Music to game to?

Mon, 09/10/2017 - 23:50

Just thought of an interesting topic that might interest some people on here. What music do you like to play video games to? I have a lot of songs that go good with what I'm playing like for example some Sirenia and Burzum songs go really good with Perfect Dark, I also like to listen to Fail Emotions and various black metal when I play Resident Evil, I have some odd choices like Blood Stain Child and Megaman Legends and Abney Park and Pokemon... but I'm just curious about all the gamers on here what metal do you like to play games to?


When I do play Skyrim, I'll listen to Enslaved, Darkthrone, The Sword, and other bands that fit under the black/viking/doom areas.

I did play RE4 while listening to the whole Ashes of The Wake album by Lamb of God, as well as As The Palaces Burn. Fits well.

I've played Fallout: New Vegas while jamming Dopesmoker by Sleep, as well as the Gods of The Earth and Warp Riders albums from The Sword.

Made a custom soundtrack for SSX (PS3) that consists of many bands including Metallica, Skeletonwitch, The Sword, Mastodon, NIN, KMFDM, and Judas Priest among others.


i find rammstein's rosenrot album goes really good with RE4, but lately its been black metal that does it for me... also i was fascinated back in the day by making custom radio stations for grand theft auto

Lich Of sinder

Blind Guardian: Nightfall in middle earth goes amazingly well with Medieval 2 Total war with Third Age (Lord of the Rings mod).
Black metal is also prefered if you play as an evil faction in the mod. Besides it's just cool killing thousands of orcs while listening to metal.


Doom (2016): Venom and Slayer. Nothing like super aggressive thrash when you're slaughtering demons from hell.


Hahaha, Sounds epic as!!

I prefer the original couple Doom games though, Retro gamer all the way.


I never played Doom. But I had this game called Witchaven! Have u played that?

Its pretty much exactly like Doom except for those like me who preferred the sword and sorcery over guns and lasers. Witchaven was pretty gory and had lots of nudity as well both male and female. There is this one kind of zombie witch in the game that when you kill her, her rotten skin sloughs off like a burlap bag and all this black/red gore spills out everywhere

Corvus Corax

Sounds like Hexen.


Not that exact game but like Corvus mentioned its like Hexen, Which I've played many times and loved! But will have to get Witchaven for sure.


i havent played doom i really should, i like quake and turok


Totally should, Quake kicks ass!!


Interesting question.

I mostly play computer games I played as a teen all of the fantasy game variety. Ive played the first Ages of Empires to the music of Theatre of Tragedy's album Aegis because of the Greeco/Roman themes of the albums lyrics.

Of course though my biggest go to for gameplay would be the music of Summoning's "Stronghold" and Dargaard's "Disolution of Eternity" Ive matched that music to Baldur's Gate and Diablo.

Ive also played Novembre's "Novembrine Waltz" while playing Lords of Magic.

.... Also Lake of Tears "Forever Autumn" was a perfect fit for Kings Quest 5 and 6! The chessey fairytale content of Kings Quest was a perfect fit for old Lake of Tears!


you should check out a game called Shadow Tower if you're into that fantasy type stuff, its for ps1 but its easy to emulate nowadays on pc

Corvus Corax

Loved the original Baldur's Gate games. More recently; I've been digging both Banner Saga games.

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