Most highly sought after Metal merch or rarity...that YOU, would sell your soul to own

Fri, 30/09/2011 - 11:31

I was just thinking...we all own some highly collectable items, but what particular metal item would YOU sell your soul to own?
Mine is a, Slayer - mandatory suicide original T.shirt...amongst other item's, but we'll start there.

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buh..hard question...there are a few things on my list..i would sell my soul for. Hard to take only 1 out of this list.

only 1..hm..
Iron Maiden - Seventh Son of a Seventh Son - lim.edit.7Inch MetalBox with different vinyl colours etc.

I can give a pic of it too..but have to search on my HD for it.

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cool. can't say that i have seen one. post that pic.

meaningless's picture

omg..its released in 2010???? serious??..ppfff..
Anyway..I WANT IT!..and yes..its exactly THIS box!
and i guess..u saw the price.....stupid fucked up greedy ppl...

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Hey, now u can get it, but...u did say u would sell your soul, so.......

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Now I'm corious about that release and why I haven't seen it before

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i only have the c.d, and an old video of their live in east berlin,tour 89/90

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I own a Lykathea Aflame tour shirt, and a Pain of Salvation Remedy Lane shirt. Two shirts I spent a bit of time looking for (particularly the Lykathea Aflame shirt, spent hours upon hours searching over the coarse of ~1.5 years).
It's well worth it when you finally get it.

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Haha, I got the Metal Church - The Dark backpatch!

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Dissection-Storm of Light's Bane backpatch
Marduk-Fuck me Jesus 7" ep
Morbid-pic disc
The new Necrovore Vinyl...

Phosphorous_Redeemer's picture


Maddolis's picture

Where's that?

Phosphorous_Redeemer's picture

haha no posers allowed! Just kidding, ill pm you the link...

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saw a storm of lights bane backpatch at maryland death fest last year. it was either that or scream bloody gore for me...scream won. but then my vest got stolen and trying to find another is a nut and a half. if i could find another, id sell my soul.

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I would absolutely sell my soul for some Nuclear Assault's original patch, cant just get from anywhere

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I would love to have the Nuclear Assault - Handle With Care patch. Also the Manowar - Fighting the World patch.

doomy1's picture

A lot of people on here seem to want a Nuclear assault patch...at least 3 of my mates have got them, i never thought they were that hard to come by.

hammer slammer's picture

none of them want to trade or sell them do they? :P

doomy1's picture

Dude, i'll try get them to do their own profile's on here...then maybe they would trade....it's a long shot, we're talking jackets that have been un-changed in years.

hammer slammer's picture

Yeah, but they would be getting a good trade, I am pretty desperate for one so there's pretty much nothing I wouldn't trade for one at the minute, anything from shirts to records :P

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Here's a few items I consider rare, or at least things I would like to own, but know I can't or maybe there are few copies left?!:

*Malevolent Creation-Retribution(blue grape copy)

*Cancer-To the Gory End(90-91?) shirt, with tour dates on the back

*Any Dark Angel shirt from 86-91(especially a white Darkness Descends tour shirt, one of these was on e bay, but it was sold -__-)

*Overkill Taking over( there are some recent re releases of shirts with the original album art on them, but the originals and the tour shirts from the 90's are wicked!)

*Bestial Warlust - Vengeance War Till Death(shirt) I have had no such luck trying to get a copy of their album's....but at least if I had a fucking shirt that would be awesome!

* A Razor Evil Invaders shirt(longsleeve...or short? from 87- the 90's?)

*Von-Satanic blood shirt

keep in mind, there are re releases I could obviously go for now, but ideally these would have been awesome to obtain

Immortal-Pure Holocaust( picture disk 1998)

Blasphemy-Fallen Angel of Doom(lp, original)...cd is fine, but I prefer lp's with a lot of these old school black metal albums

Death-Scream Bloody Gore(lp)any actually, I'm not sure if there were ever re issue's, but I really want this album on lp for some reason.....

Dissection-The Somberlain(picture disk)
Dissection-Black Lodge copies, which were released with a limited wooden box (666 copies) including the CD, a t-shirt and a sticker.

