Most Brutal disgustin band Shirt youve seen

Sat, 13/05/2017 - 01:18

whats the most offensive brutal gory band shirt youve seen i mean most death metal bands are pretty brutal but whats the worse?

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Hahahahahaha!!!!!! Nater wins.

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Haha cheers matey.

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I would wear that. I am offended by this joke.

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Awwww :(

We all have guilty pleasures, I love Rick Astley and Wham!

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Woooaaaahhhh!!! My eyes...my eyes....my eyes are burning....

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Has to be Carcass with the Reek of Putrefaction cover art on it. Seriously, can't be beaten!

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Thats my backpatch on my vest!!!

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Amazing album!!

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I've seen alot, but can't think of a specific one right now. WHen I remember I will post :)

NOt the most brutal ones there are but I the two most gory I personally have that get the mostlooks on the streets:


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ayyy bleeding corpse are a solid band lad :D dont tour much tho :/

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I was thinking of this one specifically, yeah. Hard to unsee that. It's fake, naturally but still...

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actually every boot or reprint shirt disguisting me :DDDDD

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Mayhem-Dawn of the black hearts with Dead on the frontprint

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Try RafTshirt.com
cool designs and they customize as well.


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Probably anything uploaded by LSSAH.... https://tshirtslayer.com/user/lssah

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Ah damn, You had the same thought , hahaha

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Does every shirt design by every deathcore band ever that angry plebs wear count?

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Gortuary manic thoughts of perverse mutilations , and Exhumer degraded by sepsis come to mind.

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Every other Shirt that LSSAH is loading up.

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I think Dawn of the Black Hearts wins by default due to the violence not being fake... otherwise I'd say Acts of the Unspeakable w the full cover

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Kraanium - Ten Acts of Sickening Perversity. I own the exclusive mam-online shirt and the design is really cool. I now own the Rotten Roll Rex shirt and i retract my comment. This is definitely the coolest and most brutal shirt i have. The colors are very vivid and stands out much better than the mam-online exclusive version. I probably wouldn't trade this shirt for any other in the world.

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I've seen one with Dead from Mayhem suicide picture.

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Dawn of the Black Hearts-Mayhem with Dead on the frontcover

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That's the one.

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Diminished - Rectal Torment

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Actually, you guys are right, Mayhem - Dawn of the Black Hearts is the most brutal shirt...

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edit, somebody already pointed out torsofuck...in that case this: https://tshirtslayer.com/tshirt-or-longsleeve/anal-blast

although its probably perfectly normal and I'm just still living in the early sixties, listening to the beatles & eating hot dogs.

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