I also really like prog rock, classical, some reggae, and old rap. Pretty much anything but pop music to be honest. I also will listen to soundtracks pretty often; I like the "action sequence" fast paced shit.

Kerry Draconis

Apart from nonmetal bands I do listen to dark ambient, drone, classical and maybe a couple electronic here and there.


I'd have to say Prince and the Revolution , Michael Jackson, The Clash, David Bowie , Run DMC


Anyone here like the band The World is a beautiful place and I am no longer afraid to die?

Into Glory Ride

I mistrust bands with names consisting of full of half sentences on principle...

Into Glory Ride

"The World Is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die (sometimes shortened to The World Is a Beautiful Place or just TWIABP) is an emo band formed originally in Willimantic, Connecticut"

... and once more i know why i got this rule.


LOL I have that same rule; band names more than two words long and I start to get suspicious.

Into Glory Ride

Exactly. :D "The Devil wears Prada", "bullet for my valentine", "I wrestled a bear once" , all pure garbage.


There is always that emo/core stench of feigned profundity in those "complete sentence name" bands.


They are actually a mix of emo indie rock and post rock. I like them cause of the way they sound very ambient and very dream like on occasion. Just because a band has a long name or is emo doesn't mean they are bad. I mean everyone has their own opinions and shit but why judge a band just by name or what genre they play?


Because I'm not a pathetic emo?

If I don't ' judge a band ' musically and or stylistically, then how should I 'judge' them? Or should I just accept and like everything?

Into Glory Ride

"Just because a band has a long name or is emo doesn't mean they are bad. I mean everyone has their own opinions and shit but why judge a band just by name or what genre they play?"

It is called experience and taste.


LOL I'm not gonna go off as hard as these guys, but the "complete sentence name" does tend to convey a hack, sophomoric attempt at sounding "deep". Whenever you see some name like Between The Burned And The Broken or This Used To Mean Something, you generally know what's in store.

Into Glory Ride

Well put.


Dude, Emo is amazing!




Lots of depressing folk/acoustic songs and bands. Pink Floyd. Some 80's rock bands like Ratt and twisted sister. Anything that sparks some sort of thought or reaction in me. Like the theme from Cops.


I don't like reggae, but my college roommate and I used to love getting blazed out of our minds and watching Cops. Whenever I hear that song it brings me back, yes...


Nirvana, Bloodhound Gang, Adrian von Ziegler and Angry Aryans (yeah, I know they're nazis, but the music is fucking awesome!)


Wu Tang Clan, Joy Division, Spacemen 3, Public Image Limited, Television Personalities, Elliott Smith, Syd Barrett, Christian Death, Dead Can Dance, The Gun Club, The Stooges, David Bowie, The Cramps, Massive Attack, New Order, The Dead Boys, Black Flag, Sebadoh, The Cure, 13th floor Elevators, Roky Erickson, Ice Cube, NWA, Umberto, Tangerine Dream, Klause Schulze, Aphex Twin, Autechre, Bad Brains, Swans, Goblin, Geto Boys, Butthole Surfers, Neal Young, The Misfits, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Kraftwerk. this isn't a list of every simi cool band i can think of this is pretty much stuff that i've listened to somewhat regularly over the last few years, some, i've listened to since i was in my early teens.

Corvus Corax

Love Swans. Saw them live many years back. Such an awesome show.


I like a bit of cloud rap, shit like Bones (huge fan of him especially), Xavier Wulf, $uicideboy$, etc. I'm sure not many people think they're metal per se, they could be just hard rock, but regardless I've always been a big HIM fan (sometimes cheesy love songs are good for the soul, eh?). Some post rock here and there too, Russian Circles and Godspeed You Black Emperor being the obvious favorites, a little powerviolence as well, Nails, Infest, Dropdead, Weekend Nachos, BOAK, etc. A while ago I went through a tiny ska punk stint, and while I don't really listen to it much anymore, I still dig the fuck out of Choking Victim and Leftover Crack.


