Napalm Death, Brujeria, LockUp & Black Rheno Australian & New Zealand Tour.

Tue, 20/06/2017 - 11:19

Oct 4th - Auckland, Kings Arms*
Oct 6th - Hobart, The Goods Shed*
Oct 7th - Adelaide, Fowler's Live (The New Dead Metalfest)
Oct 8th - Perth, Capitol
Oct 10th - Melbourne, Max Watt's
Oct 11th - Sydney, The Factory
Oct 12th - Brisbane, Max Watt's
*BLACK RHENO not performing

Event date: 
Wednesday, October 4, 2017
Event Country: 
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Shane Embury doing three sets a night, jesus christ haha


3 sets a night for 7 nights straight - quiet a work load, maybe upwards of around 2-3 hours on stage.


Might have to go for Napalm Death...Missed em last time.

Not big on Brujeria..


Bloody Oath mate, they always put on a show, I've seen them pleanty enough, very much looking forward to Vader and PL though.


As you know, Necropolis is one of my favourites, I'm keen as fuck for PL more! Such a great year for metal cobba.


Would be great to hear Vader play Devilizer live, ridiculously great song, also great that PL are releasing their new album before the tour here.


Fuck oath mate!!!

So keen for the new PL!!!


I thought the last Napalm Death death show in australia was fucking shithouse

fucking pumped for lockup. Best death album so far this year I think


I will have to listen to the new Lock Up, haven't bought anything of their's since their first one.


They've changed a lot since then. Those first two albums are easily the best of their work IMO.


Fuck....What should I do...I love them, But don't want them to be ruined!!


Yeah I wasn't impressed last time either. Them following Carcass certainly didn't help.



Might bite the bullet and go just to say I've seen em at least once....

Carcass were amazing in '14!


Carcass have been amazing both times I've seen them, and personally I've always enjoyed them far more than Napalm Death. So my disappointment is coming from a pretty subjective place, plenty of my friends were impressed.


Ah fair enough.

Sounds good mate, Cheers.


i think I will go. lockup are just to good to miss. I will see if this show with Napalm Death is better than last time

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