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Sun, 05/11/2017 - 19:37

Hi all!

What do you think of the new 'activity' drop down? so far it's handy for seeing new comments and activity since your last visit on tshirtslayer

I'de like to place some new stuff in there, like if your upload was really popular that day.. or something

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The other day I clicked on a reply from Nisse and it wouldn't disappear but since I've been away a couple days you must've done something and it's working fine.

Neat idea, Thanks as always Doc!

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It's neat. It is like a Facebook notification kind of thingy.

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cool! yeah, if you got any suggestions of interesting stuff to put in there...

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Just saw it, liked it instantly. Not that I have much of activity going on but still nice to have.

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Yeah, it has two bugs i can see, but i'll fix that soon :)

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i fucking love it!

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thanks, it has some annoying bugs, two i see

- it's hard to keep it 'open' unless you're really accurate with the mouse
- it sometimes goes to the wrong page
- sometimes the link text is garbled

any ideas of stuff that could go in there as activity alerts?

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would be cool if you could center click it.. open up all your active shit in tabs

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maybe ctrl+click ?

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Funny thing is I've been wondering about some kinda like function like this for some time, and than it suddendly it's there :)

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Activity menu does not work correctly in firefox browser. Can not click on anything,

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aaah thanks for the tip, i'll check it out, on a bug killing mission at the moment

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