Dire Straits, Blondie, Santana :)


Yes, of course! I guess most people listen to stuff outside of the metal realm. I'd say I like artists of most music genres... Artists such as The Smiths, Joy Division, Swans, David Bowie, Kraftwerk, Dead Can Dance, and so on, are all very dear to me.

The quality of the music is obviously far more important than the genre to me.


I'm open to all music. I especially love avantgarde, jazz, experimental, electronica of all sorts (especially breakcore and aggrotech), ambient stuff, ethno folk. Lots of stuff, basically.


Leonard Cohen, Grateful Dead, ABBA, 60s pop music,


Siouxsie and the Banshees, Depeche mode, Bauhaus, Sisters of Mercy...


Yes! Bauhaus and Sisters of Mercy


Harley Poe


Wavves, fidlar, Metz, Thee oh sees, Mac Demarco


ROXETTE !!! (the era from 86 to 94)


Electronic/Schranz/Industrial (Faderhead, X-RX, Eisenfunk, Feindflug)
Old School Gangsta Rap (Eazy E, NWA, Dr. Dre, Da Lench Mob)
Classical music (Wagner, Offenbach, Bizet)
German marching music from the 1930s/40s (Herms Niel)
Pop (Lady Gaga, certain one-hit wonders such as O-Zone)

makes for some great car rides, especially with the windows down ^^


I'm very much into old delta blues-mississippi blues music such as Blind Willie McTell, Robert Johnson, Belton Sutherland, Fred McDowell etc. Also proge/rock like Wigwam, Kansas, Jethro Tull, Yes, Uriah Heep... And Frank Zappa! And Rory Gallagher is fucking gold! And some jazz. Also lots of dark ambient, drone, some noise, folk. Finnish Kantele-music is best in winter. And Wardruna has to be mentioned! Tom Waits too. So not only metal, I bet only a small % listens only 100% metal stuff.


Also some old school 80-90's hc/gabber from Germany and Netherlands, and hc acid.. Like 303abuse, C-Tank. From lighter side of older techno/trance music Restistance D is great!


A bit of 80's hits like I Ran (So Far Away), and bands like The Police, Blink 182, Boston, Queen, The Beatles, Bon Jovi, Jimi Hendrix and The Offspring.


I'm into a ton of non-metal music. I spent the whole of my teens listening to nothing but Death and Black Metal, so I have branched out a LOT in my post-military adult life. I'm really big on house, disco, electronic, neofolk/martial industrial, classical, Afrocaribbean stuff like Les Ya Toupas du Zaire, New Wave and No Wave. Some opera is good too, and I like whatever John Zorn did with Naked City. Sometimes I go months without listening to any sort of Metal, but I'm always really happy to return to it when the time is right.

Mary Gore

One of my favourite bands is a swedish rock band called Kent.
They have been with me for most of my life.

Ravishing Grimness

i always liked the F***CK you attitude some of the Americans had in the past, like Courtney Love, and the Garbage female vocalist ...their attitudes set a trend towards nowadays society...they just dont care...

0 Coniunctio 1 Oppositorum 0 - 10 01

Roxy Music till death!!!! and a whole mess of other shit...

Corvus Corax

Nice! In every Dream Home a Heartache is such a great song by them.


Chief Keef

Mary Gore

I second that. SOSA




Blackmore's Night and Heather Dale


Just going to add this. Huge fan of speedcore.


Speedcore is great love angerfist


Pink Floyd is the darkest band to me that is not metal. I love their music more than Green Day because they tell more stories into their albums and has a some amount of atmosphere and darkness. More particularly Dark Side of the Moon, Wish you were here and The Wall. I discovered them really late... like last year, when my mom's boyfriend (Who hates Metal, but loves Classic Rock/Traditional Pop Music), she showed me Dark Side in full and it was a very phenomenal feeling that it gave me goosebumps by the time I heard Time combined with The Great Gig in the Sky. Since then, they grew to become one of my biggest inspirations.

Other than Pink Floyd, I listen to a lot of 80s/90s hits, Korn's first album, Green Day, Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins and the beatles.