Bathory-Bathory(original yellow goat pressing) fuck it would be killer to own one of those(THIS IS THE ONE I WOULD LAY DOWN MY SOUL FOR ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH)

Slaughter-Strappado(lp) not sure if there are any, or what year, or which release...but I FUCKING WANT ONE!

Mütiilation-Vampires of Black Imperial Blood(DLP 1999) no copies left that I am aware of, hence it is very rare

Summoning-Minas Morgul(07' DLP box set) there might be some left, but I highly doubt it...the copies weren't limited to 1000 and I didn't discover that band till a few years afterwards.....I have some cd's though, but Summoning is one of those bands that one feels they at least need an lp from


Patches I would really like to own

A Marduk "Fuck Me Jesus" back patch, I'm not sure if there are any, or maybe only bootlegs...but it would be great to have one, that would certainly be rare

Mütiilation-any official patch, I'm sure ther aren't many.

Bestial Warlust-Vengeance War Till Death(backpatch, there are some...but I think all the *official* copies are gone)

Razor-Violent Restitution(Backpatch) I know these exist, I've seen a few around, but they're probably somewhat rare or hard to get

Celtic Frost-Wing Logo(it looks like wings) patch( as far as I know, any copies I've seen of this are bootlegs? but maybe there is an older official one?)

Hellhammer-Satanic Rites(any patch) not sure if this exists, but I really fucking want one!

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For von shirt, NWN! has official ones, but ive been waiting on them for a patch set for like a month, so order cautiously. Marduk fuck me jesus backpatch, no such thing yet. And good luck trying to find any blasphemy material. most are bootlegs, some are really bad so again be careful. I lucked out when i found my Fallen alngel of doom tape.

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I have never seen this Minas Morgul DLP box set you speak of. Are you referring to the Sounds Of Middle-Earth box set? I looked all over for information of this DLP boxset but found nothing. I would like to see this if it exists.

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I know that there are a lot of rare t-shirts out there that i would kill to have in my collection but i want to make up for a big mistake that i did some 15 years ago. So i am looking for the King Diamond "At the Graves" t-shirt with the European tour dates on the back from the "Conspiracy" tour.

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I have that one :D

J.j. Ratte's picture

Yep exactly, that Mayhem cd. Found it in a local musicstore in a long forgotten cd box. Bought it for 13 dollar, amazing :D

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I would sell my soul for a Nuclear Assault - Handle with Care patch. I've been searching now for around 5 years -.-

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I would sell my soul for an Official WHIPLASH - POWER AND PAIN patch, red border, woven and limited to 50.

So if anyone is willing to sell (though I haven't seen it on tshirtslayer yet) don't bother to PM me, haha

Breiti's picture

Ask Shadarth, I think he's got one left!

PowerThrashingDeath's picture

had no reply from him...

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The old Toxic Holocaust releases... Radiation Sickness, Critical Mass, Implements Of Mass Destruction/Nuclear Apocalypse:666 CD-Rs...

Nunslaughter - Putrid Nun back patch...

Cruel Force - Into The Crypts... demo CD

a woven Cruel Force logo patch...

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My most sought after Item is an original WITCHFYNDE "Give em Hell" Patch with red borders!

Deathcore.Is.Not.Metal.'s picture

Hmm... Probably the Burzum - Burzum (demo) and original of course. And Moonblood Blut and Krieg MC

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For me it would be one of Eerie Von's hand painted misfits shirts from the late 70's.

slayerslayer's picture

1 x SLAYER seasons in the abyss CD BLOODPACK.
ill never forgive my record vendor for lying to me in 1990, saying , "its on order" . it never arrived.

doomy1's picture

I remember passing that one up in 1990...wish i didn't now, i ended up just buying the standard jewel case

CannaDeath's picture

The guy i got my Slayer backpatch from sent that in the box with it. Guess i got lucky haha!

slayerslayer's picture

i didnt have to sell my soul ! and i now possess one \m/

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I´m searching for this Unleashed shirts:


Bayernpirat's picture
Bayernpirat's picture
Bayernpirat's picture
Bayernpirat's picture

- ACROSS THE OPEN SEA/blue print:

NoneFuckingHeavier's picture

ich denke ich hab nen kumpel der eins davon hat! ich versuch mal - der ist schon seit jahren "unwürdig;-)"

