My video tour of El Chopo, Mexico City's weekly metal / punk flea market

Mon, 17/04/2017 - 21:13

The greatest place in the world if you like metal t-shirts and merch.


slayerslayer's picture

another good video insight into metal in other bits of the world , thanks mate , keep it up \m/.

mexicanuck's picture

Thanks, nice to have good feedback!

Corvus Corax's picture

Always fun to watch. Thanks mate!

mexicanuck's picture

Right on, glad you like it!

Antonio's picture

Wow, I'd sell my soul to visit a place like this....remember that Iron Maiden/Obama " We Can " boot tourshirt you showed us a few years ago... :)

mexicanuck's picture

Ha, yes, good memory!

Noir.666's picture

Oooooh man....I think this is the place my wife means when she talks about wonderland....and I'm Alice ;-)

rusty74's picture

awesome awesome video, would love to walk those metal markets, but know it's safer to watch your vids mate, my wallet would cop a hiding and id end up living in the gutter, too much killer merch.

mexicanuck's picture

Thanks for the kind words!

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