I would say some bands and artist but people would get etilist , oh well here they are. My chemical romance, The cure , Christian death , The casualties , Avenged Sevenfold, Demi Lovato , Ziggy Marley , Anette Olzon (Solo), Catchingyourclouds, The Misfits, The unseen , Sunny Day Real Estate , Pink Floyd , SAGA , Boston. There are a lot more i listen beside metal but those are the ones i rebember.


I saw in the past: New Model Army

Into Glory Ride

I recently started to get into this thing called "Witch House" someone told me about.
If i understood correctly this mainly happens in Russia. It's based on ... no idea... trance? i don't know shit about that, haha and works a lot with heavy bass, Horror Film Samples and all in all dark aesthetics and images.
In parts quite creepy stuff, there are situations i fucking love this!


To the russian Fellas: Can You tell me something about this scene? I find this quite intriguing.


That sounds great :)

tomcat ha

half of my shirts on here are like non metal.
ofcourse nothing will ever beat USPM.

Nocturnal Scavenger

Depeche Mode

Odin þorbjörg Eilivsson

Fjallabræður. Bubbi Morthens, Egó, Utangarðsmenn, Nýdönsk.


Calva Y Nada
Dead Can Dance
Fields of The Nephilim
Beastie Boys
Drum & Bass
Luke Elliot
Sivert Hoyem

Der Todesking

Pertubator are awesome! Lazerhawk f.ex. too, same style!


King Dude


I got quite open minded nowadays. As long as music is "handmade" and touches me in some way.

A lot of Classic/Psychadelic Rock like Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd(!!), Hexvessel, AC DC, Scorpions, Dire Straits and Mark Knopfler, Queen and so on.

Punk, german punk and some american hardcore punk, I really like Rise Against for example.

Singer and Songwriter accoustic unplugged stuff.

Some classic and some soundtrack stuff. Hans Zimmer always works for me :D.

Also even some nu-metal and metalcore stuff.

Some single german rap songs, but only some special ones, cuz I actually hate hiphop.

Gothic rock, like Entwine (which nearly is metal).

BUT NEVER EMO ! I hate those fucking cry babies !


Alot of darkwave like Collide, Switchblade Symphony, Claire Voyant, Grimes... Most recently I've been into a german dance artist called Alex C, also I like alot of rap/horrorcore like Iggy Azalea, Amber London, Snow Tha Product, Smallz One, Twiztid, Insane Clown Posse, sometimes I go for pop like Britney Spears, Kylie Minogue, little bit of Rihanna


im also into hardstyle and splittertone, which can be heavier than the metal i listen to at times


Rod Stewart, Enya,

Utter Chaos

- Oi! (Cock SParrer, The Skinflicks, Stranglehold [from Australia], The 4 Skins, Oldfashioned Ideas, The Last Resort, Lost Warning, The Corps, Cockney Rejects, The Business, The Clichés, Control, Plan Of Attack, Peter And The Test Tube Babies, Gobsmakt, Antisocial etc.)

- Jamaica Ska (for example I love The Skatalites)

- Boss Reggae

- Rocksteady ("Whisper to me" by Cecile Campbell fuckin' rules)

- Punkrock / Punk (old Stiff Little Fingers, The Clash [1st album only], Rubber Gun, Maid Of Ace, Discharge [1980-'82], G.B.H, The Varukers etc.)

- Crust (Doom, Excrement Of War, Disrupt, Disfear etc.)

- Powerviolence (Spazz, Hail Of Rage, No Comment, Slave State etc.)

- NEW MODEL ARMY - The Ghost of Cain (awesome album)

- a little Psychobilly and a bit more I don't want you to know - too embarrassing. Hahaha. ;D


Ghost of Cain rules! I have that on vinyl


Some of my non-metal faves include
Alice In Chains,
Dead Can Dance
Siouxie and The Banshees
Philip Glass
Meat Puppets
The Pixies
Ulver (I worship their non-metal stuff)
Boards Of Canada
John Denver


Dark Ambient
Ritual Ambient
E.s. Posthumus
Chamber music (The Parlour Trick)
Film Soundtracks.. I love The score's to Interview With the vampire and Bram Stoker's Dracula.
Wojciech kilar - love remembered.. Great stuff..

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