Bayernpirat's picture

wär echt geil
"unwürdig" LOL

Bayernpirat's picture

got this one, thx to thereborn

Bayernpirat's picture

hmmm page not found, here´a new link
got the tshirt version of this at ebay - yes

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The Minotaur - Children Of Hate shirt. Holy fuck, I wouldn't just sell my soul for it, I would also sell my body for it :D

xmegadeth43x's picture

The self titled bathory LP

lovecraft's picture

death on 10 legs/ride the fucking six pack Green River shirt: specifically the exact one i left in a basement in washington WHYYYYYY

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I have lots of rare items, for example...
-Bestial Warlust "Vengeance War 'till Death" MC from 1994
(both original CD's and Pic-LP too)
-Blasphemy "Gods Of War" first press MC
-Venom "Deadline Demo '86" LP with poster
-Broken Bones "F.O.A.D" first 500 LP's with poster
-Beherit "The Oath Of Black Blood" first 200 KBTMT Records die-hard LP versions with patch

Among others.
And lots of vintage patches & backpatches like the first "Sodom - Persecution Mania" and Slayer "Show no Mercy" bp's.

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that's a lot o f good stuff, but wich item's do you NOT have that you would sell your soul to get hold of?

Corrosive's picture

Awww i don't understand this post the first time :P
Maybe my most wanted item are the Slayer - Hell Awaits vintage patch.

Phosphorous_Redeemer's picture

Fuckin Show off!

Corrosive's picture

Okay, later :P
But... ALL my stuff or only that commented albums?

dioDEATH's picture

Maybe demo tapes / vinyl from any oldschool bands..

meaningless's picture

ok, as i see..others post more then 1, ill follow ;P
Most wanted Search->
Impending Doom - Blasphemy incarnate - 10"-vinyl/Clear Red
Uncanny - Split /w Ancient Rites - 12" LP
Excruciate / Epitaph (SWE) - Split LP 12"

Nocturnal Breed - The Remasters (Box Set)
Paradise Lost - Draconian times - DoCD-A5-size
..and many more :P

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I'm dying to get my hands on a copy of Viking's Man of Straw album

arturoheadbang's picture

without doubt!
Immolation "Dawn of possession" Patch from 1991!
Its my dream!

meaningless's picture

hm..well..i could also list now some pornstars..i would sell my soul for it ;) but i dont tell you that now..or all know how pervert i am..hahahahahaha

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I fuckin love this possessed patch: http://www.downwiththemosthigh.com/possessed.html It's make of fuckin' leather, and only a limited edition :(

meaningless's picture

oh shit...this patch looks insane great!!!! wow

Inhuman's picture

WOW that patch is fucking great!!

PerkeleKyrpä's picture

A Sodom Persecution Mania t-shirt and/or backpatch.

Doctor Butcher's picture

ive found one on ebay

TheGoremaster's picture

Death leprosy back patch

LifeOfDeath's picture

Horna - Envaatnags Eflos Solf Esgantaavne DLP and Baptism - Beherial Midnight LP or CD

LifeOfDeath's picture

Well I got the Beherial Midnight LP last week so I'm very happy now :D

ErichZann's picture

I saw a Fatal Portrait King Diamond backpatch and original Mercyful Fate vinyls from the '80s.

FarFarNorth's picture

THYRFING, the Solen Svartnar demo TAPE. Not even Neseblod has it.

Headbanger_'s picture

I want Master's Hammer Ritual and Jilemnice Occultist Original Vinyls !! i could sell my soul if i could get those Vinyls , hahah :D

Ironhead's picture

Why to sell your soul when you can get them for 40-60€ each..?

Mental-Vortex's picture

The white Macabre - Grim Reality shirt!

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i would sell my soul for a copy of MX MACHINE Manic Panic album on digital cd format!! but it does not exist. there are a couple songs on youtube, cassette tapes, and vinyl-but was never on cd. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K_-kSoroC1s

Antonio's picture

T-shirts from Castle Donington's Monsters Of Rock 1980-81-82-83-84-85-86.

RottingWays's picture

I would kill for a Burzum - Filosofem back patch.

Deathbanger's picture

A Persecution Mania backpatch.... I know that I have seen them around but is it ever fucking hard to find one...

