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New official Iron Maiden patches coming in soon!!!

Heavy Metal Chemist
Wed, 06/10/2021 - 18:58

It seems like the Iron Maiden patch maniacs are in for a treat this year! The first three patches are advertised on Nuclearblast with a tentative release date of the 29th of October. The others I found on the official Razamatz website: www.heavymetalonline.co.uk

I'm particularly excited about the Powerslave patch. I can't believe it took about 35 years to make a patch with this iconic Powerslave Mummy.

bad_american1992's picture

Heck yeah! These look great! I like all the strips, it's nice to get some more of those.

Askure's picture

Oh damn I'm definitely getting both those senjutsu and the ssoss patches!

Miteux's picture

That SSOASS patch is sick!
Same for the senjutsu ones!

frankie530's picture

Excited for them, but man I wish they’d make some remake patch designs of ones that are so hard find…x factor, Brave new world, final frontier album cover etc.

frankie530's picture

It says they’re already out of stock, wow.

Heavy Metal Chemist's picture

I think we can take that with a grain of salt. Like with the latest No Prayer for the Dying it is just a matter of time before you can get them elsewhere.

Thane's picture

Ooh I like that Senjutsu one a lot

Heavy Metal Chemist's picture

The only thing I hate about these modern times is that you almost never get to see a picture of the actual product anymore. It are all these digital pictures and it can look quite different in real. Same for t-shirts.

Heavy Metal Chemist's picture

There will also be a Senjetsu back patch 🤘😄🤘

bad_american1992's picture

Eddie's positioning and weaponry seems like a throwback to the Killers album! Maybe that is just me....?

Heavy Metal Chemist's picture

You might be right! Although, the katana has some old blood stains on it. The Killers axe was covered in fresh blood. Still Killers wins in my book 🤘😫🤘 (as well as Maiden Japan 😄)

oldmate's picture

nice !!!! will need to add these !!

oldmate's picture

Just put in an order, cant find 1 person witht hem all, so I am missing senjutsu strip and the Maiden England strip both of which I want... there is a UK seller, but ill wait for one of the chepaer german sellers to list them...

also the Anthrax POT 2021 and Megadeth VIC 2021 patches are fucking cool !!

this is what I ordered...

As much as I do love PTPP i do like a nice square patch !!

Heavy Metal Chemist's picture

Awesome haul! The new patches are really awesome! I'm very happy how they turned out.
check www.goddess.nl They sell patches cheaper than anywhere else. Unfortunately they don't have the Maiden England strip, but the Senjetsu Strip is available. Did you also got yourself the Senjetsu Front cover patch? And what about the two back patches?

oldmate's picture

thanks their prices are unreal, but no shipping to Australia :(

Heavy Metal Chemist's picture

If help is needed from my end, just drop me a PM 🤘😊🤘

oldmate's picture

Yo man !! I think ill take you up on that. PM incoming :)

Knightwhosayni's picture

I just literally stumbled upon the Maiden England strip at Plastic Head (UK): https://www.plastichead.com/item.aspx?catno=SSR190
In case it can help.

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  • Thanks man, there’s some on Pull The Plug’s website still if you want to get one yourself!
  • Tbh I dont know, it was sold by season of mist, one would think they dont deal in bootleg merch. But who knows.
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  • Nice and super rare shirt mate but it's not a Cradle of Filth design
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  • Faded due to strong detergent.
  • Wow! Best patch I've seen of this album, to date. Truly an awesome reinterpretation of the artwork.
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