New ale by Mysticum

Ravishing Grimness
Wed, 24/05/2017 - 11:28

Even Mysticum chosed to release a new brand of brewery in beers.This time with a Belgian brewery http://new-era-productions.nl/shop/lp-12/2837-mysticum-cosmic-ale-triple...



wwhhhhhyyyyyy :(

Ravishing Grimness

Cause we need it.Getting drunk on super-universal liquor is the best. :)


Fuck it, When my albums out I'm bottling my urine and semen and making it a limited production.


Haven't tried any bands booze, Don't intend to, Rather buy their albums supporting them then a drink that's gone forever once it's been drunk.

Der Todesking

Neseblod have a bottle of Nattefrost's urine available...
(Scroll down)


Awesome, Love Nattefrost!

Wonder if I could get it through customs....

Corvus Corax

Don't forget to add your blood too, Nater. Ha-ha!


Nah, Blood is to mainstream sorry haha :D

Corvus Corax


Ravishing Grimness

Me neither.Missed out alot of brands.Behemoth,Satyricon,Iron Maiden,Megadeth and seems more coming up.Difficult to purchase some of them.


Even I could get them I wouldn't fucking bother.


They ought to do it properly and sell tabs on Mysticum blotter paper.

Ravishing Grimness

Most definitely.

Ravishing Grimness

Here is an interview with them on Inferno Festival 2016 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UdAHjhcpCkg&t=199s


how many facelifts does that woman have?????


Seems kind of miss placed, not to say unnecessary. These band themed drinks usually is nothing special and only people who want's to display them om their shelves buy them anyways.
I don't really hate the idea of a Mysticum beer. I just see no point or relevance to them as a band in any way.




The tripel is actually really good. The pale ale sucks ass

Ravishing Grimness

My words exactly.Except enjoyed them both.

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