Inhuman's picture

I REALLY want this Immolation - Dawn of Possesion tshirt from bluegrape
I saw one once on Ebay but it went to 128 dollars so.... :(
And maybe this Pestilence - Consuming Impulse patch

CEROXER's picture
Inhuman's picture

esa playera esta muuuuuy chingona!!! A ver si hacen un reprint o algo asi jajaja

CEROXER's picture
Ransu's picture

I have that pic LP and I could sell it! How much are you willing to pay (or got something nice to trade)? ;)

CEROXER's picture

if you see something interesting in my profile ......

overkill386's picture

original sodom obsessed by cruelty shirt

doomy1's picture

that would be a soul selling item to have, i guess it would go to auction and fetch thousands. i wonder who has it.

MetalxThrasher's picture

ANYTHING by Possessed.
I know I can get merch off eBay, but I really don't like eBay.
I wear my only Possessed merch, a button, with pride. =)

NekroDesekrator666's picture

Mayhem demos and first shirts, same with Morbid and CHECKER PATROL - METALION IN THE PARK DEMO. Oh, and of course both demos of Mefisto and their t-shirt(u can see LG Petrov using it on Entombed band photo)

NekroDesekrator666's picture

That shirt is fucking awesome, i have seen only Varg wearing it

Rotten's picture

There’s only 2 patches im REALLY after. The original woven Judas Priest - Painkiller patch, and Kreator - Extreme Aggression original woven - id pay $100 each for these. I did buy myself the Dark Angel logo original woven patch but it never fuckin' arrived in the mail with the Annihilator - Alice in Hell patch in the same package (yep, im majorly pissed off!).

warmonger's picture

With that amount of money it won't be a problem if you keep an eye on German ebay...

Ironbound's picture

Torch- Electrikiss LP
Lust-Self titled EP
Wikka-Self titled EP
Cauldron/Enforcer- Nightmare Over UK EP
Goat Horn- Voyage to Nowhere LP
Goat Horn- Threatning Force EP

The_Black_Sleep's picture

A Blue Grape Malevolent Creation Retribution tee...oh wait I already have it...
Well I guess a Danzig Bleeding Light shirt...scratch that have two of them...
Hmmmmm well in all honesty I have no clue because for some reason its not hard for me to get shirts I want, seems it'll show up at some point and I'll obtain it on my own. Not trying to sound cocky I'm just really patient and am game to go on the hunt. I just have luck it seems. The Elder t-shirt gods have taken a liking to me perhaps xD

R.J.'s picture

Probably Moonblood - Blut und Krieg.

Rboy93's picture

Australian 1993 Metallica shirt!
And, Mick Mars' hat.

Bayernpirat's picture

atm I´m searching for this Unleashed shirts:

20 Years Anniversary
DEATH METAL WARRIOR (camoflage shirt)
ACROSS THE OPEN SEA (blue print)
WHERE NO LIFE DWELLS (album cover print)

Left to Die by Night's picture

Painkiller patch... that doesnt sell for over 100 dollars lol

Blüdrayne's picture

Cliff Burton's gravestone. Or the jacket he was wearing at day at the green. or something like that. something unique.

Rboy93's picture

"Rumors later surfaced that Euronymous made a stew with pieces of Dead's brain, and made necklaces with fragments of Dead's skull which he gave to musicians he deemed worthy."

One of those necklaces.

quixotic's picture

Iron Maiden - Soundhouse Tapes
[not impossible to get, but I'm a poor student... :D]

necrophil's picture


Bayernpirat's picture

I´m searching now for an Unleashed Jam from EMP

Mr.Something's picture

Two things come to mind
1.An original No Life 'till Leather demo tape
2.The Zippo that came with Aske

Tankard Emptyer's picture

Hm... There's still too much.

Best would have been to be born earlier and fucken rich in the eighties.

Alternately I'd like to have friends, who are as metal fanatic as I am.^^

Oldschool's picture


Ironhead's picture

Some stuff listed on here just amazes me... This thread is for some REALLY hard stuff to come by, hence the 'sell your soul for it'... And people talk about some rare patches and vinyls that happen to cost between $50-100? :/
Back to the topic; Something I would immediately offer my soul for trade would be the NWOBHM band Hell's original stuff like demo tapes, a shirt I've only seen twice (on the internet) or most of all, the late frontman Dave Halliday' personal items, for example an ankh-earring, his leather wristband or other stuff like that. I can keep on dreaming...

Chemical Burn's picture

I know a guy who got into a bidding war on eBay for original Hell 7" test press, it went for over €2,500.

The_Black_Sleep's picture

There was a Bolt Thrower War Master tee some dude from here put up on ebay (along with like 80 + other BT tees) a month or so back that I really digged but I was out when it hit $250. Just wasn't meant to be. This was the one

NocturnalOccultist's picture

Band Sweatshirts!

avder sede lush's picture

a Vinyl-Version of Tokyo Tales (Blind Guardian)

iambadcompany's picture

Accept balls to the walls woven patch!

Wrathchylde666's picture

Iron Maiden 84 Florida World Slavery tour event shirt ( Eddie looming over Disney World is the graphic )
The main reason being, I was at one of the Florida shows, it was the first time I got to see my favorite band of all time; I was almost first in line to get in the venue AND at merch; I knew theyd have a special Florida event shirt, I had a fistful of money all ready to go... and they didnt have it.
Everytime I see it on Ebay for 700 bucks I feel like screaming...
I bought a tour program ( remember those? ), an enamel pin, a regular tour shirt and the Aces High shirt with the camo sleeves; had an awesome time...but I want my frickin shirt!!!

BabyEviscerator's picture

Anything from Lurker Of Chalice, which I have accomplished.
I am satisfied.

perkele's picture

Slayer - Hanging Boy Shirt
Iron Maiden - Vice is Nice Longsleeve / Shirt
and lot of other Maiden Stuff

hammer slammer's picture

A copy of the fucking No Life 'til Leather demo tape. If anyone has it, please feel free to take my soul in exchange...

Necrosathanas's picture

Wouldn't sell my soul, it's already sold for metal.

Some of my top wants are:
Iron Maiden - The Soundhouse Tapes EP
Hell - Land of the Living Dead bootleg
Hell - Save Us... orig. 7"
Bathory - up to Blood Fire Death, original LP's.
Marquis de Sade - Somewhere Up in the Mountains 7"

Well most of them are just a case of money so not really THAT impossible.

Peurastaja's picture

Strapping Young Lad - OMFG sweatshirt. I fucking want it *wink wink eBay*

Alien longsleeve would also be neat

DonDotyDarkAngel's picture

All the Gomorrah vinyls and a Toxik "Think This" backpatch. These things would make my day.

ToxikAssault's picture

Can't think any soul worthy, but I really really really want to have Annihilator's "King of the Kill" on vinyl. There used to be this very limited vinyl edition about 4-5 years ago, but I didn't buy it. Now I can't find it anywhere!

Judas Priestess's picture

every Judas Priest japan LP and single

StereoDeth's picture

Not religious, but if something like a soul really exists, I won't sell mine in general and especially not for something simple like music merch.

Zkythe's picture

I have a pretty long list
any Bathory LP signed by Quorthon, Original Marquis de Sade-Somewhere up in the mountains
Nightmare-Power of the Universe (1999, re-release), Dragonforce demo - Valley of the Damned(1999,back then called Dragonheart. and yep, i am a big fan of this band :P )
Judas Priest demos (the one with the full version of "caviar and meths" for example)
Nightmare demo (Maudit Ton Destin and the demo which is bonus track on the "waiting for the twilight" CD), Nightmare Live recording (bonus tracks on the "power of the universe" CD), Marquis de Sade demo tapes (1979,1980,1981), Sortilege Demo
Nightmare-Waiting for the Twilight, Power of the Universe album cover shirts AND the shirt is worn by band members on the waiting for the twilight LP backside!
Judas Priest-Sin after Sin Backpatch, Judas Priest-Sin after Sin stripes (blue border and red border), Nightmare Logo patch

In Solitude's picture

Wow. A Sin AftervSin back patch. Is there One?

nadsokor's picture

great call on the Nightmare stuff mate.. Waiting for the Twilight is also one of my all time fave French metal records! it just sticks into your head like your first love memory lol..

Jimmh's picture

Can't think anything because I'm not willing to pay over 30€ for LP/CD/Cass and even less for Patch/Pins/Used clothes etc. Of course there are some shit I really like to have but I'm just not going to pay too much of them.

warmonger's picture

That's only the case for some LPs or maybe an original Protector - Misantrophy Backpatch - my soul is not to have for shirts. :P

I'd tear myself in half for..:
Glacier EP
Black Fate - Commander of Fate LP
some very special nwobhm 7"s and/or tapes
maybe some of the other Ample Destruction Bootlegs^^
Protector Demos! I definetly have to talk to some old maniacs in good old Wolfsburg, when I'm back home...

Oldschool's picture

Any stuff from Iron Kobra or a fucking Aces High backpatch. I'd kill for it.

bls-georg-pantera's picture
Morbideath's picture

i would rather not say it, in case more ppl put them into their wantlist

perkele's picture

Original Death/Mantas DemoTapes
Original Soundhouse Tape signed by all members

DamageIncDEB's picture

Not metal, though the genre wouldn't be the same without them. But that item would be an original copy of Led-Zeppelin II signed by Bonzo himself if such exists. The rest would be great too, but John Bonham is my one idol who is above everyone else and the reason I drum, so not because he's dead

LikkedbyDeath's picture

If the '98 Metclub t-shirt (the one with the In Rock design) ever got into my hands...

Chemical Burn's picture

I actually don't see the point in spending loads of money on original shirts/patches. I buy clothes to wear them, but I couldn't wear a €200 shirt because it'd get damaged. A €50 patch will get wrecked on a vest. I want stuff to look cool on me, not on my wall. It's the same with limited edition, shrink wrapped vinyl. Vinyl is meant to be listened to, but no one will because that'd devalue it and it's left sitting on the shelf.

I'd buy a Venom- skull and snake back patch if I could find one for a relatively reasonable price because I love that design, but I'd settle for a good bootleg.

emperialmassacre's picture

Cradle of Filth - Loathsome Christ shirt, their 1st ever shirt

Ravishing Grimness's picture

I think i have currently everything right now.Satyricon-Nemesis Divina lp version was missing

liberalvellegis's picture

Celtic Frost - "The Downfall Of A Civilization" White Promo Shirt for "Into the Pandemonium"

Saw it once on Ebay, then never again...

An Overdose Of Mkultra's picture

My friend is a diehard Midnight fan so he owns a Midnight mirror, super rare banner (he was offered like 600 usd for it and wouldn't sell it), and a one of a kind test print shirt.

I've threatened to kill him for those things... as a joke... (or was it?)... >.>

bad_american1992's picture

See if you can get some pictures of those, I'd be stoked to see them.

nameless_rites's picture

I would skin someone alive with a cheese grater for an original Iced Earth "Burnt Offerings" shirt, with the red tinted Dore engravings and NOT the stupid cartoony reissue art

Trah666's picture

A piece of Dead's skull that Euronymous kept

bad_american1992's picture

Definitely this mighty Necrophobic: Darkside shirt from 1996! What a beauty...

Suff Sleazy's picture

The '85 Angel Witch patch that you could get with the Screaming n' Bleeding voucher. [I'm looking btw if anyone has it. Ready to pay serious dollar]

Iron Animal's picture

never seen it. how does it look?

QuantumSuicide's picture

There's an obscure Tshirt of Earth's debut album "Earth 2: Special Low Frequency Version" that I'd love to own: http://i.imgur.com/q6YKnS3.jpg Whoever was responsible for making those shirts seems to have gone out of business for awhile now, so there are no traces on the net I could find... and there don't seem to be any collectors on the site with any snapshots of this clothing either.

satan's radish's picture

Carovoivod's longbox collection. Other than that, not much.

Nater90's picture

Haha, Agreed on that! He has some amazing stuff.

Claudandus's picture

There is a backpatch of Enslaved's Vikingligr Veldi with the logo and album title in red. I know I've seen it on Ebay years ago, but I've never found it since.

Thiellus's picture

Wow, had no idea such a thing was out there. That sounds killer!!

diabolica's picture

A woven Deathhammer-Evil Power patch from Muerto En la Cruz with the silver glitter border... but since I have no money, it's my soul that's up for grabs

Ravishing Grimness's picture

Some Cradle of Filth longsleeves which i once had but got lost.Want them back desperately


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